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When Will Primatene Mist Asthma Inhaler Be Available?

When I went to the grocery store in December of 2011, they were out of the asthma control medicine Primatene Mist, and did not know when they would get any more. I went to the drugstore, which had only a few packages left, and I bought one. There was a sticker on it that said that they would no longer be making Primatene Mist after December 31, 2011. I decided to do some research to find out what happened to Primatene Mist and why they were no longer going to be selling the product.

Primatene Mist was the #1 over the counter medicine to help treat bronchial asthma. It was very helpful in quickly treating asthma attacks. It is marketed by Armstrong Pharmaceutical Inc. It helped relieve shortness of breath, chest tightness and wheezing that was related to bronchial asthma, emphysema and other breathing problems that were diagnosed by a doctor. It widened the airway to make it easier to breathe.

Armstrong Pharmaceutical Inc, a subsidiary of Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, Inc,. is an American owned and operated company that is headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga in California. Their operating facilities are in California and Massachusetts.

Primatene Mist was taken off the market on December 21, 2011.

Primatene Mist was taken off the market on December 21, 2011.

What Happened to Primatene Mist?

Primatene Mist stopped being sold on December 31, 2011. Why are they no longer available on our store shelves? The FDA has banned all asthma inhalers which contain chloroflouorocarbons (CFCs). This ban only affects Primatene Mist because it is the only asthma inhaler that has been approved by the FDA to be sold without a prescription. CFC is used as a propellant to force the medication out of the container, creating the "Mist."

The United States signed an international agreement, called the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. It phases out chemicals that depletes the ozone layer, including CFCs. This layer of the atmosphere protects us from some of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation, which can increase the risk of skin cancers and cataracts.

The ban for Primatene Mist is made to comply with this agreement.

There is an environmentally friendly alternative to CFC that can be used in inhalers. It is called hydrofluoroalkane (HFA). Primatene is working on switching their inhalers to HFA, but the new medication requires FDA approval.

Listed below is a history that explains Primatene Mist's progress and status in getting back on the counter.

In the meantime, people continue to need relief for their asthma attacks.

What to do for Asthma Relief


It is best to be prepared for an asthma attack. If you bought Primatene Mist before December 31, 2011, you can no longer use this product because its expiration date has been reached. The company is working on a new HFA asthma inhaler and getting it approved, but does not provide an estimated date for that occurrence.

Primatene tablets are available to treat bronchial asthma. Although they will not provide immediate relief, they can be used to help with your asthma. You should get them from your local drugstore to get them at a reasonable price, but if your local drugstore does not carry them, they are available on Amazon.

Dr. Mary Ann Block suggested magnesium in my interview with her.


Until the new Primatene HFA inhaler is approved, you will need to get a prescription in order to get an asthma inhaler. If you want to avoid CFC, you can make sure you ask for an inhaler that is made with HFA. However, you will have to take some steps in order to use your asthma inhaler made with HFA.

  • Priming. If you haven't used your HFA inhaler in a while, you will need to spray one or two doses in the air to get the pump to give you an accurate dose of medication.
  • Inhaling. Make sure you use the proper technique for using the medication, since the spray does not come out as forcefully as it did with inhalers that contain CFC.
  • Cleaning. You will need to clean your HFA inhalers more often than you did your CFC inhalers.

I haven't used an inhaler with HFA, but these steps seem similar to the steps for CFC as well.

Primatene Mist is a Rescue Inhaler

My doctor has said that Albuterol is more effective than Primatene Mist anyway, and recommended that I take that instead of Primatene. Personally, both the products work for me.

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Primatene Mist is a rescue inhaler, and only works to treat the symptoms of asthma. Treating the symptoms alone allow repeated attacks, which can permanently damage the lungs. There are other products that help reduce or prevent the frequency attacks. There are also natural ways you can help prevent asthma attacks, such as working to reduce your triggers.

Be Prepared

If you have asthma, it is very important to be prepared for an asthma attack. Since Primatene Mist is no longer being sold, you will not be able to run to the drug store to buy an inhaler. If you are not prepared with enough stock of Primatene Mist, you will want to make an appointment with your doctor and get a prescription.

Is Primatene Mist Coming Back?

2012 Primatene Mist Updates

January 10, 2012: I called to customer service for the parent company. The representative told me that they do not have a definitive or estimated date that the product will be back on the store shelves. They are currently in the final stages of developing the CFC-free product, and are conducting clinical trials. Once they complete that, they will need to get FDA approval, which may take months or years.

February 8, 2012. The customer service representative told me that they do not expect to have an alternate product until next year. The company was required to take Primatene Mist completely off the market, so it will not be available anywhere else. They did not ship it outside the United States. I would think this means it is unlikely to be found in the Canadian sources mentioned in the comments, which I am now deleting. Ebay also does not have any listings for it.

March 25, 2012: I appreciate all of the insights you have been providing in the comments. I really feel for the people who have not been able to find solutions to their asthma problems. I am in the process of interviewing people in the medical community to find different options for asthma patients, and hopefully will come across something that will work for you.

June 13, 2012: Armstrong Pharmaceuticals announced a consumer warning about Primatene Mist inhalers that are already on the market. Some of the pressurized plastic coated glass containers are bursting. It provided some extra precautions.

  • throwing away the container if it has been dropped
  • don't store it in a car or in direct sunlight
  • don't keep it in tight areas such as pockets, since the valve stem or stress on the container neck can cause cracking or breaking.

On July 18, 2012, Amphastar Pharmaceuticals presented some testimony to the U.S. Congress, in the hopes that Congress will pass legislation to allow up to 1.5 million units that are stored in warehouses to be sold to consumers while the FDA approval is received. They stated that they did not know how to dispose of these units, and would give the profits to charity. Since then, two bills have been introduced in Congress.

There is also a petition to allow the use of these units to be sold. According to, and Amphastar's own website, 1 million units are available, which have an expiration date of August 2013.

August 31, 2012: The customer service representative told me that they have created the new formula for Primatene Mist, and are currently working on finalizing the paperwork with the FDA. They are expecting the new formula to be available on the market at the end of 2013.

November 9, 2012: Commenter SuperWill has informed us that there is another over the counter medicine called Asthmanefrin that is being sold at CVS and Walmart. It uses the same main ingredient, epinephrine. Reviews of this product on Amazon indicates that it works, but is not as convenient as Primatene Mist.

