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Before After Wisdom Teeth Surgery: Practical Tips

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Before Surgery:

eat well, as you won’t be eating well for about the next two weeks (depending on your situation).

I regret didn’t take time to eat my favorite food, I missed it so much during two weeks decent eating. Prepare soft food that are easy to take (as you will be weak and have no interest to prepare something complicated, and in the first day it is good to avoid chewing especially for people with small jaws like me) e.g. baby food, instant mash potatoes, porridge, oatmeals, joghurt, scrambled eggs, pudding, fruit juices.

Prepare to do easy “things-to-do”. This is especially for people who get bored easily like me. (In my list were among others: films to watch, reading, writing/typing for my blogs, playing game)

If you have 3-4 wisdom teeth to remove, decide whether you make all at once or in two steps (left side and right side). I personally would opt for “4 at once” since I don’t want to go through this once again. (But of course I don’t know how it feels to have teeth extracted only at one side. Perhaps it is better. My husband got only two teeth on left side pulled, and he seems to recover much faster than I do, he can already chew on the right side on day two!)

Notice your home-rest days: notice your employer, friends, empty your calendar appointment

On Surgery Day:

Eat very very well before the surgery. Have a good breakfast. Due to nervousity, I ate nearly no breakfast on that day which I realized later after I came home, felt the pain, and lost any appetite but stomach was getting hungry.

Be cautious of not eating too much since you don’t want to spill it out in the operation room, do you?

Brush your teeth. The next after surgery will be less fun!

Take your prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection during surgery.

Dress comfortly.

Take someone with you, to comfort you and to drive you home.

After Surgery:

Code of Behaviour after Oral Surgery:

  • Numbness: until the numbness is gone, do not drink hot or eat hot, do not take plaque-building milk products or soups.
  • Bleeding: occurs for several hours after surgery. Apply the gauze pad at the bleeding areas, bite down firmly to press the bleeding. Change the gauze pad when necessary. You may use moisture rolled bandage or tissue-paper. Tea bag is an effective alternative. (It tastes better as well)

(in the next 24-72hours):

  • Avoid alcohol, coffee, cola or black tea.
  • Do not smoke. It is very important to refrain from smoking during the next 48hours to avoid complication.
  • Avoid sauna.
  • Talk as less as you can and eat as less as you can (therefore one should eat well before surgery).
  • Avoid spitting, try to swallow your saliva to reduce the risk of loosening blood clots. Also avoid using straw as sucking can also loosen the blood clots. If strong bleeding still occurs after all effort, contact your doctor/surgeon.
  • Swelling: occurs for up to 3-4 days. Use moist-cold padded icepack. Do not lay flat, use pillow to rest.
  • Medicine: continue taking antibiotics as prescribed to reduce infection risk. Painkiller is to be taken only when necessary. Eat soft food. Avoid any milk ingredients, or soup which easily cause plague. Drink slowly as swallowing is still restristed. At day two or when one can drink/swallow better, improve water intake as body needs lots of liquid as compensation of less food.
  • Cleaning teeth/mouth: clean your teeth 3x a day (after meal) but avoid the extraction areas. Avoid strong rinse and commercial mouth rinses.
  • Avoid strong physical move such as walking to fast, jumping, shaking/nodding head too much. For the next 2 weeks don’t overdo with your teeth, gums, and jaws.

The complete recovery takes about three months. However after about two weeks, the gum will heal enough for chewing food.

Extra Note

As the anesthesia goes away and we regained our sense, pain and swelling become obvious. Take your time at home. Our surgeon gave us one-week sick permission. Take your medicine and “enjoy” the post operative time (perhaps you can share it like what I do so that it will be not useless). Take painkiller only when necessary. I didn’t take any and I survived.

Don’t be schocked with the swelling. Swelling can occur around cheek to below eyes. I looked like a chipmunk (with food inside mouth) for several days. It is normal to have swelling for 3-5 days. It should reduce afterwards.

Avoid talking, try fasting in the first hours after surgery, sleep a lot (this costs less energy thus you will need less food).

