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The Basic Vitamins, Supplements, and Products to Have on Hand for Optimal Health, for Children, and Teens

I hold my degree in pharmacy, as well as a background, and training in the use of supplements.

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My Artwork

Dr Oz. What Vitamins Do you Take?

The Basic Maintenance Vitamins, Supplements, and Products, to have on Hand for Children, and Teens

As summer is on it's way out, and back to school clothes are being stocked, keep in mind along with backpacks, comes the cold, and flu season. Along with the kleenex for the classroom, stock up your medicine cabinet. A child is exposed to various germs, bacteria, and viruses during the school year, as well as the opportunity to learn. Equip them with the right supplements to boost their immunity, before the school year begins.

Start at the beginning of August with a good multi vitamin, that contains vitamins A,C,E, and zinc. This will begin the process of building their immunity, long before the threat begins. Research has shown that we can reduce the amount of colds, and flu by 50%, by taking a multivitamin daily. This not only applies to children, but to adults as well.

Vitamin A belongs to the class of carotenoids that are considered antioxidants. The best food sources are apricots, carrots, papayas, pumpkin, red peppers, sweet potatoes, among many others. Carotenoids are what give fresh fruits, and vegetables their bright color. To boost their immunity, and yours, think color. For vitamin A, beta-carotene, specifically, green, and yellow.

Vitamin C, as most of us already know is considered an antioxidant, also. I do not agree with taking high doses of just vitamin C, as this can cause the body to become too acidic, and the antioxidants work together. A better choice would be to obtain vitamin C from a food source. We all know about orange juice, but berries, green vegetables, onions, sweet peppers, pineapple, and strawberries also contain vitamin C. If you decide to purchase a vitamin C supplement, a buffered one would be a better choice.Specifically, Ester-C.

Vitamin E is also an antioxidant, fat soluble vitamin. Food sources include avocados, vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

Zinc is a mineral, necessary for immunity, helps prevent and treat colds, infections, acne, and regulate the production of oil glands, thereby reducing the amount of breakouts. Helpful if you have a teen at home. The best food sources include egg yolk, fish, poultry, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and whole grains.

Add yogurt to their array of snacks. Probiotics, have been shown to increase immunity, as well as intelligence. Other food sources include cottage cheese, sauerkraut, as well as other fermented products. Fresh fruits, and vegetables feed these good bacteria. If your child has an aversion to these foods, an acidophilus capsule may be broken open, and emptied into applesauce, or a favorite food. A fruit, or vegetable smoothie, will also replace good bacteria, and feed them to promote immunity. A good vegetable smoothie, might consist of carrots, celery, and tomato juice. Not only do carrots contain vitamin A, they also contain betaglucans, carotenoids, and good live bacteria. All beneficial in boosting immunity. A good fruit smoothie, consists of a chopped apple, a banana, a 1/2 cup of yogurt, and a couple of ice cubes. Be careful with the "Lite" yogurts, they contain aspartame, a common allergen for many people. My favorite is strawberry, and banana. Get that blender out, dust it off, and use it.

During times of sickness, a zinc lozenge may be given. Zinc kills bacteria, and viruses. A Beta glucan capsule may be broken open, and added to applesauce, to boost immunity for the child, as well as the adult.

If your child requires an antibiotic, give them probiotics afterwards. Never give at the same time, to replace beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Antibiotics kill off the good bacteria in the intestines, the good bacteria protects us from illness, the main part of the body, related to immunity. By not replacing these bacteria, it sets us up for chronic infection, and a circle of illness.

Total For A 3 Months Supply of Added Immunity, and Less Sickness= $25.00, priceless. Total for Doctors Visits, Antibiotics, cough syrups, over the counter medications, ect. x 3 times a year on average, plus missed days of school, and work= $600.00 to $800.00 a year. Probably more than that.

Other recommended basic supplements for children, and adults are vitamin D, and a essential fatty acid complex. Vitamin D should be in their multi, it is necessary for immunity, among other health benefits.

Essential fatty acids must be supplemented, as they aren't usually in a multivitamin complex. Fish, krill, and flax seed oil are the recommended supplements by holistic doctors, they are available in a gummy form, follow the package directions for children. The maintenance amount for adults is 2 krill oil, or 1000mg of fish or flax twice a day. I prefer krill, as it is a more balanced formula, is a smaller capsule, and no fishy burps. This nutrient is also helpful for acne, and blemishes, as it balances hormones, a common finding in resent research.

Other recommendations:

Acne, since it is also a bacterial infection include extra zinc, orally, and tea tree oil on the breakouts. As tea tree oil, is very strong, it needs to be diluted, but can be applied directly to sores, it has antibacterial properties. As well as a multivitamin containing vitamin A, and biotin, biotin is a B complex vitamin, both beneficial for skin health. Olive Leaf extract, liquid, may also be used in the same matter, for break outs. An Antibiotic, in supplement form, useful for any skin condition.