December 1, 2012. Commenter Dingo44 has informed us that "The active ingredient in Asthmanefrin is 11.25 mg Racepinephrine, while Primatene Mist is .22 mg Epinephrine." and confirms that the Asthmanefrin is very cumbersome to use.

December 12, 2012, the House of Representatives voted down the bill that would have allowed Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc to sell its warehouse inventory of Primatene Mist. According to the Wall Street Journal, "The bill faced intense opposition from the American Lung Association, the American Thoracic Society and 11 other medical groups. They say that epinephrine, the active ingredient in Primatene Mist, can lead to racing heartbeats and heart attacks in some patients."

2013 Primatene Updates

July 25, 2013. Armstrong Pharmaceuticals, Inc announced that it has reformulated Primatene Mist with an environmentally friendly propellent called hydrofluoroalkane (HFA). It will continue to use the same active ingredient epinephrine. The company made a New Drug Application with the FDA for Epinephrine Inhalation Aerosol USP. The company is awaiting a decision by the FDA.

August 2013. The containers that the company was attempting to sell in June 2012, presumably the last to be produced have expired. My container expired in April.

2014 Primatene Mist Updates

February 25, 2014. A US Food and Drug Administration advisory panel voted not to recommend Primatene HFA for over-the-counter sale at this time. They did not believe that the risk / benefit ratio favored OTC sales. There is another clinical trial, so these results are not final. They were concerned that the dose indicator had a high failure rate, the device can clog easily if not washed daily, and the product allows for eight puffs a day, twice a week which is contrary to guidelines that suggest epinephrine is a poor choice for acute asthma therapy. The agency does not have to accept the suggestions of the advisory panel.

August 13, 2014. I called Primatene Mist's customer service number at 1-877-462-8363. The representative told me that they submitted their application to the FDA more than a year ago and are awaiting the approval. She said that they would announce any changes on their website.

2015 Primatene Mist Updates

January 27, 2015. I called Primatene Mist. The representative told me they are still awaiting approval from the FDA and do not have any additional news.

November 23, 2015 I am sorry to say that there are no new updates. I called the company and they told me that they continue to wait for approval from the FDA. They are cooperating with the FDA to provide whatever they ask for, and then have to wait some more.

2016 Primatene Mist Updates

August 2016. The website which had not been updated in a long time was discontinued, resulting in several broken links in this article. I have removed these links.

August 15, 2016. I called Primatene Mist's customer service. The representative told me that they are still waiting for approval from the FDA.

December 30, 2016 The FDA rejected the latest version of Primatene Mist inhaler, asking for a change in the label and packaging of the product. They also asked for another study to see if consumers could use the product correctly without the guidance of a healthcare professional.

December 30, 2016. Amphastar Pharmaceuticals issued a response to the FDA rejection. In it, Amphastar's CEO, Dr. Jack Zhang, stated: "While we are disappointed to have not received approval at this time, we intend to continue to work with the FDA during the post-action phase to address their concerns in the CRL by the middle of 2017 and bring Primatene® Mist back to the OTC market as soon as possible."

2017 Updates

November 27, 2017. The link to the FDA Consumer Update has been broken, which means they removed the page. A search on their site says that marketing has been discontinued.

2018 Updates

November 8, 2018. Great news! The Food and Drug Administration has now allowed Primatene Mist to be sold in stores without a prescription, after banning it for seven years. It is now made with hydrofluoroalkane propellants instead of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) propellants which is known to deplete the ozone layer. Amphastar Pharmaceuticals says the inhaler will cost about $25 and should be on the shelves by the end of the year.

You should still follow the advice of a doctor, of course, especially if your asthma is severe.

I will continue to provide updates here. If you find out anything more before I do, I would appreciate it if you would let me know here in the comments.

© 2011 Shasta Matova

Comments: "What Happened to Primatene Mist Asthma Inhaler?"

Edge on April 04, 2019:

THANK GOD!!! It's about time. That Ventolin stuff is so weak now that you have to use 5-6 puffs just to feel relieved. One night after one of my night time asthma attacks (mine are allergy induced) I still did not have comfortable breathing and it followed the next morning. I bought one of the new Primatene for $30 and with one puff everything opened up and cleared up!!!

jlo on January 10, 2019:

It a fact that the Greedy Pharma powers that be, banned Primatine mist off the over the counter market for years to replace their 200.00 to 600.00 dollar a piece inhalers because they said primatine mist kills the ozone layers? right? wonder if anyone knows, that hair spray also kills the ozone layers. But they didn't ban hair spray..Why? ask Hillary Clinton and her Pharma associates. they should burn in Hell these bastards.should not have to pay through the nose to breath in the USA

Kit on January 04, 2019:

Found the new Primatine Mist in Walgreen's in Oregon today. I didn't think to price it. Didn't realize it was ever coming back, and I'm glad to see it available. Good luck, everyone.

Lenny on December 15, 2018:

I have been looking to buy the new version since approval in November and cannot find it anywhere. Has anyone here had success finding it?

Abdul Razzaque Nohri from Hyderabad, Pakistan on October 20, 2018:

Worth reading

Gerald E. K. on October 02, 2018:

Finally, a doctor figured out a way to provide us with a pure epinephrine asthma inhaler.. It just came out this year (2018). It's not cheap, at $75 for a 250 dose package but not all that bad. It's called EpiMist for Asthma OTC, 250 Inhalations - No CFCs, No Chemical Propellant, Just Epinephrine!, Sold by: Dr. Natural Healing. Got mine on Amazon.

BTW, after using Primatene Mist for 55 years, my doctor prescribed albuterol. I QUIT BREATHING. None of the MD's at the hospital could figure out what was happening. "Give him more albuterol". Damn near died.

Mark on May 25, 2018:

Primatene Mist saved my life 11,000 times. I am an authority on this product, because I have been using it for 34 years. It works twice as good as albuterol. I can remember getting upset when the price went from $9.99 to $13.00! My god, if you do not have insurance, albuterol costs $209.00 EACH! That is CRIMINAL! Honestly, hundreds of people have NO DOUBT died as a result contributed to NOT having Primatene Mist available. I do not need some arrogant power seeking doctor to administer this life saving miracle drug. SHAME ON THE GREEDY BASTARDS WHO HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS.

Stapleton on May 03, 2018:

Just ran out of my stockpile. Can't believe they are still dragging their feet on this.

