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What To Do After Getting The Corona Vaccine

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The coronavirus vaccine has arrived. Vaccination activities have already started in countries around the world. Many wonders if there will be side effects after the vaccine.

Different reactions may occur in the body after taking the first dose. So it is important to change the eating habits in the first few days. At the same time, it is important to follow some more rules and regulations.

What To Do After Getting The Corona Vaccine

1. Drink two and a half litres of water throughout the day.

2. 8 hours of sleep every day.

3. Walk at least half an hour every day.

4. You can put 15 minutes of sunshine on your body every day.

6. Put turmeric, basil leaves, honey, walnuts, almonds etc. on the diet chart.

7. Eat fewer carbohydrate foods. It is important to eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables.

8. If you have diabetes, you must follow a diabetes control diet after vaccination.

9.If you have kidney problems, then eat protein, water, potassium. You can eat fruits and vegetables with the advice of a dietitian.

10. Those who need to increase immunity can take the supplement following the advice of the doctor.

What Not To Eat After Taking The Corona Vaccine-

It may take two to three months for the immune response to the corona vaccine. So if you have a habit at this time, avoid alcohol, marijuana or other intoxicants.