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What is the Purpose of a Covid-19 Vaccine?


What is wrong is their projected effectiveness against this sinister virus. If the end result of all the research and trials various companies are doing, whether rushed out or not, is just 50 to 75% protection, that is not much assurance. Granted, something is better than nothing but anything less than 95% is not much help when the virus is airborne and easily spread.

What does this mean?

It means that those who get a vaccine are only somewhat protected and that the virus will continue to spread for a variety of reasons. One, is that such a vaccine is not 100% effective like the measles vaccine is. Two, it means the vaccinated person still has a 50% or less chance of still being tested positive! Three, if many people opt out and no get the vaccine, the virus will continue to spread because the population has not got the vaccine. There will continue to be hotspots and areas where lockdowns may occur.

The vaccine is a placebo effect in most people's minds. They tend to think it will be like the polio or measles vaccines that did wipe out that problem for considerable time until the vaccine life expired. The Covid-19 vaccine seems to be only partially effective assuming there are no side effects.

The people who get the vaccine will NOT be immune from getting it. They and everyone else should still wear masks, keep social distancing, and wash hands, as if there is no vaccine! That is the crazy thing about the rush to get a vaccine. Getting a vaccine that is only 50-75% effective on a mutating virus is nothing to brag about if everyone still needs to wear the mask etc. The point of a vaccine that is 95% effective is so that there is immunity and wearing a mask etc., is no longer needed. This rush to get a vaccine is a half-ass approach if the effectiveness is less than 90%, and all are.

What happens if millions get a vaccine and start suffering other side effects? If the vaccine only last a few years? If a vaccine needs to be recalled? Not to mention that its effectiveness is less than what was seen in the drug trials rushed through?

So many questions about the coming vaccines and if you still need to wear a mask, etc., why get it? Why subject your health to an unknown vaccine companies rushed testing with, failed to use diverse population groups?

Why not just continue to wear a mask in public situations? You will need to even if you are vaccinated.

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