Chuck Miller___ on May 01, 2018:

My "Childhood" Asthma came Back and I started keeping a Primatene Mist around since 1964-- until EPA banned the CFC Propellant in 2011___ It was always a Saver and I used it ONLY when Needed--__ I called about the Changeover to a Differant Propellant and the Company said the Change to HFA was made within 6 months from Ban Date__-- We all know the "Money Thing" took Control __ and to H--L with ASTHMA Sufferers.--- ---__-- MAY-BE__President TRUMP can "Drown" this Part of the "SWAMP" ---___ EPA HEADS and FDA MONEY SCAMMERS.

joespeed on March 27, 2018:

Big Pharma is bullshit...I used Primatene for years with actual results..the CFC bullshit is all about money. I hope they all rot in an unbreathable hell for what they have done. FDA needs to approve the new Primatene and stop taking bribes!! I want to breath WITHOUT going broke !!!!!

Carol on February 05, 2018:

The comment about prescription albuterol and asking for HFA instead of CFC. ???? Thought CFC was banned in USA? Its all about the pharmaceutical companies controlling the market. The warnings on primatene mist is on prescription albuterol as well. Primatene works just as well and a lot cheaper. Take away OTC and you are forced to pay 3x the amount right into the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies.

Oliver on January 14, 2018:

Great job you do to keep us informed.

Bill Laughlin on January 05, 2018:

The FDA looked the other way in 1995 and approved Purdue Pharma's "time-released" Oxycodone, creating a huge groundswell of addicted opioid users, but they CAN'T work with Armstrong or Amphastar to approve a new version of Primatene Mist? All this is, is an excellent example of delay, delay, delay tactics and corruption inside the FDA (certainly NOTHING NEW). Meanwhile, mild asthma sufferers worldwide get shut out under the banner of "protecting the ozone layer"! What a joke.

Cindy Smith on December 24, 2017:

Thank you so very much for your perseverance on this. I really appreciate a good "bull dog" attitude when it comes to an important issue, and I tend to think our breathing falls into that category.

Chuck on November 06, 2017:

I used Primatene Mist since 1964-- Obviously , it was banned for others to earn Money-- It always worked for me and I did NOT worry__ Now I use Abuterol sulfate and I have to be Alert at all times pertaining to my Breathing_- Or _ I get caught "Off Guard" and of Course "NO EMERGANCY MEDICINE"" --__ I suppose Armstrong is Collecting from "Start-Ups" and NO ONE gives a Crap about People who CANNOT BREATH.

2nd Amendment on October 10, 2017:

If you dont already, use a spacer/holding chamber with your albuterol inhalers. a significant amount more medication gets deposited in the airways. The CFC crap on these inhalers is just what it is....CRAP. there is no way in heck that these inhalers did any damage to the ozone. what do the idiots think happens. They must think people go around and squirt inhalers in the air. Flipping idiots. The biggest issue with Primatene Mist wasnt the CFC issue but the fact that it was epinepherine. Stuff can kill you if use too much. Anyways get a spacer for your MDI's/Inhalers

FDA Insider on September 29, 2017:

As an FDA insider, I can say with confidence that Primatene Mist HFA will NEVER be approved. We thought that most of you would be dead by 2013 at the latest, but yet a few of you persist. No matter, this ban was meant to cull inner city minorities, many of who suffer from asthma and cannot afford several hundred dollars per doctors visit. The ban was an incredible success in that regard :-)

Derek C on September 29, 2017:

An OTC asthma inhaler that works is critical. The FDA doesn't like it because insurers and doctors don't get a cut. I haven't had asthma in 20 years, two nights ago I had a really bad attack. Of course, I'm not going to get a prescription in the middle of the night unless I want to pay a thousand bucks to go to the hospital (or more). So I had to suffer through it. This government BS needs to end.

janie on September 21, 2017:

Are there any new updates? ??? Really need primetine mist to be available again.

Jeremy on September 20, 2017:

The people who did this need to be taken out to the town square at high noon. How dare they. When did American's give up their freedom for tyranny? This is nothing but a money-making scheme between big pharma and big brother. They profit while people aren't able to breathe. The people who did this better hope there is not a god.

Bill chambers on September 05, 2017:

Really having a hard time without primatene its crazy! Have tried everything available!when will they realize that epinephrine is the only thing that works for millions of people. All we ask for is an inhaler with epinephrine. Albuterol causes throat thrush and doesn't work near as well

Jim on August 28, 2017:

I have been hospitalized 3x this year because I don't have primatine mist..I predict I will die this winter..doc gave me pro air doesn't help me..I used primatine mist for 40 years..I am 75..please get replacement ASAP..

Babs on August 14, 2017:

Sounds like big pharma do not want it to come back!

Joe on August 12, 2017:

Big Pharma wanted all that over the counter Asthma inhaler sales that they were not getting. They told their Whore the FDA and the Whore took Primatine mist off the market. Leaving the asthmatic with the other option, that was not 18.00 but 85.00 + a Dr's visit Plain and simple, it could be reversed if President Trump cleaned up the FDA. It a Swamp!

Sonya Little on July 20, 2017:

When will it be back on the market

Tammy Hanson on July 15, 2017:

I used Primatene Mist for over 30 years and had no side effects. It is DEADLY to not have this OTC inhaler available to asthmatics. Once an attack starts, there is no way to come out of it without medicine or the ER, and if you wait too long it is irreversible. SHAME ON YOU the FDA and lobbyists for the pharmaceutical companies and physicians..who play God for greed. You will be judged for your actions one day, and you will suffer the consequences of those actions. But there is still time to change...choose wisely.

Devin Kurtz on May 31, 2017:

I'm wondering why they even need the FDA approval? I'v seen tons of stuff that say right on the box not approved by the FDA? Use at your own discretion, I don't give a darn if the FDA approves it or not. This Paris clean air act can stick it where the sun doesn't shine. I'm tired off the FDA playing God with our lives. I have used PM since I was 12 and thirty years latter it hasn't done a damn thing to me. Trump needs to get this thing passed and someone needs to sue the FDA. The big Pharm need to get over it, I know for a fact Ventoline, and several others like Advar or worse than PM. Read the labels, even the commercials tell you that you can kick the bucket using them.

MHansson on January 04, 2017:

For years I managed my asthma with OTC Primatene and was as distressed as everyone else when it was taken away. Asthmanefrin was crap. They're right, epinephrine is not a good drug to be sold OTC especially since it was mostly being purchased/abused by body builders as part of a "weight loss" cocktail.

