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What Are Garlic’s Proven Health Benefits and Side Effects?

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Garlic Benefits

Garlic Benefits

Garlic Benefits

What are Garlic’s Proven Health Benefits and Side effects?

1. What is garlic?

Garlic has a long history in the world, having originated in Asia about 5,000-7,000 years ago. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat several illnesses, including colds, allergies, and infections. In addition to being beneficial for overall health, one of its more well-known uses has been as an ingredient in beer.

2. When do garlic cloves become ripe?

The most important time for garlic to be ripe is during harvest season (March), although there are different reasons why this time may vary. During early spring or autumn, fresh garlic bulbs will start turning brown, turning into soft cloves. The color change is caused by the enzyme called allyl transferase that releases sugars into the bulb and converts them into essential oils which can help protect against many diseases. Meanwhile, the sprouting of unripe cloves means it’s beginning to dry out and may require extra care after cooking. If you want the garlic to stay fresh, use it before it starts to turn brown. Sprouted garlic has a natural way to release oxygen by giving off a pungent aroma when heated.

3. How much garlic should I eat each day?

Garlic should only be eaten in small quantities regularly to get the full health benefit. One tablespoon of raw garlic can be consumed between two slices of bread, for example, while another slice of toast is served with half a cup of chopped garlic. To make sure you have enough to keep in your system throughout the day, consume garlic capsules when necessary. These can be taken every morning or used in place of raw garlic in recipes, for example, if you wish. Just like any other food, garlic needs to be eaten in moderation, as it can cause side effects and even be toxic if taken in excessive amounts. You can also enjoy garlic tea made with freshly cooked garlic. While some natural herbal teas, such as honey and mint, might not be safe to drink too often, some, such as lemon curd, are safe to drink but need to be prepared beforehand.

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4. What are the health benefits of garlic?

The Health benefits of garlic include:

Reducing inflammation – One of the main issues is inflammation, with it able to reduce pain. Studies show that both the active compounds in crushed garlic (cloves) and the active compounds in minced garlic (clove oil) have anti-inflammatory properties. This makes the cloves of garlic very helpful in helping with chronic inflammatory bowel conditions. So instead of consuming just one clove of raw garlic, try sprinkling some crushed cloves over your salad. Another way to incorporate minced garlic is through soups and pasta sauces. Plus, take care not to overcook garlic; eating raw is the best option. Also, avoid adding raw garlic to baking, pasta sauce, spaghetti sauce, or pizza because it can also cause kidney stones and bloating. Be aware of your body’s reaction when garlic is ingested, making sure you don’t have garlic or mint in your diet. Other foods made from crushed garlic can include cheese (cheeses, sausages, cheddar); and desserts such as garlic bread.

Helping manage blood sugar levels – A high amount of sugar in your bloodstream could reduce blood flow, causing your heart to weaken. This could decrease insulin levels so that your metabolism stops working properly, leading to more weight gain. Garlic makes this connection easier to digest. For example, garlic supplements may aid manage blood sugar due to their beta carotene content. As a result, they don't contribute to raising blood sugar levels. Take two cloves of uncooked garlic and add a spoonful of milk to it in a blender and blend until completely smooth. Then add enough water to your glass to dilute the mixture. Alternatively to drinking a garlic supplement, make your garlic tea by brewing 2 cups of unfiltered water with a generous pinch of lemon juice and a few cloves of raw garlic, or mix the liquid in a glass with three tablespoons of granulated sugar. Have this tea around lunchtime to help prevent dehydration. Make garlic bread at least once a week for something other than your favorite sandwich recipe. Fresh garlic, however, isn’t as effective in preventing blood sugar spikes. Instead of using ground cloves, try a finely grated clove or extract of garlic itself, either homemade or store-bought, for a similar effect.

5. Helping boost immunity – It doesn’t matter how big of a fan this spice is. If you’re taking garlic supplements, then there is no harm in adding a little extra garlic powder to give it more power. Try mixing raw garlic with some lemon juice to create some lemon garlic dip and serve it with grilled chicken for a delicious protein. You can also add some sliced cucumber slices with your garlic bread to add to your meal. Or top your burgers with roasted garlic or garlic sauce or garlic-roasted veggies and vegetables. Any sort of vegetable mixture will help boost the immune system, especially during those times when we see large numbers of cases of COVID-19. This is very important since people who are infected with the virus are also more likely to develop severe symptoms. Some studies have suggested that people who take garlic supplements may suffer less damage to the respiratory system which would mean death and this is a good thing. Keep garlic supplements near the front of your fridge to ensure you can access them if needed.

6. Other medical claims – Garlic contains chemicals called flavonoids and carotene polymers which can have antibacterial and antiviral effects. There is also evidence that garlic can help relieve nausea, which is usually triggered by stress, digestive disorders, and the inflammation of stomach ulcers. However, be careful about taking all of these supplements sit eye if they are addictive; there are some people out there who get hooked on the caffeine added to coffee for the same reason as the others. Additionally, garlic supplements can also contain additives that can trigger liver problems and can increase your chances of developing diabetes or heart disease. Therefore, when deciding which garlic supplement is right for you, consider the possible risks and benefits first!

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