Avoid strong rinse or strong tooth-brushing or commercial mouthwash (this could irritates the wound). Use lukewarm salt water to rinse carefully 2-3 times a day. Salt water is the simplest and cheapest yet effective disinfectant. One or two teaspoonful salt l in a glass of water is enough.

My left bottom side was problematic, and perhaps I did one time rinsed too strong, my bleeding from that side occurred again on the day2-day4, not so strong but continuously small bleeding, which made me worry and made me went to doctor again to let him check. Thank goodness that no infection or complication occurred. I used the gauze pads, and then I decided to use tea bags which turned out to be much better than the pads. Due to the thick saliva (mixed with blood) it caused mouth odor and bad taste in mouth, the tea bag neutralized it better and is “cooling” the wound better.
Sit up (instead of lying down) to stop bleeding. The tea bag also cushioned the wounded teeth gum to protect against rubbing while eating/drinking/swallowing/talking.

Avoid strong physical move such as walking to fast, jumping, shaking/nodding head too much. This means no hard sport. For the next 2 weeks don’t overdo with your teeth, gums, and jaws.

After about two weeks, the gum will heal enough for chewing food so that you can progressively eat variably back to normal. Brushing teeth will become easier too.

So I hope this article is informative for you. Please leave me a comment on the feedback column below, I would be happy. Thank you.

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Luis on October 27, 2016:

I had mine done a week ago and I'm still in excruciating pain and have been since the day of the operation. I go for my follow up in a few days I hope everything is okay because I can't handle this pain anymore without and meds

Kevin on July 16, 2014:

Have your pre-surgery meal the night before as opposed to the day of. Eating before going under general anesthesia is very dangerous, as you could vomit while unconscious and then proceed to choke.

Charles on December 13, 2013:

No, you are not suppose to eat the day of surgery. It's possible that you could throw up and instead of the food going back into your stomach, it could traverse into your lungs. Which could cause you to die. So don't eat anything 6 to 12 hours prior to surgery. Also I just got mine pulled today! :)

Ridi on October 29, 2013:

This was really helpful for me because I was drinking from a straw and if I never read this I would have carried on. I had 2 wisdom teeth removed and an apisectomy, both wisdoms were on my bottom jaw and had to be removed because they were impacted.

Stefan on October 20, 2013:

Wow, I have had very good experiences with my wisdom teeth compared to most people on here.

Personally, I would do one side at a time, that way you can still chew on the other side, though this may be more expensive for people without insurance, I'm not sure.

My right side wisdom teeth were fully erupted and popped out without incident, and I was back to work less than 24 hours later.

I just had my left side teeth out two days ago, they were impacted and needed to be sectioned before coming out, which has caused a large amount of swelling, but no real pain to speak of, which I was very surprised about. I was eating soft pasta 12 hours after the surgery, and had a sandwhich today (about 50 hours post surgery). It's just important to keep all of the food on the other side of your mouth and not get any sharp bits like bread crust near the surgical site. this is quite easy once the freezing has fully worn off.

M Smith on February 04, 2013:

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out next Friday and after talking with several of my friends who have already gotten their wisdom teeth out, I have to say I'm a little scared... The article and comments above were very helpful. I think eating before depends on who's doing the surgery and what kind of anesthesia is being used. I was instructed to not eat after midnight the day before surgery. I think the thing I'm dreading most is the possibility of a dry socket. Hopefully, everything will go better than I'm expecting but with my lower left one impacted, who knows! The other 3 are "crowning" I guess you'd say. Anyways, thanks for the article and comments!

SondreSS on September 22, 2012:

Ok, everyone. Just to clear things up: The only reason you're not supposed to eat prior to the surgery, is if you are undergoing general anaesthesia, meaning you are sleeping during the procedure. (I suppose this is normal when removing all 4 at the same time?) When I removed two of my wisdom teeth, I only had local anaesthesia and had no eating-restrictions. Trust me, I'm a nursing student. (Always wanted to say that.)

