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What do you Mean, I'm Disabled?

Michelle Spain, M.Ed., devoted special educator for over a decade, experienced a life-altering illness leading to her own disability.


Adjusting my Sails

Like so many others, I need a purpose in life that is filled with passion, and success; I need to make concrete strides towards reaching that purpose. Much like everyone else I have also been adjusting my purpose throughout life, in order to adjust to, well… life. For example, although I always knew deep down I was to be an educator when I became pregnant with my daughter, my purpose transformed to raise a healthy baby. I adjusted my, then-current, purpose because I was extremely passionate about doing everything in my power to ensure my daughter’s health and well-being; I’m sure many can relate.

Finding a Breeze

I went from managing our family of three, teaching full time, swinging through the trees, exploring museums with our daughter, running up the stairs, and baking dozens of cookies, to drifting, completely lost at sea, with no wind… literally.

It’s not that my passions and purpose were taken away, but many of the abilities I was privileged to have then, were altered. In December of 2018, I began to notice small changes; my balance was off, frequent headaches, sinus pressure, but nothing a little adjusting couldn’t solve, until one day no matter how I adjusted my sails, my body and my brain were stranded.

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Riding the Wind Wherever it Takes Me

Today, while my abilities remain altered, changed, transformed, I continue to adjust my sails (with a lot of help from friends and family), to catch the smallest gust of wind in the right direction.

Through environmentally-friendly fashion education, creation, and inspiration, I hope to find a slightly adjusted, purpose-filled passion and ride that wind wherever it takes me.


© 2021 Michelle Spain

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