So for me there was nothing but I still thought I could DIY it until a bout of pneumonia last year put me in the ICU for three weeks. The ACA forgot about me in the "affordable" part (even now that I'm mostly disabled, I can and have to work a little part-time to survive as i had to apply for reduced benefits Social Security so I don't qualify for Medicaid but my "Affordable" care plan I was offered was $300 a month with a $7000 deductible and 40% co-pay. Basically I could pay cash for actual medical care or pay for insurance which had no benefits until I was at death's door again.

So I researched and learned and I survived. Here's what they don't tell you:

A) Find a doctor who takes cash patients for a reduced fee (I have a lovely Dr. who only charges me $50 a visit every three months).

B) There IS a perfectly legal, safe and, I find, much more effective alternative to inhalers (even Proventil is $60, the steroid-containing inhalers can reach $900 EACH). You can get a home nebulizer machine for $25 online just about anywhere. You can get albuterol and ipratropium prescriptions from your doctor and the cost will run around $15 A MONTH for a supply of the medication ampules. I find them much more soothing than a quick puff from the regular inhalers.

C) I was sent home on 24/7 nasal oxygen and the hospital sent a rep in to sign up for a RENTAL program. A new oxygen machine can run $2000 or more. A rental is $15o a month. After a year of paying for the rental I found you can BUY a warranteed, refurbished oxygen generator from legitimate medical supply stores online for as low as $300. My brother in law found me tanks for when I'm out of the house at the swap meet but it took me a year to find an auto parts/welding business that had also gotten certified for medical oxygen at $8 per refill.

D) If you need a steroid-containing $900 inhaler check the manufacturer's website closely for "if you need help paying for..." coupons. Many will give you a year free or at nominal ($25-ish) cost. Some have income or insurance limitations, some do not. Work with your doctor to find the best fit (I'm currently midway through my free year on Breo, a friend just started Symbicort for $25 a month for a year. Even with his insurance it would have been $800!)

There are ways to survive but I've spend the last 18 months ferreting out little secrets, which shouldn't be secrets, like the nebulizer and $15 albuterol. I've found more, but figure I've already babbled long enough.

Frank Furter on December 26, 2016:

I had asthma pretty bad when I was a kid in the 60s and 70s. I used PM and am sure it saved me life on several occaissions. Don't know what I would do if I needed it now because the PM tablets just made me sick on the stomach. This is more liberal BS. Why could they not get a waiver during the FDA approval process???

Chris on December 21, 2016:

I got an inhaler my step daughter picked up for me in Mexico she is a nurse practicioner... its no where near as good as PM but better than nothing also had one last expired PM still new in the box... tried to use it.. and it just squirted out a stream so much for that... I paid $80 a piece for 5 of them 4 and a half years ago off of craiglist.. that was the last one also bought one of the asminefrin starter kits from Walmart... my lungs burned for a week after trying it

Brandi Mastain on November 28, 2016:

They will never get approval. There is too much $$ for the big Pharm to make screwing over Americans. The very expensive junk inhalers available, are beyond terrible. Husband struggles to breathe. It's so scary to watch him struggle to breathe. I have to pray and keep my faith that God will help find something that works. Can't let anger take over. Those responsible for yanking PMist...don't be surprised when karma comes to collect. Karma always comes to collect.

Marco on November 11, 2016:

Seems like Primatene Mist isn't making a comeback. It's been forever!

I did find another company has a similar product and a new product that's also coming out that doesn't have any propellants, which is what primatene was cited for by the FDA.

I have been a Primatene customer for a long time, I think I'm going to try that other company, Dr. Natural Healing's Epimist product when it comes out. I might try their current product Prime Asthma Relief too, just to test it. Will update when I do.

Liz on November 10, 2016:

Unreal... They would rather someone die than get their medication.

Some people don't have money to see a doctor. Or they need it quick.

ER visits are ridiculous, when all is needed a a quick drive to a pharmacy.

This needs to be changed, and Primatene needs to come back ASAP!!!

FDA Shills on October 03, 2016:

Hi Eric - You ask what you can do? Well, you can either cough up a few bucks more than was passed under the table to the corrupt FDA shills by big pharma to get them to ban Primatene (hope you have some deep pockets), or, you can die; those are your two choices.

Do you know why it is taking YEARS for the FDA to approve the new formulation of Primatene? It is because big pharma bought and paid for the FDA commissioners, and the truth is, it will never be approved.

Eric on September 16, 2016:

I just ran out tonight to get a replacement inhaler and was shocked to find none available. Search and found this article. This sucks, as I very occasionally relied upon this inhaler. Not sure what I cam going to do now. I am a very random sufferer who got used to being able have this product. The pills behind the counter recommended by the pharmacist were 50.00 Yikes!

Chris on May 17, 2016:

I have one primatene mist inhaler left... when I found out they were no longer sold OTC it was too late... I bought 5 off of craigslist from another state and had my son mail them to me..I have a sort of ex stepdaughter that is a nurse practitioner in another state... she offered to send me some different asthma inhalers she said she can get for around $5 each when they go on weekend vactions to Mexico... guess I will take her up on that offer

john on April 14, 2016:

no relief since primatene was removed, at last specialists are going through exhaustive testing to determine my severe reactions to cortisones and steroids, even checking my dna. about time.

Ray D on April 05, 2016:

I've been cruising along nicely on daily dose of Dulera and a rescue inhaler when needed. It worked nicely until the insurance company decided that my copay for Dulera would be $291.00 and $292.00 for the rescue inhaler. I was flabbergasted!

So I went looking for PM which was always a good stand by only to find the govt pulled it off the shelves because of environmental issues. Anothe concession to the tree huggers while people that need the med kick back and suffer. Total BS if you ask me.

Thanks for the hub and the info as I'll be watching when/if PM ever comes back. Depends who gets elected this year I guess. In the meantime I'm using nothing and suffering through the exacerbation episodes from my COPD.

Must be nice to sot in an office and decide who can breathe and who can't. Totally stupid and frustrating!

Debra Love on January 23, 2016:

Where I live I paid $260 for doctor visit,$204 and $60 for inhalers.It took me three months to catch up my has a deductible of $2000 before covering.This has turned into just another government supported greedy business for big pharma.If those that do all the labor die off from medical problems we can't afford to treat,who will do the work.Disgusted all around!