Yea on August 04, 2012:

Getting mine out in a few days thanks!

jessica on August 02, 2012:

you're actually not supposed to eat or drink at all 6 hours prior to the surgery...

martinnetsims on July 22, 2012:

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affordable cosmetic dentistry on July 17, 2012:

I'm really nervous about getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth out. The upper ones are emerged, one only partially. The bottom ones are impacted but haven't caused my teeth to shift or caused any other pain. An Oral Surgeon is doing the procedure and I'm really worried about the amount of pain and discomfort afterwards.

Marissa on June 16, 2012:

"Eat very very well before the surgery. Have a good breakfast. Due to nervousity, I ate nearly no breakfast on that day which I realized later after I came home, felt the pain, and lost any appetite but stomach was getting hungry. "

...Not if you're getting general anesthesia, you have to fast... :P

Patrick on June 08, 2012:

Just got all 4 removed today, didn't hurt bad at first. Now the pain is more of a constant aching. Was prescribed percocet. Took one, but is barely helping with the pain. Debating on whether or not to take another. Mouth is very dry, from anesthesia presumably.

Patricia h on June 08, 2012:

I just got all four wisdom teeth pulled this afternoon. I must say I am in a great deal of pain... I took Vicodin but it barely works I still feel as if the dentist is stabbing my gums. Im still bleeding about 13 hours after surgery and I'm starving. I attempted to eat applesauce but I can barely open my mouth. I went under IV sedation and I couldn't eat six hours before and it sucks cause I cant eat now. I'm hungry but I'd rather not eat I want filling foods dangit.!!

Ashley on June 01, 2012:

Im getting mine out in 2 days, im scared.. but the only thing im scared about is getting knocked out so quickly and getting dry sockets..but hopefully everything goes well. But another thing your not suppose to eat in the morning cause you can throw up during surgery and you don't want that to happen so DON'T EAT AFTER 12:00 trust me better take my info. Better Safe Than Sorry!! (: GOOD LUCK!

kaylee on May 25, 2012:

I went in this am to have all 4 removed and the oral surgeon only opted for 3 because the bottom 2 were too deep into the nerve. I don't even feel the top 2, but the bottom one they removed is a b**ch!!!! I can hardly even swallow my own saliva. I am miserable from the pain, & the vicodin are not helping at all. My surgery was at 11 this morning and I am still bleeding out of the bottom socket. UGH!!!!

ERIK on May 17, 2012:

Im only 14 and my dentist refers me to an orthadontost which worried me

Emma on May 13, 2012:

Having my wisdom teeth pulled was the most horrible experience I have ever been through, especially cause I got the out at only 13 and they weren't fully in yet... They still hurt really bad, (surgery was 2 days ago) and woke up with the pain at 3 am this morning. I have no idea what to do because I don't want to take the wrong pills and hurt myself even more! Thanks for writing this article it was very helpful!

Carolyn on May 07, 2012:

Thanks for the article, it helped! I just had 5, that's right, FIVE wisdom teeth removed, I had small, half-grown tooth growing in after my upper right... I'm in SO much pain right now, I've got a crazy case of numb mouth/lockjaw so I can't swallow my pain medication or my antibiotics. I'm just hoping the anesthesia wears off soon... This article was great though, very informative!

Bancy on April 21, 2012:

Thanks for the article, it's quite factual. You can eat 6 hours before surgery. I had 4 molars removed on Thursday at 2pm and was instructed to eat a heavy breakfast by 8:30 which I did. The operation went well, I am so swollen in the cheeks and my front teeth feel a little tired. I called my dentist and he says not to worry it should subside in 3-7 days.

B on April 19, 2012:

Good post, but maybe reconsider the hearty breakfast part. You're not suppose to eat or drink anything for at least eight hours before surgery.

