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What Do You Mean By "Strong Personality" ?

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Self Confidence & Faith Onto Oneself Are True Shining Ornaments Of Strong Personality

What Is Meaning of Strong Person or Personality ?

The classical thesaurus provides these words as synonyms for "word -Strong Person" - tough man/woman, a tough nut to crack, tough old bird, tough person, toughie, tough nut, a hard nut, a hard nut to crack, tough cookie.1

Collin's dictionary is defining the meaning of the adjective -Strong Person -as , Someone who is confident and determined and is not going to be easily influenced or worried by other people or circumstances . He/She is sharp, manifesting and manipulative with a strong personality 2.

What Is personality And What dont account For personality

What is PersonalityWhat Personality is not

Personality is about transformation of Human being into Human Existence , through process of intellectualism

Social Status dont represent Personality

Personality is about conviction for values and claims

Material or Commercial sucess dont represent personality

Personality is about deep emotional expression and sharp insight

Fame , Popular Reputation dont represent Personality

Personality is about judging oneself against values ,through prism of morality and ethics

Splendid Physical Outlook is not Personality

Personality is about expressing character through decisions

Mere Smiling Face and Happy Looks on face is not Personality

What Are The Identifying Features of Strong Personality?

1. They are highly self-disciplined and able to control themselves.-Self-discipline is the ability to push oneself forward, stay motivated, and take action, regardless of how one is feeling, physically or emotionally. This automatically bring in control over one's personality.
When one is showing it when you intentionally choose to pursue something better for oneself, and one do it in spite of factors like distractions, hard work, or unfavorable odds , turning one as member of rare breed known as " the Strong Person " in world.

2.They can manage and restrain themselves.-Self management is typical character of strong person to get through any turmoil or hardship offered by life , to a strong person

3. They have the ability to be alone- Strong person let it be with heard of people of alone they still keep thrashing the adversities of life , by having faith on one self rather than seeking burrowed motivation from others

4.The more a person can be alone, the better he/she can face and understand difficulties.- This is typical unseen dimension of character of Strong person ,where Strong person used - loneliness -to enrich their mind with knowledge , ideas and contemplation to understand and solve the difficulties and oddities of life.

5. They dare to be themselves, rarely care about others opinions, and will not try to please everyone - Strong Person , always have strong faith (not just self confidence ) for one self , as Strong person has very cautiously built oneself by contemplating on one's strengths and weakness meticulously

Strong People are Optimistic,Confident and Self Aware

6. They are firm in their goals and will not be swayed by the outside world- If Goals are outcome of long contemplation and un-shattering faith Strong person may take time to set a goal for them but when they set it up , then they remain firm for their goals and not going to bother for other's opinions and ideas.

7. They are good leaders, but they can also be good followers- Strong person as knows oneself very well , can also know others too , this naturally makes them good leaders and even good followers .

8. They accept the failures in life, do not complain, and have patience.- Strong person always knows ,failing in some adventure doesn't mean entire life is been fails So ,no matter what happens, they have the ability to persuade and enlighten themselves to recover from the failure.

9.They dare to laugh at themselves- Strong persons are emotionally mature and knows , how to live life with joy and positivism by not loosing single moment without living it.

10.They dont chase validation from other people- Self-validation is what truly matters to them.- Strong person dont need validation from others , as they knew what they are and what they are doing for what purpose. For Strong Person -self validation -is only issue which they care for.

Strong People Are Tenacious,Fair, Self Sufficient ,Drama Free and Flexible

11.They rationalize their problems.- Strong Person don’t allow negative or overwhelming emotions to overshadow their judgment- Being Mentally Tough and Emotionally Intelligent they dont ran away from problems and denying the issues but identify them well and go for their final resolution to get over problems and negative thought processes.

12. They see criticism as valuable feedback and instrument or an opportunity for growth and personal development.-Strong People used negative responses and criticism to improvise and improve themselves ,rather than taking it a injury on one's self image and confidence.

13. They have an optimistic or positive mindset.- If your inner world is already gloomy or dark inside, even the sun shining for you every day won’t be able to cheer you up. So for Strong Person positive mindset is core of his/her strenght

14. They don't allow the fear to paralyze them-.For Strong person most harsh circumstances and conditions are just next possibilities and opportunity to prove oneself for oneself only , as what world thinks is least concerned for a Strong Person .

15 . They know from inside that -one’s mistakes- do not define them.-
Strong Person always , keep focusing on finding solutions instead of endlessly crying over their problems and blaming everyone else for them. and keep identifying new ways and new ideas to move on against all odds.

