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What Is Needed for Your Hurricane and Natural Disaster Emergency Kit With a Preparedness Checklist

Hurricane/Disaster Preparedness Kit

Be Prepared For Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Floods and Tornadoes

According to the various hurricane predictions and forecasts, we are pretty much guaranteed some major storms will arrive during the 2016 Hurricane Season.

As a survivor of Hurricane Ike in 2008, and having that storm roar right over my head, much was learned on what we needed to add to our hurricane preparedness kit. This kit can be used for all natural disasters and man made disasters such as an EMP attack. All items are included in the photos that we have currently. Other items people can add will be listed.

The first thing we lost was electricity even before we had stormy weather, as Ike was moving in and hit the power stations to our east first. After Ike hit, we were without power for almost three weeks. Other areas longer, some shorter. I will guarantee you, being without power in the hot/humid weather is not pleasant and one has to think ahead to survive.

Our roads were impassible for almost a week. Water and groceries, as well as ice could not be delivered. We were on our own. No, before you ask, I never saw hide nor hair of any relief workers, such as the Red Cross or others. It was neighbor helping neighbor and nothing more.

There was no water, no phone, no cell phone or services period. Emergency services could not access neighborhoods due to the debris on the streets. You will see the stressing of medical supplies in our kit. You may need to sew yourself up or someone else, or at least have the supplies you can share with ones who need them for such medical attention.

Our only source of communication was the radio. That is another thing to keep in mind. You have to have the radio! Of course, with that in mind, you will need batteries (unless you have what we have, and that is a hand crank/solar power radio). Still, we do have a back up radio that is battery powered. This will be your only means to hear what is going on in any relief effort.

I would highly recommend taking the few minutes to go through the slideshow presented on the top group of photos here, as the images will help you much more than just a write up on the items. Each photo does contain some information in caption.

Below is the NOAA provided list of items to have in the event of a major storm:

Water - at least 1 gallon daily per person for 3 to 7 days

Food - at least enough for 3 to 7 days

  • non-perishable packaged or canned food / juices
  • foods for infants or the elderly
  • snack foods
  • non-electric can opener
  • cooking tools / fuel
  • paper plates / plastic utensils

Blankets / Pillows, etc.

Clothing - seasonal / rain gear/ sturdy shoes

First Aid Kit / Medicines / Prescription Drugs

Special Items - for babies and the elderly

Toiletries / Hygiene items / Moisture wipes

Flashlight / Batteries

Radio - Battery operated and NOAA weather radio

Telephones - Fully charged cell phone with extra battery and a traditional (not cordless) telephone set

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Cash (with some small bills) and Credit Cards - Banks and ATMs may not be available for extended periods


Toys, Books and Games

Important documents - in a waterproof container or watertight resealable plastic bag

  • insurance, medical records, bank account numbers, Social Security card, etc.

Tools - keep a set with you during the storm

Vehicle fuel tanks filled

Pet care items

  • proper identification / immunization records / medications
  • ample supply of food and water
  • a carrier or cage
  • muzzle and leash

To that I would add things to consider as:

  • a generator (an expensive option!)
  • insect repellent
  • matches in a waterproof container
  • foil, plastic wrap and such
  • dehydrated foods
  • Ziploc bags
  • tobacco products

Those items are not all included in our kit photos, however, there are additional items shown in the photos not listed here. The first aid kit will show the labels of the various items we have included.

I hope we will not have to deal with any major storms this year or in the future, but history shows that is highly unlikely. The kit we have put together has come from adding over a several year period. Initially, the cost was rather high, but adding an item here and there as time goes by is relatively cheap. We continue to add to the kit as things cross our mind that may be needed.

It is the hope of myself as well as my wife, that this hub will benefit those who may be affected by a major storm hitting at anytime, or other natural disaster. We have both had similar need to survive experiences with earthquakes as well as tornadoes. Floods will also find you in need of such a kit.

Download the Be Red Cross Ready - Hurricane Safety Checklist (PDF Format)

Why We Have A Hurricane Preparedness Kit


Dale Hyde (author) from Tropical Paradise on Planet X on April 13, 2013:

Thanks for sharing, Sarasotastorm! I will check out your sister's book. I download quite a bit on my Kindle.

