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What It Means to Live Your Truth

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People are advised to live their truth. More and more people say they are living their truth. However, there is not much information available about how to live your truth. Here are some ways to live your truth followed by ways to know for sure that you are living your truth.

What It Means To Live Your Truth

Before you can live your truth, first you must know what it means to live your truth. Living your truth simply means being authentic to who you are. It is being honest, having integrity and living according to your own core belief system.

The main goal of living your truth is taking off the mask that you put on to please others. It is being comfortable with yourself by thinking, saying, feeling, and doing what you want to do without infringing upon the rights of others. Living your truth is being authentic about your feelings and opinions inside yourself instead of allowing others to tell you what to do without regards to your own needs.

One of the most important things you can do for your life right now is to live by your own truth. You can get started after you identify, understand, and define what your personal truth is.


When you go all out to please others, you put your own pleasure and happiness on hold. You often refrain from doing what would make you happy, but you try to make others happy at your own expense. Therefore, you neglect your own feelings, opinions, and desires in order to be accepted by others. When you do that, you do not live your own truth.

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If you have neglected yourself for years, it will take some soul searching to get to know the real you.

Live your truth by not fitting in with others.

Live your truth by not fitting in with others.

Five Ways to Live Your Truth

There are many ways to live your truth. Here are five quick and easy ways to get you started.

  1. Stop settling. You don't have to settle for things you don't like or want just because someone suggests them to you. You will get mad with yourself later for going along with something you really don't want
  2. Monitor your spirit. Do only those things that you feel good about in your spirit. You will be able to tell if something seems off with what you are advised to do.
  3. Stand out instead of fitting in. You do not have to fit in with the crowd unless you want to. Don't allow others to force you to fit in when God wants you to stand out.
  4. Know what the payoff is and if it is worth your time. There should be a payoff for everything you do. Know what the payoff is and act accordingly. The payoff could be something very small that enhances your life. It could be something that provides some pleasure or causes you to grow. If there is no payoff, perhaps you should not waste your time.
  5. Learn from previous experiences. If you have had a bad experience with something in the past, why keep doing it? There are so many other things to do rather than being stuck in the same things that cause you not to live your truth.

How to Know You Are Living Your Truth

Sometimes it is quite challenging to live your truth. However, there are ways to know you are living your truth.

  1. Your life is balanced. No matter what is going on, you live a balanced life in spite of disappointment, discouragement, and suffering.
  2. You feel complete. You still feel complete even if thing around you are falling apart.
  3. You don't seek validation. Your main source of validation doesn't come from others. You find it from within yourself. The more you seek validation from others, you lower it with yourself.
  4. You do not depend solely on others. Sure, it feels good to be wanted and loved by others. However, you are not dependent on others to feel good about yourself.
  5. You don't feel guilty speaking your truth. You are honest about communicating your true feelings with others.
  6. You don't take everything personally. You realize that most of what others do has nothing to do with. It is about them, not you.
  7. You don't define yourself by externals. You know you are more than what you have. You are more than where you live, what you drive, or what you wear. It is about what's inside of you that counts.

Set Yourself Free

When you live your own truth, you set yourself free. When you don't live your own truth, your thoughts and opinions are imprisoned. Don't let others keep you a prisoner by forcing you to live by their truth inside of your own,

When you find something that nourishes your soul and gives you joy, find room for that something and keep it in your life.

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