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What Sonakshi is doing at home to shed fat


Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha is very caring about her body. Although at one time he did not care about weight. Although he is not working on pictures now, he is exercising at home. The actress has advised her followers on how to lose fat. He posted such a video on social media.

Weight gain means not taking care of the body. Running all day, work stress, eating disorders, eating extra junk food causes fat to accumulate in the body. Sonakshi told how she controlled her weight by exercising at home. In the video, he is seen sweating with a rope. He was wearing black leggings with black tops and gym shoes while exercising. "No gym, no problem!" Don't stop jumping. '

Excess body fat is reduced by sweating with jumping and jumping rope for a short time every day. Sonakshi suggests that the rope should be given in such a way that the rope becomes two feet and turns over the head. Running with 35 minutes of continuous walking or resting loses more fat than 15 minutes of leaping.

Sonakshi said, jumping is an exercise for the whole body. It helps to shed fat, increases the performance of the body. The physical structure becomes more beautiful, the anxiety decreases, and the fatigue of the mind also goes away. And if you work like this, you can sleep well at night. This exercise helps to reduce the risk of stroke or another heart disease, increase bone density.

Before setting foot in Bollywood, Sonakshi weighed 95 kg. Sonakshi became Salman Khan's heroine after losing 30 kg of weight. In this context, he said, ‘I have always been a fat kid. I was born with excess weight. So it will not fit me in any film of the past. When I went to school, I weighed 95 kg. I grew up a victim of bullying and body shaming. Very few friends have called me by my own name. All the time fat, fat, elephant, fatter — these were my names. '