Other products I have on hand at all times:

Benadryl, for allergies, and bee stings. Still the strongest antihistamine, over the counter. Liquid is the best form as it gets into the blood stream faster. Can take up to 45 minutes for a pill to be digested. Capsule form is a better choice. For a fast effective remedy for bee, or wasp sting, apply meat tenderizer, give a pinch of Benadryl liquid. Put about a teaspoon of meat tenderizer in the palm of your hand, add enough water to make a paste, apply to the sting. As it dries, it will pull out the stinger, and venom. While away from home, mud may also be used in the same manner.

Ibuprofen, for fever, and pain. Liquid for children, and a liquid capsule for adults. Again, liquid gets into the bloodstream faster.

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Ivarest, for itching. A cream containing Benadryl, and calamine. A cream developed for poison ivy, but very effective for any itch. Apply topically.

Epsom salt, for muscle strains, and sore feet, as both of my children are athletic, I keep it on hand. Contains magnesium, very healing to the body, and relaxes sore muscles. An oral Magnesium supplement may also be taken, in oral form, for the same purpose, very effective. Epsom Salt may also be used as a laxative. Mix 1 tsp in 4 ounces of warm water, let it dissolve, and drink. Just plain salts, no perfumes, or dyes. Results are usually seen within an hour, your results may vary.

Epsom salt for splinter, and thorn removable. Soak hand, finger, or wherever the splinter, or thorn is, in a warm mixture of Epsom salt, and warm water. The splinter, or thorn is easier to remove. Will also help with callouses, on feet, soak in warm mixture, use a pumice stone to remove rough skin.

Witch hazel. A natural astringent for minor scrapes, and bug bites. Also helpful with hemorrhoids, apply directly, will reduce swelling, providing relief.

Neosporin, for cuts and scrapes, contains 3 antibiotics in one, plus a topical analgesic for pain. Hydrogen peroxide, for cleansing wounds, an anti infective, doesn't sting as much as soap, and water. I do not recommend a spray on bandage, as the skin needs to breathe, in order to heal, and you maybe sealing bacteria into the wound.

Rubbing alcohol, for wiping down surfaces, during illness. As effective as Lysol, without the aerosol, and hydrocarbons. Also effective in removing water from the ear. Tilt the head, with the effected ear upwards, add a dropper full to the ear that has water in it. Let it set for a second or two. Tilt head, so as to empty effected ear, being careful not to get into the eye, water is removed. Allowing water to stay in the ear canal, will set up a child for a bacterial infection, such as swimmers ear.

Vicks Vapo Rub. As well as opening up a congested chest, it has been shown to kill viruses, and is anti fungal. Apply to a fungal toenail, 2-3 times daily, and will heal as quickly as the prescriptive medications, at a fourth of the cost.

Simethicone for babies that have colic. Sold under brand name, Little Tummies. For babies that suffer from gas, bloating, and pain. Follow package directions. I used with my youngest son, no Side effects, doesn't build up in the body.

For other helpful remedies, and advice read my article "is it a cold or allergy", for earaches, allergy, colds, flus, and sore throat.

All proceeding information was found in the following books, websites, and programs.

Nutritional Healing

Foundations for Healing

Dr Richard Beckers Program, To Your Health.

The Vitamin Shoppe, Health Guides.

My training in Pharmacy, and a mother of 2 for 30 years.

My Basic Vitamin Arsenal.

For Teachers, Caregivers. and Healthcare Workers (Mom's included)

For teachers who are wanting to boost their immunity, the same recommendations apply. 1 multi vitamin, and an omega supplement, started in August. Have Air Bourne on hand, a supplement to use when you are exposed to illness. Contains immune boosting substances. Buy hand sanitizer in bulk. Use when regular hand washing isn't an option.

New Study Released on Beta Glucan for Immunity

New information about beta glucan, and its effect on immunity: J Hematol Oncol. 2009 Jun 10;2:25.

The effects of beta-glucan on human immune and cancer cells.

Chan GC, Chan WK, Sze DM.


Department of Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.


Non-prescriptional use of medicinal herbs among cancer patients is common around the world. The alleged anti-cancer effects of most herbal extracts are mainly based on studies derived from in vitro or in vivo animal experiments. The current information suggests that these herbal extracts exert their biological effect either through cytotoxic or immunomodulatory mechanisms. One of the active compounds responsible for the immune effects of herbal products is in the form of complex polysaccharides known as beta-glucans. beta-glucans are ubiquitously found in both bacterial or fungal cell walls and have been implicated in the initiation of anti-microbial immune response. Based on in vitro studies, beta-glucans act on severalimmune receptors including Dectin-1, complement receptor (CR3) and TLR-2/6 and trigger a group of immune cells including macrophages, neutrophils, monocytes, natural killer cells and dendritic cells. As a consequence, both innate and adaptive response can be modulated by beta-glucans and they can also enhance opsonic and non-opsonic phagocytosis.

Translation: it works for many different diseases, conditions, on many different levels. Such as viral, fungal, bacterial, and microbial infections. As well as cancer, auto immune diseases, and many other conditions.

For Fungal Toenail

Dr Becker and The Importance of Multi vitamins

All of the products, mentioned in the article, for minor health problems


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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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