WeThePeople on January 22, 2016:

It's been over 3 years since I last time inhaled a real thing. I did had an alternative inhaler containing HFA and that HURTS my lung like hell! That was about 3 years ago when I was sick with fever and coughs. Hard to breathe! I later learned that HFA came from a corn family which causes BAD chemical reactions in asthma suffers.

Johny smith on January 04, 2016:

when will they put back on the shelves, i am tired of these asthma attacks each day, i need PM, it is the best inhaler out there :(

Brad Osborn on December 31, 2015:

Thank you for this excellent history of attempts to return PM to the retail market. PM was by far the best inhaler for my type of asthma. I have

had to switch to an albuterol product which is nowhere near as effective.

Sometimes I wonder if it even helps at all. I have a cynical view of what is going on, given that large pharma stands to lose a ton of money if the bulk of us asthma sufferers could go back to OTC PM. As a side note, I highly doubt that the product was a threat to the ozone - I mean, does it not go from the inhaler tube straight to the lungs? Give me a break.

Thank you again and please keep up your efforts. I think there are thousands of us that remain hopeful. Happy New Year.

Jonathan on December 23, 2015:

So I'm visiting family for the holidays who have cats and dust in the house and I begin having a pretty serious asthma attack. I haven't had one this serious in years. I go to Walgreens to buy Primatene Mist and I find out the news that it has been discontinued and there were no alternative OTC sprays... I could hardly believe it. Came back and did some research and found this to be largely true and that Primatene Mist, what I have depended on as a child and throughout my young adult life, is no longer available. Fortunately, I find that driving with the window cracked, basically getting away from fur and dust, really can help me. I really hope we can get something back on the shelf soon so those of us who need immediate relief will be able to find it. Thank goodness for this site and it's efforts.

Shasta Matova (author) from USA on December 19, 2015:

Kevin, I have another article that shows ways to avoid an asthma attack, and it has some options in it.

Here is one substitute:

barbpatch on December 16, 2015:

I just checked today about Primatene mist, as I am looking at my Obamacare health coverage, which does give a low monthly payment, but ALL the prescription inhalers on the market are brand-name now and the coverage only really is inexpensive for generic brands, the brand-name drugs will be more costly. I was going through a community clinic where I was getting free Proventil inhalers through the mail due to meeting income guidelines, however before all this mess with Primatene, I never had to worry about applying for assistance to buy inhalers, or having insurance, or even going to the doctor, I could self-treat with the Primatene and avoid going to the doctor unless I was really sick. There's the AsthmaNefrin stuff on the market now, but it's like $50 or more for the starter pack. Walmart used to sell generic Primatene for around $9-10, and the brand-name was $18-$21 most places, now the brand-name inhalers are all $30-$65 and the steroid "control" inhalers can be hundreds of dollars for each one. It's ridiculous. Albuterol has been around for decades, but the drug companies have managed to take EVERY generic form off the market except the nebulizer solution, allowing them to charge whatever they want for asthma inhalers that used to cost $10 or so with no insurance, and if you didn't have a prescription, you could always get the Primatene mist. There have been times since the ban on Primatene where I ran out of my prescription albuterol inhaler and had to lug my nebulizer, hosing, vials of solution etc around everywhere with me in case I had an asthma attack, and then the ability to use it would depend on if I was somewhere that I could plug the nebulizer into a wall outlet. There's no reason for this change in costs/availability of these life-saving medicines other than greed, plain and simple.

graman on December 15, 2015:

i remember how much priminate mist used to help, in just a few seconds i get relieved, i am living dangerously with only a last one, hurry up fda!

Russell on December 02, 2015:

I only have asthma issues for 2 months in the fall, and got by fine for years with Primatene. Now I spend $200 per year for Doctor visits, plus $150 a month on prescriptions. That's $200o a year, instead of $30, and there is no real change. First it was Advair, then Dulera, then Symbicort, no how about Singular, depends on which is offering the doctor the best kickback that visit. We're all forced to fund the graft given to doctors from Pharma. I have written FDA, Senators, my members of Congress, and all I get is added to their mailing list. There was an article awhile back on the financial news site that discussed the bonus given to pharmaceutical companies by the FDA for blocking the new Primatene. Follow the money, same as it ever was. I read the docs that come out from meetings the FDA holds to discuss the issue, and there are no shortage of ignorant comments like "just call your doctor if you have an attack" Yea, so let's say I'm in Yosemite and all I need to do is get ahold of my doctor in Texas, so he can come out and help me? Also, now the doctors want to know if you have "marketplace insurance" before they will even see you, so if you do, you'll just need to hold your breath while they verify your coverage. I hope someday these people are held accountable of their actions.

Kevin K on November 27, 2015:

Thank you for all the info on Primatene Mist. It was my 'go to' for my seasonal asthma issues. Is there another alternative, besides getting a prescription which costs a lot more?

Sammy nauoman on November 21, 2015:

Hi, when will amphastar realese its new hfa inhaler, i am tired of doctor meetings everytime, please reply, thanks

john on November 18, 2015:

Can someone please tell me if they aare still working on it, or did they stop, my asthma's killing me!

Sidney on October 22, 2015:

Here we are 2015, Asthma related deaths are exponentially on the rise, and a study PROVED Albuterol was no more helpful than a placebo. Where's Primatene Mist? Apparently no where to be found. Yeah the FDA cares about human life as much as Hitler cared about the Jews.

LegendOne on September 08, 2015:

Thank you so much for your research and continued effort for updates. This was very informative for me and am looking forward for the new inhalers.

Shasta Matova (author) from USA on May 20, 2015:

It is very frustrating to have government decisions that don't make sense. The best way to counteract that is to help the government make better decisions by writing and calling them and explaining your reasoning to them in a calm, polite manner. You want them to listen to your story, not turn you away because they are afraid for their lives and safety.

DeathIsInTheAir on May 12, 2015:

I suffer from bouts of asthma come spring allergy time, especially when rain storms kick up the stuff. Primatene was the perfect remedy for that... and then I discovered one day it's no longer off the shelves. Didn't know why at the time.

I switched to Albuterol, which worked fine for me. However, I quickly realized I'd been had--if I want to keep using the product, I now have shell out more money for a doctor's visit every couple of years in order to get the prescription refilled.

What a real treat for me.

So now I get to suffer--and can only imagine what REAL asthma sufferers are going thru year round--because of BS politicking on one end, and on the other, simple human greed and indifference.

We loser Americans whine and whine about this despicable treatment we receive. What I want to know is when are we going to start DOING something about it? At what point do we say enough is enough and start dragging these bastards and bitches into the streets and start shooting them like the mongrel dogs they are?