Strength Accompany With Efforts And Trials !


What Make A Simple Person A Strong Person

Strong Person is not strong just by physical means , but Strong person is strong due to his strong mental abilities and these mental abilities are earned by Strong Person , due to its higher emotional intelligence than other people. It is "Mental Toughness" which turns a which is turning a simple person into strong personality.

Emotional intelligence has been defined, as "the ability to monitor one's own and others, to discriminate/differentiate between different emotions and label them/identify them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior/to take proper judgements ".5

Research on Human Psychology shows , Emotional intelligence is the cornerstone of mental toughness. One cannot be mentally tough without the ability to fully understand and tolerate strong negative emotions and do something productive with them. Moments that test your mental toughness are ultimately testing your emotional intelligence (EQ).6

Unlike one's IQ, which is fixed, ones EQ is a flexible skill that one can improve with understanding and effort. Hence ,it is higher EQ levels which turns a person into a Strong Person , when person start looking at life with higher perspective.

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How Higher EQ Level Heighten Mental Toughness ?

Higher EQ levels , helps person to:-

1st.Not chase validation from other people.
(For higher EQ person ,Self-validation is what truly matters to them.)

2nd.Try to rationalize their problems.
(Higher EQ levels don’t allow negative or overwhelming emotions to overshadow judgment of person by trivial circumstances and consequences.)

3rd.See constructive criticism as valuable feedback.
(As it open ups an opportunity for growth and personal development.)

4th.Not get riled up over nonconstructive criticism (or trying not to).
(Because someone who is taking their time just to say something negative to another person is neither worth the mental energy nor the time of the emotionally strong people.)

5th.Embrace adversity.
( Emotionally strong people regard the hardships of living as necessary elements of life, leading towards a stronger and wiser version of themselves.)

6th.Have an optimistic or positive mindset.
(If your inner world is already gloomy or dark inside, even the sun shining for you every day won’t be able to cheer you up.)

7th.Not allow the fear to paralyze oneself.

8th.Keep in mind that -one’s mistakes- do not define them.

9th.Focus on finding solutions instead of endlessly crying over their problems and blaming everyone else for them.

All these Basic Qualifities of Higher EQ person helps them to develop , mental toughness , which makes their personality a "Strong Personality"

10th.Remain grateful.

Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness -A True Secret of Strength Of Strong Persons

Strong Persons are basically mentally tough subscribing famous Ford’s notion that one's mentality has a powerful effect on one's ability to succeed. Mentally tough person have an upper hand over the doubtful and the hesitancy because faith and confidence of Strong Persons inspires others and helps them to make things happen.

Mental Toughness helps a Strong Person to get away from Toxic People and situations and adverse circumstances ,making his/her life more easy and fruitful.

Dealing with difficult people and odd circumstances are frustrating and exhausting for most and are prime reasons of many problems and obstacles for any person. So Mentally tough people control their interactions with adverse life situations by keeping their feelings in check with their higher EQ levels and thence seen as Strong Persons in society.

When Strong Person need to confront a toxic person or odd circumstances ,he/she approach the situation rationally. Strong Person identify their emotions and don’t allow anger or frustration to fuel the chaos. Strong Persons are able to find common ground and solutions to problems.

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

— – Mahatma Gandhi

Mental toughness helps Strong Person to embrace Change. Mentally tough people are flexible and are constantly adapting. They know that fear of change is paralyzing and a major threat to their success and happiness. They look for change that is lurking just around the corner, and they form a plan of action should these changes occur.

Strong Person due to inherit mental toughness knows , when one need to embrace change , which further helps him or when to find the good in it. And hence one need to have an open mind and open arms if one want to be recognized, and capitalized on, the opportunities brought by embracing changes.

Strong Person , knows one is bound to fail when one keep doing the same things, if one fails to accept one's mistakes and hence Strong Person knows , to get over the failure one need to accept mistake and then follow the path of re-correction.

How Mental Toughness Makes A Simple Person Into Strong Person ?

Mental Toughness teaches a person to say "No" .By Learning to say "NO" helps person to grown as strong person , as this helps to experience less stress, burnout, and even depression with foresightedness by avoiding wrong people , circumstances and wrong deeds .

Saying No , also helps a person to exert self-control by saying no to oneself . This delay gratification and avoid impulsive action that causes harm.Mentally tough people know that saying no is healthy, and they have the self-esteem and foresight to make their no-es clear.

