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What Is A Pesce-Pollotarian?

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Fitness enthusiasts around the world are always curious to find some interesting diet ideas to maintain their body shape. Many of you might have already tried many meal plans to lose a few pounds but the desired results might still be awaited. Don’t worry! Here we are going to talk about a Pesce- Pollotarian diet. This is a diet than many may already be following without ever realising. It not only offers help in the gym for losing weight and gaining muscle, but it also has specific health benefits.

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What Is A Pesce-Pollotarian Diet?

The Pesce-Pollotarian diet plan is basically loaded with turkey, chicken, poultry products and seafood. It should not include red meat; the main aim is to avoid eating any red meat when on this diet. On the other hand, people can choose whether they want to consume dairy or not while following this diet plan.

No matter whether you are focused on healthy eating or are planning to get rid of some stored fat, this trustworthy diet plan offers complete fitness solutions with multiple calorie levels. Users can select the right proportion of caloric intake based on their activity levels, current weight and what fitness goals you aim to achieve through the diet.

Many call it an easy eating solution that allows people to maintain easy control of their caloric intake. Studies reveal that an imbalance between calorie consumption and absorption is the main cause of excess fat storage. This diet, however, allows you to enjoy all your favourite Pesce-Pollotarian recipes without even worrying about the weight gain. You can have three full meals in a day, including desserts as well; still, everything should be eaten in the correct proportion.

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Pros And Cons Of A Pescatarian Diet

The Pesce-Pollotarian diet plan includes filling, low GI, high protein, low-fat meals so that people can enjoy higher energy levels throughout the day. It helps to maintain stability in blood sugar levels so that you can ditch health issues with ease. Moreover, this easy eating diet plan is all about portion control. You can decide your portion depending upon how much you want to lose.

Below we have listed a few important elements of this impressive diet solution that can help you to make an easy decision about following it:

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  • Chicken Breast is included in this diet plan because it is a low-fat protein source.
  • As per this diet plan, grapes help to regulate blood pressure levels.
  • Salmon is considered as the best source of Omega-3 Fatty Acid; it can help people to reduce the chances of high cholesterol, high blood pressure levels, or heart attack.
  • Tuna is the best choice to maintain DHA levels in the brain.
  • Walnuts can further help to maintain anti-inflammatory properties.


  • It can help you stay fit and healthy.
  • Calorie controlled and nutritionally balanced diet.
  • Includes seafood, poultry, and plenty of dairy products as well.
  • Some diseases are linked to consumption of red meat.


  • You must stay determined to skip ALL red meat.
  • Certain nutrients such as Heme iron are much easier to consume via red meat.

Who Can Benefit From A Pesce-Pollotarian Diet?

In short terms, anyone. Anyone can benefit from a Pesce-Pollotarian diet, however, this doesn't necessarily mean that it would be your most effective diet for fitness. The reason anyone can benefit from the diet is there are many diseases linked to eating red meat. The main issues it's directly linked to are type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. Processed red meat is significantly worse for you than unprocessed meat, always bare this is mind.

Apart from the health benefits of this diet it can also be used for bodybuilders and other fitness. The diet consists of lean, high protein foods which is perfect for muscle building and repair. The lean foods are also ideal to lose weight and drop fat so all sectors of the fitness industry could find this diet useful.

The Pesce Pollotarian Diet

Could this be the ideal diet for you? It's a diet I've dabbled in myself but personally i like to keep red meat in my diet for extra nutrients and simply because i enjoy eating red meat. I do see the benefits of this diet for gym goers, however, as the lean sources of protein are great for adding muscle mass without storing fat. Why not try it? Make sure to follow adequately healthy Pesce-Pollotarian recipes and you won't go far wrong.

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