Screw a mere revolution, where's Vlad the Impaler when you need him? THAT would set them all straight... in more ways than one.

lee on May 10, 2015:

Anyone notice all the people with breathing problems lately and how the government banned primatine mist and increased the cost of albutrol. Just another form of control and I believe what Alex Jones talks about that the government is spraying chem trails to cause all this. Funny how in the last ten years so many people is getting sick with lung disease.

Harold Lamie on April 05, 2015:

I was a user of Primatine Mist for several years.It was quite effective and priced reasonably. It was a far better product than Asthmanefrin or Albuterol Sulfate. It was abetter medicine than either and I didn't use as much. I would get at least three months from one vial.

jamie on April 05, 2015:

second trip to e.r. cost for meds $420 then dr. bill, hospital.visit, and xray , ends up $1500 to $1800 total cost! can't work can't walk to the next room without laboring for air, prmatine we are desperate! please help us !

Rosetta on February 24, 2015:

It will never be approved. Big pharma can't make enough money off it over the counter.

Shasta Matova (author) from USA on October 25, 2014:

Jack, this medication has certainly saved many a life, as well as saving a trip to the emergency room. I'm glad it was useful for you.

Jack on October 22, 2014:

Primatene Mist saved my life in the early '80's. I got stung by a bee while driving to Nevada and had bronchial swelling. I used the Mist to relieve the swelling and the Epinephrine opened up the airway that was closing.

jim on September 11, 2014:

those bribe taking double dealers took primatene off the market on purpose. it only cost 15 bucks to breathe easy until the fda and epa

left us in the lurch gasping for breath. thanx for nothing government


Jahk on April 02, 2014:

Now, April 2014.

Any updates on a projected release date for the "new" Primatene Mist?


Shasta Matova (author) from USA on February 10, 2014:

I do hope they get their approval soon.

hlamie on January 15, 2014:

I was a Primatene Mist user for many years. It was very effective for me and I did not abuse usage nor overuse, and only used it when necessary. It was a bad day for me when it was no longer available. Since then I've used the Primatene Tablets and they work somewhat. I also tried Asthmanefrin. This product is not up to the advertising. Beside being costly the propellant mechanicism is terrible. The one I bought stopped heating within a couple of weeks. One reason, I guess is that I didn't need it every day. I'm looking foreward to getting Primatene Mist again.

Nebulizer on January 14, 2014:

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and I am completely satisfied with your website. 

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Orion Hunter on January 03, 2014:


Epinephrine Inhalation Aerosol USP Update

July 25, 2013

We are pleased to announce that Armstrong Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has submitted its New Drug

Application (NDA) to the FDA for Epinephrine Inhalation Aerosol USP.

Please note that Epinephrine Inhalation Aerosol USP will continue to use epinephrine as its

active pharmaceutical ingredient but will use a more environmentally friendly propellant (known

as HFA, or hydrofluoroalkane).

Armstrong recognizes the importance of Epinephrine Inhalation Aerosol USP. Armstrong cannot

provide the timing for the FDA product approval process, but we will work with the FDA

throughout the process to bring this important Over-the-Counter product back to the market as

soon as possible.

Shasta Matova (author) from USA on July 06, 2013:

Thank you rkshanny for your update. We will definitely just have to wait and see what happens.

rkshanny on July 05, 2013:

I called Amphastar who took over Armstrong Pharm. who produces Primatene. Their rep said they submitted FDA paperwork on 4/8/13 and have not yet heard back. By the way, their rep is curt and very uninformative. I asked several questions as to if she knew their expectations of availability. Her answers were one word: NO. Very uninformative!

As for Asthmanefrin, I have read many reviews. The contraption that dispenses the medication appears to be a major pain in the arse and highly finicky and unreliable, unlike a simple inhaler. I will resist at all cost buying into this nonsense and use albuterol until re-release of Primatene inhaler. I can't imagine waking up in the middle of the night gasping for breath and have to deal with the unpredictable Asthmanefrin contraption. And for the number of doses it provides, it is far more expensive than Primatene. No thanks.

J Decker on February 27, 2013:

The makers of Primatene have had years of warning to make the switch to a non cfc propellant. So my question is, "why didn't they make preparations earlier", and why didn't another competitor step up to fill this void"?

Shasta Matova (author) from USA on December 01, 2012:

Thank you for your information. Dingo44. I have added it to the article. We are all still waiting for Primatene Mist to be available in the stores again.

Dingo44 on December 01, 2012:

Asthmanefrin DOES NOT have the same active ingredient as Primatene Mist. The active ingredient in Asthmanefrin is 11.25 mg Racepinephrine, while Primatene Mist is .22 mg Epinephrine. I am reading it off my box of Asthmanefrin refill vials right now. It works, but not as well as Primatene, and is certainly not as convenient. It is big and bulky, and not easily slipped into a purse or coat pocket like Primatene. Bring back Primatene Mist!!!

SuperWill on November 08, 2012:

Great news folks. There is a new medication available over the counter at CVS. IT's called Asthmanefrin. You get the nebulizer and viles with the starter kit then you just buy refills. Same ingredient as Primetine and less expensive then Resepinephrine. Here's the link

Karen on October 01, 2012:

This is a great article. I had asthma as a child and taking Primatene Mist always sent me into a much worse attack. I had assumed that was the reason it wasn't being sold anymore. Interesting to see that I was one of a small group of adverse reactions and that most people were getting relief from it~!

Jan on September 29, 2012:

Good grief I haven't heard or seen a commercial about Primatene mist in ages! I thought it was a long lost product. Who knew it worked so well, I have asthma and this could've been a cheaper alternative to my Rx inhaler which sets me back 62.00 a month. When it comes back I hope it works as well as before so I can switch!

Shasta Matova (author) from USA on September 13, 2012:

Yes Paula, I am sorry to say they do not expect to be ready until late next year.

Paula on September 13, 2012:

Any word on the return of Primatene????

Jesse Brown on September 06, 2012:

This is what happens when politicians become involved in anything.