Kendal on April 16, 2012:

I am getting my Wisdom Teeth removed next week and i am flipping out about it. I hate shot and am not gettinf put under i see this being the worse thing ever but thanks for the article it was helpful

Sharmane on April 11, 2012:

I just had 4 removed this morning. I wasn't allowed to eat from midnight the night before my surgery. I'm feeling okay at the monent. Pain isn't as bad but my bottom lip is still numb and swollen. I'm hoping the pain doesn't get worse tomorrow! But so far so good. I expected it to be a lot worst and I too, was very nervous at the start. If anyone needs to get all four taken out, I would definitely recommend getting it all done at the same time. Coz I don't think you would wanna go through it all again. Also for me I had to get 2 mini screws put in for braces purposes and it was requested by my ortho!

elizabeth hartford on April 10, 2012:

Hi i am 12 years old and i am getting my wisdome teath and a exstra tooth out this friday. I am so scared. I didn't think that i would be getting my teath out so soon. I am tarafied of shots so im not sure how this is going to go. I've never had stickes or surgery before i don't even now the side affects. I am so tarified.

By the way sorry for my spelling.

Jen on April 08, 2012:

Im getting all 4 out tomorrow :( QUESTION:how long is the procedure?, and can i keep my contacts in during it? because im going to be sedated and i don't know if the whole "don't wear your contacts to sleep" rule applies here

Cassey on April 08, 2012:

awwe! i have an appointment for a tooth extraction tomorrow.. and it really feels like i'm about to die lol i'm sooo proud of you guys, coz i cant imagine the dentist pulling out more than one tooth.. my tooth hurts so much, sometimes i feel a short sharp pain sensation getting into my nerves and its killing me! btw is it ok to pull out even if its on pain? thx and goodluck for me! lol

mike on April 06, 2012:

If your going under don't eat six hours prior! Its life threatening. 3 hours later im in no pain eating solids but I have 10mg percs so I won't be feeling the pain!! Haha

molly on April 05, 2012:

I am having my wisdom teeth removed. Is there a way to check references? Is there a certification I need to make sure he has? What is my risk of losing feeling in my face?one of my friend suggest me to it is very easy now you can book you appointment online on as apatient and you can directly meet doctor at your place and on your convienience time is this a good option for me?

Hayley on March 30, 2012:

Im getting all 4 of my impacted Wisdom teeth out at 8.30am Monday morning. Thanks for all the tips. Im a bit sad that I cant eat breakfast before hand as Im not allowed food or drink 6hrs prior. I suppose the eating curfew depends on whether your are having local or general aneasthetics. Im getting knocked out which I thinks better than having locals. :)

pk on March 30, 2012:

To answer the tea bag question....the tea bag is used to help stop the bleeding. You take a square of gauze and place a WET small size tea bag inside and place directly over the site of surgery and bite down for at least 60 mins.

mg on March 30, 2012:

Useful comments, cheers. I had a bottom wisdom out, stopped smoking, no alcohol, coffee the day after as per dentist assistant's OK, but the pocket emptied and had to get the gel stuff in there. Maybe it was the spitting. I was impersonating Rocky for a couple of hours afterwards. The hole is disconcertingly cavernous and looks like a black worm is crawling out of it, but the dentist wasn't worried. yuck

Jade on March 30, 2012:

Hi everyone, I got all 4 wisdom teeth removed yesterday under IV sedation. I remember being in the dentist's chair and then nothing until much later on last night (apparently dentist had to give me 2 doses and I needed assistance walking). It hurt quite a bit last night and bled a lot, but today it's nowhere near as bad as I expected and there is no swelling that I can see. I have been eating ice cream, yoghurt and potato & gravy from KFC. I'm not sure when I'm allowed to brush my teeth though, so I've just been rinsing with salt water (I read that you shouldn't swish the water round your mouth as it can loosen blood clots, just to tilt your head from side to side instead). Good luck!

Liam on March 29, 2012:

Got all 4 wisdoms out yesterday morning. Today have virtually no pain or swelling. Just an uncomfortable tightness in the jaw and difficulty with saliva. It is an extremely annoying surgery to have done. It effects you more then you'd think. The hunger is ridiculous. Even though i am experiencing no pain i am to scared to eat in case of food getting stuck in the pockets or dry socket. I can not wait for this to be over! Such a hassle and pain in the behind to deal wiyh. Good luck to everyone getting theirs out!