Mental toughness helps person to take risks if necessary . This helps to refine self-awareness and be responsible for once deed and a opportunity to learn from mistake , if things go wrong. And finally all this turn a simple person into Strong Person to walk this tightrope between dwelling and remembering. Dwelling too long on your mistakes makes you anxious and gun shy, while forgetting about them completely makes you bound to repeat them. The key to balance lies in your ability to transform failures into nuggets of improvement. This creates the tendency to get right back up every time you fall down.

Mental Toughness Makes A Strong Person Realize Their True Potential !!!!!!

Mentally tough people embrace failure because they know that the road to success is paved with it. No one ever experienced true success without first embracing failure.

Mentally tough people know that where to focus one's attention as it determines one's resolve. it ensures for mentally tough people that by fixing focus on problems that one facing, one is basically creating and prolonging negative emotions and stress, which finally start hindering performance. But when one focus on actions to better oneself and your circumstances, one can create a sense of personal efficacy, which produces positive emotions and improves performance.

Mentally tough people though distance themselves from their mistakes, but they do so without forgetting them. By learning from their mistakes they are able to adapt and adjust for future success..

Mental toughness teaches to a strong person , that if sense of pleasure and satisfaction are derived from comparing one self to others, then one is e no longer the master of own happiness. So Mentally tough people feel good about something they do for themselves (let how much important or less worthy), they won’t let anyone’s opinions or accomplishments take that away from them.

Mentally tough people know that regardless of what people think of them at any particular moment, one thing is certain—they’re never as good or bad as people say they are.

Self Containment Is Blazing Quality Of Strong Person

Mentally toughness helps to realize a person that - prejudice mind -for any one is sign of weak mind set and hence rather than passing judgments on others it is better deal with every one with just mind ,as t everyone has something to offer.

Comparing one self to other people is limiting. Jealousy and resentment suck the life right out of a person and these negative emotions are massive energy-stealers. So,Mentally tough people don’t waste time or energy sizing people up and worrying about whether or not they measure up.

Mental toughness is not limited to settle internal turmoil of one's personality but it also promote external expression and projection of one;s strong personality too.

A study conducted at the Eastern Ontario Research Institute found that people who exercised twice a week for 10 weeks felt more socially, intellectually, and athletically competent. They also rated their body image and self-esteem higher. Best of all, rather than the physical changes in their bodies being responsible for the uptick in confidence, which is key to mental toughness, it was the immediate, endorphin-fueled positivism from exercise that made all the difference.4

This body fitness and healthy life style automatically keep away -mentally tough people to stay away from -addiction and depression- turning them into "Strong personalities" of society.

You Cannot Control What Happens To You, But You Can Control Your Attitude and Response For That

What Is Needed To Be Strong Man/Woman ?

To be a strong person in one's life, one just need to keep asking the following questions to oneself, to invoke strength into one's personality by identifying and rectifying one's weakness and helplessness

So to be a Strong Person, keep asking these questions to one-self3:-

1- Am I honest to myself?

2-What next things or thoughts I have faced till last day?

3- How can I do better for upcoming time?

4- What and where I Have done wrong?

5- How exactly I can identify and rectify my mistakes?

6- From where I can get the necessary wisdom/ideas/ guidance /lessons?

7- What is needed to plan to capitulate the future?

8- What must be my response for future?

9- Am I taking care of my health ( physical, mental and emotional needs) or not?

These are most tough essential questions must be asked to oneself who want to make one's life - happy, contained, well satisfied and fulfilled by turning oneself into "Strong Person and Personality"

To Be Strong Person Seek Strength From Inside

Does and Dont ,To Be "The Strong Person"

  1. Never allow others to define your limits .
  2. Never allow negative thinking with negative people surrounding around you.
  3. Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining experience, remembering that life as a continuous learning experience.
  4. Never feel self-pity, hopeless.
  5. Never let yesterday to ruin your today.
  6. Never love anybody that treats you like you’re ordinary.
  7. Never try to reason with unreasonable people or personalities .
  8. Never ruin an apology with an excuse.
  9. Never underestimate your power to change yourself. .
  10. Never allow oneself to stagnate as life is a constant becoming: all stages lead to the beginning of next stage.

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6.Walker, Sarah A; Double, Kit S; Kunst, Hannah; Zhang, Michael; MacCann, Carolyn (2022). "Emotional intelligence and attachment in adulthood: A meta-analysis". Personality and Individual Differences. 184: 111174.

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