June Giacona on September 05, 2012:

I like many of the rest have had Asthma for years and depend on Primatene Mist as my Rescue Inhaler .. It works better for me then any Rx inhaler available. So many are suffering from this senseless ban, I urge you to continue to fight to get back our Primatene Mist . I see this page was last updated on Aug. 31 2012 , and I Thank You for that . I think if we call the FDA and let them know we would really appreciate them pushing our much needed inhaler to the top of the pile for approval it might help . Primatene Mist is now listed on the automated system with the FDA ( good sign ) .. Don't give up, we Deserve to live a life with some quality .. There appears to be a fight in many area's involving our much needed Primatene Mist inhaler's, From it original ban due to the CFC delivery system to it now coming into question if epinephrine is safe to use at all . I for one have used this for over 40 years with no side effects .. I have also used several Rx inhalers with many horrible side effects , and they do Not work as well if at all .

I joined a group on FaceBook and have been relieved in just knowing I'm not alone in my fight for the right to breathe .. If you would like to join I will leave a link , we are a friendly group and are working together to help get the remaining units of Primatene CFC returned with the Asthma Relief Act of 2012 which is due for another vote any day now . We are also actively trying to have the FDA step up its approval process in regards to the New Primatene FHA inhaler , we have lots of important informative available for all Asthmatics . Please come join us, share your story .. We are in this together

CMFee on September 05, 2012:

Why did it take Primatene so long to get on board. This mandate was made in the late 1990s. They knew then their product needed to be changed. Now 13+ years later they are still in the planning and processing stage!

Clutchcargo on July 27, 2012:

Signed. Thanks for the link!

p.lyna on July 27, 2012:

Sign this petition to bring back Primatene Mist. The petition is to advocate for the EPA to allow the remaining units of Primatene Mist to be sold to the market.

Jojo on July 13, 2012:

I had used Primatene since 1978, stocked up plenty in late 2011, but then this spring it stopped being effective; I was needing it several times a day and my heartbeat was racing.

Since I live in Massachusetts, home of the Obamacare prototype, I have affordable insurance and was able to pursue standard medical care for my asthma after resisting it for ages. Doctor put me on inhaled steroids (Flovent HFA) with an Albuterol "rescue inhaler" and it's working well. The standard treatment goal is to have one med for maintenance and to need a rescue inhaler like Primatene or Albuterol only once or twice a week. I understand that many posters have tried this without success, but it DOES work for some of us; my Flovent dosage has just been halved.

I'll make a final decision in a month or so about listing my leftover Primatene on eBay; apparently it gets pulled if it's listed in an OTC meds category but is left up if it's put in the "Collectibles (Science and Medicine)" category.

I realize how fortunate I am to have found an alternative, and I wish you all the best of luck..

martin on July 11, 2012:

the makers of albuterol are behind this ban of primatene so we all should cease from using albuterol it doesn!t work anyway maybe then they will let primatene come back or maybe voting obama out of office will help when he speaks i always have an attack i have used primatene 35 years and i miss it

WeThePeople on July 05, 2012:

Despite being asthma-free for several months, Primatene Mist still is the best thing and should be back on shelves for other people stuck with asthma. While WE pay their salary with our TAXES the government ought to serve US, not bullying over our HEALTH.

RT on July 04, 2012:

Just signed the petition to bring Primatene back. I wrote the following: Been using Primatene since I was very young (I am 37 now). Like many others, Primatene is the ONLY thing that works for me. Albuterol and other prescription inhalers don't do anything while Primatene worked for me in seconds. I did not know about the ban until it was too late. Now I am scared of what will happen when my last inhaler runs out and i have nothing to rely on when my next attack occurs. The CFCs of this product are minimal and inhaled right into the lungs anyway. Please allow this medication to have an essential use exception and bring it back. You don't know what you are putting us through. Thanks.

Thanks for this site. Good to know I am not alone. Keeping my fingers crosses they allow Primatene to come back or the new formulation comes soon.

richard on July 01, 2012:


sisko on June 12, 2012:

I too have Asthma, had it since birth and I agree with everyone on this post. Banning Primatene Mist because it contains CFCs is complete bullshit! Like others, Primatene worked best at controlling my asthma. My doctor prescribed Albuterol, which like others have said, doesn't work as well. I find myself using it three-times more than primatene. And worse, because it's a prescription, you're at the mercy of refill dates! Just recently, I used up all my albuterol within less than a month (that was never the case with primatene), anyway, after my albuterol was depleted, I went to get a refill and the pharmacist said I had to wait three days before my insurance would authorize my refill! My insurance would only refill my albuterol every 30 days and my 30 days weren't up yet, but my albuterol was empty because I used it too fast...apparently.

This is utter nonsense by my insurance company and the pharmacy. I was practically out of breath, dying in front of them and they denied me. They said I had to pay out of pocket the full cost of albuterol or wait 3 days inorder for my insurance to cover the cost or go to the emergency (which I would still have to pay for). Now, if primatene mist or similar drug was available over-the-counter, I could've just bought that! Get it! There's obviously something wrong with this picture. But we all know what it is...

This is strickly about money -- kick backs for doctors, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, etc.. Think about it...with Primatene Mist easily accessible over-the-counter, asthmatics wouldn't need to visit doctors, get prescriptions, pay co-pays, deal with insurance companies, etc.. There are millions of people who suffer from asthma...millions of dollars that was not being collected by doctor visits, prescriptions, co-pays, insurance companies etc.. In other words, this is a big market that wasn't being tapped to its fullest. Now some asshole(s) have finally got the FDA to banned Primatene Mist so they can force millions of asthma suffers to pocket up.

Lets be honest, if this wasn't about kick backs and profiteering, then a replacement "over-the-counter" asthma medicine would've been avalible. Hell, out of all the other asthma alternative medicines that you need a prescription for, not one of them can be made for "over-the-counter"? REALLY? There are DOZENS of different asthma medicines. Pick one, reduce the potency (if necessary) and sale it over-the-counter for those who can't afford a doctor visit, insurance, etc.. Make it available for people who can't wait 3 days for their insurance to cover the cost of their asthma prescription.

But that won't happen. Not yet anyway. Because there's simply too much money to be made at the expense of asthma suffers. There's no humanity anymore. Everything is about money. If you can't pay, then you suffer or worse...DIE!!! Period. And of course, you will do anything to make sure that doesn't happen, and insurance companies, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and other profiteers know that.

