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2 Prominent Paradoxes of Life

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The Paradox of Life

Understanding some paradoxes of life simplifies our lives. On a superficial level, all these paradoxes seem hard to digest but deep down they are the essence of a better living. Go through the two paradoxes in two of the most prominent areas of life to ensure the balance needed for a happy living. The tragic and traumatic years of my life taught me to acknowledge these paradoxes.

Relationship Paradox

'Distance is necessary for a relationship'

You always want the person you love to be with you. Nothing wrong with it. But the concept of distance, if used sparingly, can strengthen your bond with your lover. It adds value to your relationship. How? Because even the little time the two of you spend together is valued by both of you.

Complaints keep coming that long-distance relationships don't thrive. However, If we look at the post lockdown period, we can identify what kind of clashes emerged through the work-from-home culture between the couples staying under the same roof for almost a year. 'The pros and cons of a long-distance relationship' is a debatable topic. But certainly, there is some wisdom behind the relationship paradox.

If you are always available to your spouse, it may create a sense of over-dependency. On the other hand, if you are always distant, then the scarcity of emotional connection may make you too independent. And that isn't healthy for a relationship either.

To make a balance, a little distance is necessary. That can make the couples interdependent. Though you are away, you know you two can be of great support to each other. To dig deeper into the 'interdependence in relationships' I suggest you read the book entitled, 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck' by 'Mark Mansion.'

A sign of caution is that the distance should be natural. Wait, what? Yeah, it shouldn't be forced. If you cancel dinner with your partner, you should be having something important to take care of. If you cancel it just for the sake of distancing (forcefully trying to distance to make the bond strong), you will end up overthinking your behavior towards your lover.

Of course, you should cancel the work and make time for your lover too whenever possible.

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In a nutshell, let the concept of distancing naturally unfold and do wonders to solidify and endure your relationship. All you have to do is to keep the relationship paradox in your mind anytime you feel like distance is ruining your connection.
In fact, a little of that makes it powerful. Both of you can make the most of the time you are together.

Lifestyle Paradox

'Less is More'

'Less is More' is the most common paradox of life. Yet most of us tend to dismiss it unconsciously. For instance, the food intake. It is said, 'eat less and live longer.' Many of us give up on this saying every time something mouth-watering lies on the table. We go about it as if it's our last day on Earth.

The same applies when it comes to wealth. Most people want to earn huge piles of money. But the way they earn it really matters. Are we willing to sweat diamonds to make diamonds? If yes, then that's fine. But if we fall for 'more' then we may end up getting less or nothing at times.

To elaborate, when someone with a greed to earn more gets deceived into quick money-making schemes, he/she ends up making less or no money at all! (And loses the invested amount too) Very little might be the money you make today, it's gonna get multiplied if you sincerely mind your shit and put in years of effort. So, less is more. With the rapacity of acquiring fame and wealth overnight, you lose the happiness you get when you give some daily or weekly time to your family and acquaintances. So less money now, in a way, is more money later/ It also means more happiness now and forever.

When it comes to fitness, we become freaks when we take a glimpse of toned bodies passing by. In my opinion, the world needs more fitness-conscious people than fitness freaks. What's the difference? If a man is health-conscious, he sweats out daily, gaining a robust figure after months and years of effort. He adds a little more exercise every day. Stretching, jumping, or doing push-ups just a little more. The little but consistent workout gives more strength and fitness in the long run. And one can always increase the workout quota over time.

If a man is a fitness freak, he is influenced by his muscular friends and joins a gym to get rid of his bloating belly. Usually, he ends up leaving the gym in a month or two after a lot of vigorous workouts. His body can't take it anymore. Leaving every form of exercise, he sits on the couch with the popcorn, and the belly pops out again! He is again influenced by some fit figure and falls into the same trap to achieve more in less time. But less is in fact more.

Have you ever personally felt the above paradoxes are true? Of course, there are some exceptions where these paradoxes won't work. But the point of discussing my viewpoints was to give a sense of balance. Yeah, a balance in the lives of those who are trapped between some dilemmas of life. A balance that will help them to choose between more is less or less is more.

What's your call?

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