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What are the Benefits of Eating Figs ?

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What are the Health Benefits of Figs?

Let us know the benefits of Figs. Figs are consumed the most in winter and its production is also highest in winter. It is not produced throughout the year, due to which it is mostly used in dry form. Therefore figs are considered in the category of dry fruits.

Fig is a healthy and tasty fruit. It is considered a panacea for all stomach related problems. By consuming it daily, the mind remains happy and the nature soft. Figs are rich in iron, due to which it is very helpful in the treatment of Anemia.

Apart from this, fig works as a medicine in many problems like cough, phlegm, weakness, diabetes, heart-disease, asthma, dyspepsia, breast cancer and menopause. It contains vitamins A, B and C. In which the amount of vitamin A is high.

Apart from this, carbohydrate 63%, water 80%, calcium 0.06%, fiber 2.3%, protein 3.5%, alkali 0.7%, fat 0.2%, sodium, potassium, copper, sulfur and chlorine are sufficient in figs.

Dried figs contain three times more sugar and alkali than fresh figs. That is, dried figs contain omega-3 and phenol as well as omega-6 fatty acids, which protect against heart diseases.

As fig is a centuries old fruit. This small fruit does not have any characteristic strong aroma of its own, but it is juicy and pulpy in its fresh form, due to which there is no difference in its taste even after drying.

You can eat figs in any form, fresh or dried. As we all know winter season is for making health.

It is believed that if we take good care of health in winter, then we get strength for the whole year. We also know that dry fruits are very beneficial for our health.

There is no match of figs for our healthy body in winter. By the way, let us tell you that figs can be consumed in limited quantities throughout the year. So let us tell you today what are the benefits of figs.

Benefits of Figs

1. Constipation – 250 ml by cutting 5-6 figs every night at night. Soak in water. In the morning, boil that water in half and drink it. After that, chewing the figs and eating it ends the complaint of constipation in a few days and the digestion power is strong. For small children 1-3 figs are enough. Before sleeping at night, boil 3-4 figs in milk, first eat figs and then drink the same milk from above. So this remedy also removes the problem of constipation.

2. Sore throat – Boil dried figs and grind them finely, then tie them on the neck with the help of cloth. Which gives good benefit in the problem of both swelling and lump in the throat.

3. Asthma – By eating 2-4 dried figs heated in milk in the morning and evening, the amount of phlegm also decreases quickly. Due to which the disease of asthma is eradicated and the energy in the body is also maintained well.

4. Impairment in Blood – Mixing milk, sugar candy and dried figs and taking it continuously for seven days destroys the diseases related to blood.

5. Anemia – Iron and calcium are found in abundance in figs. Due to which it is beneficial in anemia. Boil 10 raisins, 8 figs and 200 ml milk and drink it. This increases the blood volume and also eliminates the problem of Anemia.

6. Cold – Boil 5 figs in a glass of water, then filter this water and drink it hot in the morning and evening, it is also very beneficial in cold.

7. Headache – Make the bark of the fig tree ashes with vinegar or water, then apply this ashes on the head. This gives relief in headache.

8. Strengthening of Bones – Calcium is abundant in figs, which is helpful in strengthening bones. Just consume 3-4 figs daily as per the rule and see the benefits.

9. Back Pain - The lifestyle of people nowadays is such that due to work, back pain has become a common thing. The problem of back pain often persists in people who work more. And if you take fig bark, dry ginger and coriander everything in equal quantity and grind them and soak them in water at night. After getting up in the morning, filter this water and drink it. Therefore, it will get rid of the problem of back pain soon.

10. Hemorrhoids – Soak 3-4 dried figs in water at night and keep them. Eating mashed figs every morning on an empty stomach ends the problem of piles.

11. Remove Body Heat – Peel 3-4 ripe figs and make incisions, fill sugar candy powder in it and open at night.

12. Remove Weakness - Boil dried fig pieces and soaked almonds in soaked hot water. After it dries, mix equal quantity of granulated sugar, cardamom powder, saffron, chironji, pistachios and soak it in cow's ghee for seven days. Taking 20 grams of this mixture daily in the morning ends weakness of the body and increases strength.

Regular consumption of figs reduces the calories of the body, due to being fiber, weight is also reduced. Since figs maintain the balance of good and bad cholesterol properly, which also reduces the risk of heart disease in people. Figs are low in sodium and high in potassium, which keeps blood pressure under control.

Diabetics are especially told to eat figs. Not only this, the problem of hypertension goes away with the habit of eating figs and the digestive system becomes strong.

That is, dried figs are a great treasure trove of antioxidants. According to one study, natural figs contain less antioxidants than dried figs. Dried figs contain more antioxidants than other foods that provide antioxidants. It is a small fruit but the benefits of figs are many.

Consuming figs in excess can cause diarrhea. For a healthy person, 4 to 5 figs are enough in a day. If you have any kind of diet or problem, then definitely consult your doctor about the benefits of figs.

Therefore, We hope that you have liked this information about the benefits of figs and will also prove beneficial for you.

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