Ladyofmori on March 29, 2012:

I'm getting mine out April 3rd and I'm really scared. I can't stand needles and I can't stand pain. Is it like an aching annoying pain? or a sharp pain? And is the teabag like literally a small teabag you just place on your gums? I'm getting all 4 out.

ange on March 29, 2012:

not true about birth control my dentist said it was ok. and i don't have a dry socket. but i still have quite a big hole in the gum and today is 2 weeks of healing. gently rinse after food drinks with salt water half teaspoon salt half mug boiling water disolve salt and use cold to get to comfortable rinsing temprature. don't smoke don't drik alcohol or fizzy juice etc. easier to just drink water. cold face cloth for 10 mins at a time to help keep swelling down in first few days. after that a warm cloth helps with pain. if you can clear your calender cos you might not feel to nice. good luck hope it goes well

Tessa Hope on March 28, 2012:

I am getting my wisdom teeth out on Monday, April 2nd! Is it as bad as what people have been saying? My friend got hers out and then ended up getting dry socket.. :( Not fun. Well, if anyone has tips please reply! I would love some tips!

p.s. If youa re on birth control, IMMEDIATE DRY SOCKET

susan on March 26, 2012:

Andy, you probably have dry socket. If you got see the dentist, they'll pack it with some medicated paste and you will be good as new!

I disagree with "take pain meds only when you must". Its important to stay ahead of the pain. I refuse to be in pain, but after the first day, the ibuprofen was enough.

Andy Ross on March 26, 2012:

Had my 2 top wisdom teeth and lower right one out 6 days ago and am now in emmense pain so much so it's making me laugh/ cry!! Really doing my nut in was fine until yesterday now it's really sore I'm scared it's maybe infected as I've been informed I've got breath like a hikers socks!! Ah well have to take it on the chin or jaw in this case and tackle it like a real man!! ( where's my teddy)

Michelle on March 07, 2012:

Just yesterday I had all four of my wisdom teeth out. Pre op I was nervous n hungry cuz I was allowed to eat from 10 pm the night before. Going into theatre I was fine. Got my anesthetic and it was thee best sleep of my life! Unfortunately wen I woke up, the pain was unbearable. It felt as if the Dr was still cutting into my gums! I cried for quite a while. I dranks lots of cold water which helped a lil for the pain. Finally, after eating, I was given physio n pain meds which made things easier. The ice packs helped a lot too. As soon as I got home, I rinsed my mouth. It was painful bt the taste of blood was killing me. I rinse my mouth 4 times a day. In the morning and at nite with the prescribed mouthwash n in between with salt water which apparently speeds up the healing process. It is day two n the pain has subsided. I don't have the chipmunk cheeks yet bt I can feel it slowly swelling from the inside. Eating n drinking hurts n due to the swelling, my mouth won't close which gives me a very dry mouth! Besides that n the unexplainablebuises on my arm n scratches on my head, I think ill live.

This was the worst experience of my life! I'm glad its over!

missblondi on March 04, 2012:

do you put the tea bags on either side of the gum or what? dry teabags? My daughter has to have 4 wisdom teeth pulled, 2 are impacted, as well as a baby tooth that did not come out. After the surgery she has to have an orthodontic peg put on her gum to force the "adult" tooth to come down that never would come down...I feel bad for her, but at the same time..redemption for all the teenage grief she has put me thru lol

Des on March 02, 2012:

is it a fresh dry tea bag that is used or a tea bag that has made tea

nychelle on March 01, 2012:

Thank you for this :). I just got mine out this morning and I havnt been in pain I was asleep the whole time & couldn't eat 12 hours before hand so my stomach is doing flips right now. I don't know when to start eating either or what tea bags to use but I'm going to try and figure it out thank you again

Bex on February 27, 2012:

I just had all four wisdom teeth out I went under surgery wasn't as bad as I thought woke up like I had been on a crawl but that's ok was very light headed & pale but that soon disappeared after the hospital gave me ice cream & jelly ,I wasn't aloud to eat from 11pm previous day & surgery was at 9am I think it's just a precaution so u don't mess urself or something or be sick ,staff were very friendly & helpful for a change.only thing I didn't enjoy was the blood consistently brewing in my mouth bt tht soon reduced,it stopped bleeding wen I got home then started again did I do something wrong? I'm on liquid diet now & am sharing my baby's food lol it's day 4 now all anesthetic finally wore off I'm feeling great I found useful this article the teabag thing soo soothing thanx .. Still swollen but still recovering could take longer but that's ok finally can talk abit more .. Anyway goodluck ppl's all the best with ur wisdom removal :-)

Claudia on February 17, 2012:

Great article I am having both of my wisdom tooths out today! I feel much better! reading this article! God bless you!

