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What Does Dreaming of a Snake Mean?


Why The Snake is Considered Evil

A snake is a representation of pure evil or sinful. The serpent was the shrewdest of all wild animals. In the Bible, Lucifer comes to Eve in what we think was a snake form. He tempted her to take a bite of the forbidden fruit which hung on the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Of course, Satan was very persuasive and Eve took a bite from the fruit and offered some to Adam and he also took a bite. This is why the snake is considered evil. He disobeyed God and persuaded Eve and Adam to do so as well. In some cultures, snakes are considered a good omen. So not all snake dreams will refer to something bad happening to you.


Slithering Dreams

Many people would say dreaming of a snake means you are dealing with a difficult situation in your life. Not all dreams of snakes are bad, some of these dreams may mean that you are healing or a transformation is taking place.

What is the Biblical meaning of snakes in a dream?

Seeing snakes in your dreams can mean a lot of things. It depends on the action of the snake, type of snake, the color of the snake, and location. The snake is a symbol of temptation, mystery, fear, negativity, and evilness.

Sometimes a snake's appearance in a dream could mean fertility and rebirth. As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are portrayed as rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing.


What Color Snake Was in Your Dream?

  1. The yellow snake in your dream represents caution, cowardice, betrayal, or blocked intuition.
  2. The black snake in your dream is a representation of possible danger. You may also meet someone who you disagree with strongly.
  3. The red snake in your dream represents a sudden danger in your life but it will come with prosperity and riches.
  4. The green snake in your dream means respect, easy, positive vibes, and fresh feelings.
  5. The orange snake in your dream represents family, someone close, parent, child, or sibling.
  6. The white snake in your dream represents purity and innocence. It also means you are vulnerable.
  7. The brown snake in your dream is a sign of health. A presence of health concerns.
  8. The rare purple snake in your dream means passion and love.
  9. The gray snake in your dream could represent boredom or loneliness. Sometimes a gray snake may mean haziness, in a dream-like state of mind.
  10. The blue snake in your dream means you are scared of something. A blue snake could also mean a positive person will help you achieve your goals.
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What Type of Snake Was it?

  • A boa constrictor represents someone or something that is restricting or limiting your goals/movements in life.
  • A cobra in your dream represents being hypnotized, captivated by someone's charm. It could also mean a strong focus on life.
  • A rattlesnake, viper, or adder may indicate someone that is unhealthy for you or toxic.
  • A garden snake or garter snake represents fear of someone that is actually harmless.
  • An anaconda in a dream symbolizes a lack of something or having a lot of pressure thrown onto you.
  • A python is the symbol of a variety of negativity in life. This snake may represent forbidden sexual desires, aggression, revenge, lies, and deceit.
  • A kingsnake can be a representation of a sense of accomplishment or feeling as if you are above all. Untouchable.


More Meanings about Snakes

  • A snake dream could mean you are sexually attracted in a bondage sort of way or you are threatened by someone.
  • A snake shedding its skin represents rebirth, transformation, or a new beginning.
  • If your afraid of snakes and dream of them, this could mean you are dealing with a scary situation.
  • A snake attacking you mean hurtful remarks made by someone close to you.
  • Running from a snake means you are running away from or avoiding a problem in which needs attention.
  • A snake can also symbolize someone who must not be trusted at all costs.

Consider the color, the type of snake, the action of the snake, and your association of the snake with real-life to understand the meaning of your dream.


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