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My Body My Choice

Women in the United States are fighting Republicans for their rights as women . We won't go back, we will fight for our rights.


The Supreme Court Justice Took Away Women Rights

The overturning of Roe vs. Wade by the Supreme Court took away fifty years of women's reproductive rights. One of the highest courts was responsible for this egregious act. Six out of nine Supreme Justice judges attacked the rights of women. Overturning Roe v.Wade is gaining power over women. The Supreme Court gave Republicans the right to tell women what they shall do with their bodies. It's the right of every woman to decide whether or not to have an abortion. My body is my choice to have an abortion.

Roe vs. Wade's overturning was not surprising to Black and Brown women. More black and brown women will die from having illegal abortions without health care. Black women have abortions because they can't afford more children because of poverty and low income.

The overturning of Roe v. Wade was not a surprise to black women. Women's reproduction rights have been stripped away by one of the highest courts in the United States, The Supreme Court. Millions of Americans are taking to the streets protesting the right of a woman's freedom to choose. The Supreme Court Justices gave politicians the power to tell a woman what she shall do with her body. A woman's body is a woman's choice.

In 1973 the Supreme Court made abortion legal across the United States. After fifty years the ruling has been overturned by the Supreme Court Justices taking away the rights of every woman.

Supreme court justice judge Clarence Thomas wants to reconsider contraception and gay marriage. Thomas says that Americans think more about their cell phones than they do about their Constitutional rights.

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Women will no longer sit back and let a court tell them what they should do with their bodies. The courts are now in control of the bodies of women. Women of the United States had to always right for their rights. Women had to fight for equal pay, better jobs, and the right to vote. No politician should have the power or right to put a woman's body on display.

Overturning Roe v Wade is about power and politic.

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