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What if I'm not Okay?

I'm not sure if I remember what "ok" feels like......and if I don't...then what?


Are You Ok?

I have lived a very complicated life:

From being born with cataracts and glaucoma in one of my eyes, to having the eye removed when I was 6 months old.….,to having an extremely hard time learning things that everyone else understood, I never said anything about it because I was already being made fun of for looking different because only one eye moves. Why would I want to add to that by having kids thinking I was stupid too? This is how I thought as a child. I must have a learning disability

To then having a stroke when I was 47, (I am 58 now) so now when I talk I sound drunk. Some who first meet me treat me like I am slow, because only one eye moves , and because of how I now talk.... But all I have to do to correct their behavior is to sprinkle in a couple of fancy words, ( I just open my mouth and let those big words come right out)

Throw an eating disorder to the mix also (since I was 14)

But that isn't all...

Because I was feeling so sorry for myself, I made some pretty catastrophic, life altering mistakes, that caused me to feel even sorrier for myself

The vicious cycle of me

From time to time I get asked if I'm "ok"....

When ever anyone has asked me if I am ok, I always automatically say "yes". Because really, what could anyone do for me if I said "no"?

There were a few moments where I was ok, but they were fleeting

My life is much better now., and I'm in a stronger emotional place, but...

I'm not sure I remember what "ok" feels like

Although I'm in a better place, I don't know that I've been "ok" since I was a child. I've just gotten used to not being ok.

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I now look back on the past 10 years of my life, and it's as if I intentionally set out to make myself miserable. But not on a conscious level.

I'd been walking around in a fog since I had my stroke . I think that was my way of surviving such unpleasantness. I'm not in that fog anymore, life is better....but because I am not in that fog anymore, it's as if I'm suddenly waking up to the reality of my life.

Many have told me not to look back

But how can I not? I can’t just delete a portion of my life. And In a way it defines me.....or at least it defines who I was

I'm definitely more "ok" than I have been in years.....but suddenly waking up to what's real at 58 years of age, is terrifying

Am I ok?

I'm not sure

But what I am sure of is that I will get past this

I get past everything

I am one of those "survivor" types

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