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What To Do To Keep Yourself Healthy On A Hot Day


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There are certain rules to follow to stay healthy during hot weather. Be careful of yourself. Let's find out.

Protect The Skin

The sun's ultraviolet rays are most intense from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Moreover, the heat of the sun takes away the coolness of your skin. So-

1. Use sunscreen on the skin for several hours in a row.

2. Wear light coloured thin clothing so that sunlight and heat are reflected and the body can maintain its normal temperature.

3. Use a wide hat to protect the face and head from the sun.

4. Use goggles that protect from ultraviolet rays.

Always Stay Hydrated

On a hot day, normal outdoor activities cause a lot of water to leak out of your body and you may suffer from dehydration. So-

1. Drink plenty of water and fruit juice even if you are not thirsty.

2. Avoid extra-sugary juices and soft drinks.

3. Water keeps your bones and muscles healthy, keeps your weight normal and gives you the energy you need to work all day.

Hot Day Meal

Don't eat high protein foods on hot days. Because it produces a lot of digestive heat. So-

1. Eat little by little.

2. Lots of fresh food is available in the market on hot days. That’s why collect light, fresh and healthy food from the local market and take it.

Keep The Body Cool

Excessive work, walking, and sports in the sun on a hot day can cause body temperature to rise, nausea or vomiting, numbness, headaches, increased heart rate, and mood swings or depression. Moreover, the risk of heatstroke is high in excess heat. Therefore-

1. Spend time in an air-conditioned place- Spending time in an air-conditioned place for at least two hours a day can prevent heat-related illnesses.

2. Swimming- Swimming in a cool water swimming pool or the sea will not simply keep your body cool, but swimming is a very good exercise.

3. Remember, electric fans do not create cold air but warm air around them.

4. If you need to take a break while staying outside, take a break in a tented place.


Strong bone formation and maintaining bone health are very important. So-


1. Protect your muscles from contractions by stretching before and after any work.

2. When walking outside, choose a long distance, use the stairs instead of the elevator. This will turn your daily movements into exercises.

3. Do not wear shoes for long periods on hot days to avoid foot, ankle and knee pain.

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