Mcd Khan on February 16, 2012:

I couldn't swallow anymore blood, I felt like I was a vampire.

I was spitting after two hours, it was anyway bleeding and after 6 hours I tried again putting some ice and it did stop bleeding

I had some Soya Milk and some Cheese and bread :D

I'm fine now.

neil on February 16, 2012:

Just had my lower rear wisdom out.. Omg i thought my jaw was going to break with the levering . They leave a big hole that is very painfull and im in pain now the injection has wore of .. Im dreading a dry socket and have just taken painkillers ! Teabag idea intrigues me .

mindi on February 08, 2012:

Talk to your doctor about what to eat and when before extraction. Not everyone has the same level of sedation if any. I ate before but I was also awake for the extraction. Had my left upper and lower out... and ate pizza for supper just chewed on the other side... depending on your circumstances having two out works well... you don't feel as bad when you can continue to eat normal it helps my stomach as painkillers upset my stomach

Kurbiee on February 07, 2012:

Excellent article...everything is accurate...dentists all have different conditions or terms they abide to, my dentist gave me a leaflet stating I can eat 2 hours before as long as its light and a good meal at least 6-12 hours before oral surgery. I lost my leaflet and found this article to remind me of what I had to do post-surgery. Thank you for taking the time in writing this very informative article.

Madrid on February 02, 2012:

I've just had one wisdom tooth out today and wasn't sure what to do, with regards to cleaning, eating and drinking. So I found this articule very helpful. M

Belle on January 13, 2012:

This is really helpful and accurate. At this very moment I am bedridden and recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery! Thanks for your handy tips

sez on January 07, 2012:

you can eat 4 hours before surgery

i had a letter from the dentist confirming this

Stephanie on November 11, 2011:

You're not suppose to eat anything 12 hours b4 surgery.. If its later then yes you can eat but only a very light breakfast.. I had mines out yesterday.. Not in a lot of pain. Just frustrated i cant eat or talk right. And scared a blood clot wont form.

Arianna harden on November 09, 2011:

Well, I would hope u mean eat a good breakfast only if you have a later appointment. :) other than that your article is very helpful.. The tea bag method really helped me! I just had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled along with one of my molars. Ouch! But Ty for all the helpful hints in your article!!! I wish everyone who gets there wisdom teeth pulled lots of luck. :)

Srf on October 27, 2011:

Eat a good breakfast before surgery? Are you crazy? You're not supposed to eat anything six hours before the surgery. A lot of tips in here are incorrect and very misleading.

Bev on October 20, 2011:

This article is very insightful only I'm seeing it after I had my left wisdom teeths removed so I didn't know to eat before lol so its been 4 days n I reali hungry. I am still in so much pain as well anyways thks for ur article

Tabbie on October 06, 2011:

As per what seems to be the usual, I just had all 4 of mine removed and the bottoms were duhn duhn duhn impacted( I believe I may be loopy from the pain killers). The procedure went well, they put me to sleep. I was fine with it because I trust my office they were all very nice and joked with me to keep me calm, before I knew it I must have been put under and was woken up. The assistant was right, felt like I had too much tequila. The first day I slept all day, my fiancé woke me up to give me the antibiotics and pain meds. Day two I felt fine, I took a nap, I was still swollenish but as long as I took everything every 5 hours I was okay. Now it's 6 am on day 3. I woke up in so much pain, my bottom little holes are killing me. I'm hoping I didn't open up the stitches. I've been very careful eating only yogurt and lukewarm soup and rinsing with warm salt water after. My advice, let them put you under and take the pain pills before it completely wears off, it really isn't scary if you can't even remember what happened. And time whatever you decide to take so you can get the most sleep at night. Being woken up in horrible pain is well, horrible. I'm icing my poor cheeks to help with the pain until the Vic kicks in, I don't care so much about tue swelling, chipmunk cheeks is the least of my worries. I will def try the tea bags too and I'm sitting up instead of laying down which seems to help. Thank you for the article it gave me some fantastic ideas and it has kept me distracted. :)