It's really really sad. And the people behind all this will burn in HELL!!!!

unknown on June 12, 2012:

Wow, that really sucks.. I am a minor suffer, still I need Primatene over any other inhaler. I really wish there is at least one asthma inhaler over the counter that we can buy

Ed on June 07, 2012:

I have to use an Albuterol inhaler instead of Primatene, but it is nowhere near as effective. I need twice as many doses, and it still does not clear the asthma symptoms as well as Primatene Mist did...Primatene was an epinephrine inhaler, and I have yet to find a replacement product. The hype about CFC's is complete bull-crap as well. The inhaler is 1/2 oz, and is designed to last 30 days or more depending on use, and it is inhaled. So, each month, a fraction of an ounce is dispensed into the atmosphere. By comparison, there is a product called Brakleen that is used in the automotive industry to clean brake comes in a 28 oz spray can, uses CFC's, and is designed to be sprayed directly into the atmosphere. You can easily use 1/2 of a can to a full can in one brake job. That is about 50 times more CFC's into the atmosphere in one usage than what Primatene Mist dispenses into the atmosphere in one month, yet Brakleen was not banned and is still sold today. This is just another way the government is controlling our lives, because we are letting them do it.

All of the above doesn't change the law, but I wish Armstrong would get their butts in gear and make the HFA inhaler...they've had plenty of time. The Montreal Treaty (the law that was signed banning CFC's in this inhaler) was signed by the US in 1987. Twenty-five years later and they still don't have a replacement???? COME ON ARMSTRONG, TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!!

James on May 29, 2012:

17 yrs old and I almost died 3 times as a baby and it's been five years since my asthma symptoms came back and I can't breathe at all and with me moving into nc with lots of pollen it's not getting better my chest feels as if it's getting tighter everyday . I hope they notice us asthmatic people dying in front of their eyes and maybe they realize we're dying :/

Shasta Matova (author) from USA on May 29, 2012:

Thank you for your comment j.farmer. Whether I believe it or not, the end result is still the same: Primatene Mist is still off the shelves at the store.

j.farmer on May 29, 2012:

sorry, millionaire tips - the proclamations of the montreal protocol (do look up maurice strong) have been falsified.

the ozone hole is still there and it varies with seasons completely independent of and unaffected by cfcs.

it was a trial balloon for agenda 21. you fell for it like so many others.

do you also believe CO2 is a pollutant, then?

that's the next scam being run by the same crew- more ambitious than any fraud every previously attempted.

they were encouraged by the demonstrated gullibility of ... ahem... you know who

Clutchcargo on May 24, 2012:

@JJ, have YOU tried Primatene tablets? They don't work.

Paula on May 24, 2012:

Any word on when our beloved Primatene Mist will be back on the shelves?

JJ on May 22, 2012:

Have you tried using the Primatene pills? They have a pack of twenty-four that will cost you $7.00 at Walgreens'

Teresa on May 16, 2012:

I don't understand why they did this to us. I have no money no insurance can not get any help anywhere for any relief. Now I can not even get around much as it takes my breath away. Most days I walk from one room to the other and have to sit down and catch my breath. With out the help of primetene I am going downhill fast. I have tried the tablets and they do not work at all. I am just hoping they get us something over the counter soon before I lose all of my breathing.

jlh on May 16, 2012:

I used Primatene for more than 20 years. I have tried the steroid inhalers and Albuterol with no go results. I had allergic reactions to the Albuterol and all the other inhalants just made my asthma attacks worse. I did stock up on Primatene Mist and am praying I have enough to make it thru until the new product hits the market.

Thank you for this site!

Pam on May 15, 2012:

Sorry, that should have read "I am NOW on...."

Pam on May 15, 2012:

I posted awhile ago....I've been diagnosed with COPD. Lung functions aren't up to par. I'm not on ProAir, Advair, Singulair and the Nebulizer twice a day. Seems to be helping me...I'm not reaching for the whiffer as much as I did when using Primatene. Down side is...more $$ being spent but if it controls my problem it's all I can do right now. I'm still planning on using Primatene, or at least keeping a couple on hand, once they come back on the market. Good luck to all of you...I found I had to change my way of thinking...just because I get a little short of breath or a wheeze, doesn't mean I need to reach for the inhaler.

phosphers on May 12, 2012:

It's not always a vast conspiracy y'know? Over the years there's been a bunch of hubbub about people with undiagnosed asthma using primatene and managing to kill themselves. In this sue happy world with the media flogging every story, I imagine the maker got tired of dealing with it.

The problem with primatene from a medical standpoint is that it is a shot of adrenaline you suck into the lungs and this can cause heart problems with prolonged use. If you already have heart problems, that haven't been diagnosed/treated, it can be even worse. Unfortunately for a lot of people it works rather well.

I understand reducing CFCs but flat out removing the product has caused a crap ton problems even for myself.

A few things that get glossed over:

Is your asthma under control? Having an inhaler does not mean it's under control. This will sound stupid and obvious, but avoid your triggers! If you're allergic to pets, avoid them, the allergic reaction can trigger asthma.

Lose some weight! No, really. I'm not super overweight myself but losing one or two pounds does make breathing easier. This is difficult for those of us with exercise as a trigger but you don't have to go out and run a marathon every day. Those of you in great shape might still have exercise as a trigger, sucks don't it?

Control inhalers/inhaled steroids can prevent symptoms in the first place. And of course, they're super expensive. If you can afford them I highly recommend using one. I could barely make it to the mailbox before I started using one. Keeping the reaction at bay makes it much easier to exercise.

Many community clinics have scaled payments and low office fees. Not the best solution for the working poor, but a 20 fee to get a script is better than not breathing. SeaMar in washington is pretty nice.

There are clinic operated by rotary clubs and other organizations that might be able to get you a small inhaler for free. Usually they only do this once though.

Some states have community health centers too. Don't forget that you might actually qualify for state (welfare) assistance!

What pisses me off about this is the limitation of choices. Not breathing is a pain in the ass, and if I had the choice I'd just buy the 20 buck inhaler rather than go to the hospital. And you know that a lot of people go to the county hospitals which ends up costing everyone even more money.

I do believe that primatene can be bad for you. I used it for years like everyone else, everything was under control. But really, it wasn't. My asthma is baaaaaaaaaad and I believe that the primatene might not have been helping all those years. It gives a feeling of relief very fast, but I can't say for sure if it's better. And it was starting to fuck with my heart(probably a few other things helping). However, I hate the new HFA inhalers. They clog way too easy, they feel too light, and they're too expensive. Fifty bucks for a chunk of plastic and a canister of dust? That's what pisses me off.

Typing this out I'm weezing because I can't afford the control inhaler at the moment, thinking of getting another proair but, oh yes, I can't get another for 25 days. Still don't understand that one.

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