It is time to certainly be thinking about the 2013 hurricane season indeed. I just updated my other related hub about the predictions for the 2013 season.

Thanks for stopping by, reading, sharing and commenting. :)

Edited: I checked on Amazon and the book is not, as of yet, available on Kindle. I did request that it be made available on Kindle as Amazon gives you the option to do that. :)

sarasotastorm on April 13, 2013:

Hi Dale,

My (multi-hurricane surviving) sister has written a great little book for families on how to prepare for a hurricane. Available on in paper and Kindle versions. It's called "Beyond Batteries: A Mother's Hurricane Survival Guide" Lots of useful advice!

Love your hubpages and getting ready for the 2013 season!

Dale Hyde (author) from Tropical Paradise on Planet X on November 11, 2012:

Hello Kimberly! Thank you for stopping by reading and commenting. It is never too early to get organzied in such a manner. Things become scarce as storms develop and start being projected. Also, the thunderstorms and snow storms after Sandy's repairs are done, may well have an additional impact due to repairs perhaps not being at 100 percent or some damage that was done by Sandy, could be amplified.

Kimberly Vaughn from Midwest on November 11, 2012:

These are great suggestions! I really need to get organized, especially after recent disasters like Hurricane Sandy.

Dale Hyde (author) from Tropical Paradise on Planet X on November 02, 2012:

I certanly do agree about being prepared and Sandy as being a "major" reason why to be prepared.

Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting. :)

tipstoretireearly from New York on November 02, 2012:

Sandy is just the latest reason why we should all have a disaster kit readily available. Good advice!

Dale Hyde (author) from Tropical Paradise on Planet X on October 29, 2012:

Good luck with Sandy! You are most welcome, and thank you for taking the time to stop by, read and comment.

yoginijoy from Mid-Atlantic, USA on October 29, 2012:

Ok, I just checked the list and it looks like we are ok. We don't have any children or elderly or pets so that is easier! Yikes, just a few hours to go before Sandy hits full-force. Thanks for the list, I tell ya, it is worth it to be prepared ahead of time.

Take care and be safe! Peace.

oyonboyon on May 17, 2012:

No need to thank me! You're hub is worth it. :)

Dale Hyde (author) from Tropical Paradise on Planet X on May 17, 2012:

Hello oyonboyon! Thanks for stopping by, reading and the compliment! I also would like to thank you for linking to it. :)

oyonboyon on May 17, 2012:

Awesome hub. I'm linking to it...

Dale Hyde (author) from Tropical Paradise on Planet X on March 17, 2012:

Hello lucybell! Not sure what storms you may get in Troy, NY, but I would certainly say that snow storms will happen there! I used to live in Wilson, up there between Buffalo and Rochester and pretty severe Winter weather at times. The kit that I show here would be essential for any and many kinds of conditions experienced no matter where you may live in the States or the world. Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting!

Bonny OBrien from Troy, N.Y. on March 17, 2012:

I know I am not prepared for a major storm, and I should be. I will have o get my ducks in a row. Great hub.

Dale Hyde (author) from Tropical Paradise on Planet X on March 14, 2012:

Hello cloverleaffarm! Glad you found the hub interesting! I used to live in upper state New York and know about those storms you mention! Up there I never had a kit however. As the years go by and I have aged, lol, I have learned to be prepared! Thnaks for stopping, reading and commenting!

Healing Herbalist from The Hamlet of Effingham on March 14, 2012:

Interesting hub. Like to be prepared for storms, etc. Up here in the winter, we always have our kit ready when a blizzard is coming. For other storms, hurricanes, tornadoes (yes, they do happen here in NH), luckily, we have a root cellar. Thanks for all the great ideas. Voted up,interesting and useful.

Dale Hyde (author) from Tropical Paradise on Planet X on March 13, 2012:

Hello Shawn May Scott! I certainly agree. My focus right now is the upcoming hurricane season, but as mentioned, this same kit is good for all kinds of nasty weather as well as unexpected events! Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting!

Shawn May Scott on March 13, 2012:

Great idea for all kinds of nasty weather and unexpected events.

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