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What Your Eating Habits Say About You


What Your Eating Habits Say About You

What are your eating habits although it's not something we give a lot of thought to our eating habits and table manners can reveal a lot more about our personalities.

Then we realize our eating habits are a natural and often unconscious extension of our most salient qualities and character traits.


So if you're curious to know about your eating habits here are six of the most common eating habits and what they say about you.

1: Eating slowly

Are you always the last person to finish eating? If so you've probably been told to hurry up with your meal and eat faster. Slow eaters tend to have type b personalities that are to say people who like to eat slowly prefer to live in the moment and savor every enjoyable experience they can calm laid back and easygoing.

They like to take their time with things and live life at their own pace and though they are sometimes said to put themselves first and prioritize their wants and needs ahead of others.

There's nothing wrong with wanting what's best for yourself every once in a while.

2: Eating quickly

On the other hand, you have people who eat too quickly and finish their food in just a few minutes. If you're always the first to get up from the table or first to empty your plates you may be a fast eater people like this are known to be highly conscientious and fastidious masters of multitasking.

You may tend to overachieve or have a competitive streak and drive to succeed because of this you may find that you're very disciplined and self-motivated.

3: Picky eating

Are you very particular about your food maybe you have certain foods you don't eat or restaurants? You don't go to or perhaps you need to have your food cooked a certain way. Otherwise, you don't eat it while it's good to be health-conscious and be concerned about what you put into your body.

A study by filer and egg loft has shown that those who are picky eaters at a moderate or severe degree often struggle with feelings of anxiety, depression, and ADHD.

4: Organized eating

Another common eating habit a lot of people have is organized eating. Some examples include eating only one type of food at a time.

Not letting your food touch each other or always making sure to cut your food into little pieces before eating them.

Does this sound familiar well if you're someone who falls into this category then it's likely that you're someone who is thoughtful self-sufficient and has a very tidy and organized personality.

5: Adventurous eating

Are you always experimenting with your food or mixing things that don't usually go together? Perhaps you like to try unique and exotic flavors and dishes every time you go out to eat if so you may be an adventurous eater.

Who's passionate and spontaneous you may be brave and a bold risk-taker and craves excitement and fun.

A study by Vesela showed that people who are adventurous eaters are seen as more confident, outgoing, interesting, and popular.

6: Chewing or eating loudly

Have other people complained that you eat too loud? If you tend to have trouble eating quietly whether because of your chewing or because you often talk even with your mouth full then it's likely that you're a lively talkative and extroverted person. Because of your positive relaxed and self-assured attitude.

You don't care about what other people think or worry about being judged by them. This may be why you're often described as open-minded nurturing and an all-around friendly person who cares deeply about the ones you love which eating habits.

Written by Hina Kamal


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