Catherine Simmons from Mission BC Canada on September 22, 2011:

I'm wondering who the smart person was who suggested just having 2 out 25 years ago. Now I have to get another one out and it has a cavity too...Thanks for the helpful tips :-)

A on April 10, 2011:

I had all 4 of mine taken out 3 days ago. I have had no pain so far. I think this is because I started my pain killers way before I could feel my face.

The only pain I have had is seeing everyone around me eating proper food! I AM SOOOO HUNGRY!! I am so tired of mashed food.

But I must say, that the procedure was FAR LESS scary as I thought it would be! It was fine! It happened so quickly (I had a general) and was all over before I knew it.

J on February 07, 2011:

I have mine done tomorrow..all 4. 2 of which are impacted.EKKKK I am so freaked about getting food hung that I will only eat pudding and potatos

Alana on January 30, 2011:

I'm only 15 & getting my two lower wisdom teeth out next week! I'm not too worried about the pain but I am worried about getting food stuck in the pockets & dry sockets. AAH! Scary! Thanks for the article!

Liz on January 19, 2011:

I had all my wisdom teeth removed, as well as a root canal on my top molar, on Friday. Today is Tuesday and I don’t need to take any pain killers. Yay! I'm so paranoid about getting something stuck in one of my pockets! As well as getting dry socket. Yikes! I'm just eating baby food, mashed potatoes, ice cream, yogurt, and drinking lots of water. I'm really craving coffee though. Could I drink it now? I get my crown placed on next Saturday.

sam on January 11, 2011:

it's been a week and its sooo awful! I went for my follow up appointment today and had food in my "pockets" yet haven't eaten solid food.. just pudding and ice cream so I'm confused how that happened. got them "rinsed" out hurt soooo bad. luckily no dry sockets but im keeping to a strictly liquid diet... no pudding... I don't want anything else stuck in there... the rinsing hurts so bad.I'm also having pain in my front teeth, all the surgeon said when I asked about it was oh I can prescribe you more pain medication... sorry dude that didn't answer my question kay thanks. awful hate this at least its the first and last time to get it done.

Tammy on September 10, 2010:

I just had my upper right side done (lowers are impacted) 3 days after I felt great until I woke up from a nap with a "chunky" feeling in my mouth. That's right, a huge blood clot and now it won't stop bleeding. I am tired, it's Friday night, and the dentist doesn't come back in until Monday. Fun times Fun times...NOT!!!

Katelyn on August 30, 2010:

I'm having all four removed in 2 days. Thanks for the heads-up with everything. I'm def gonna use the teabag method. I'll let you know how mine goes!

Inside-C on August 10, 2010:

I just got my wisdom teeth removed on the left side top and bottom...Im already eating fries on the right side and drinkin lemonade on day 2...Oh! Whatever you do don't drink from a straw you could accidently remove the blood clots and the pain and recovery process could take longer...

VivekSri on July 09, 2010:

Oh! this is a painful reminder, think everybody would feel that in someway, but the sharing was real courage. thanks for that.

Dental Nurse Jobs on March 29, 2010:

God having my Wisdom teeth out was just so painful, to be honest I am not sure the dentist was that great, but I did eat loads before having them out - great article by the way!

bekaze (author) from Germany on December 10, 2009:

unfortunately i don't know how it feels to have one side operated. thanks for reading and commenting.

DentalSolutionsEU from Southern Portugal on November 28, 2009:

I always suggest the patient have all 4 wisdom teeth out at the same time. As you said, go through it just once and never have to do it gain.

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