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What Do Synchronicities Mean in the Twin-Flame Journey?

Engelta loves sharing the spiritual world in the hope to give healing.


Synchronicities are those rare occasions of serendipity when observing different events/objects, you can find similar patterns. The most looked after and the most interpreted synchronicity is that of the digital clock: 12.12, 12.21, 12.34, 11.11, 10.01, etc. Before the digital clock, I remember my grandma saying to make a wish when the two pointers of the clock are on the same line one above the other. That is the equivalent of the nowadays “make a wish on 11.11”.

Other signs would be feathers on your way, a particular song you hear in an unusual place, a song stuck in your head, the license plate similar to some other, name initials of someone on another object, taking a wrong turn and facing an object that means/reminds you of something, etc. These signs, when linked to an event or person in your life, become synchronicities, and they mean either the event/person is coming closer, something is about to change/happen, you have your Spirit Guide support, someone is trying to contact you telepathically, etc.

Usually, the synchronicities that have a particular meaning linked to a specific event/situation, will occur for 3 or more days in a row.


The way you should interpret your synchronicities is only your way. You should follow your intuition. If you can't understand what your intuition is saying to you, you can research the interpretations online, but the first time something clicks in you, there you have your meaning and you should not keep changing the meaning of the same synchronicities to suit your desire best. Spirit knows our language, and speaks to us, individually, each in our own way, so we understand best. 11.11 for you may mean something completely different than someone else. For you it may be "make a wish", but if you look at the clock and catch 11.12 the wish won't come true, and for someone else may be a warning for an upcoming situation, and for someone else may mean a loved one that has passed is near them right at that moment.

Once you attach your own meaning to synchronicities, it will always mean the same thing, and Spirit will be able to guide you. For example, my personal meaning of clock synchronicities is: if I catch 10.10, 09.09, 11.11. 12.12, 22.22, etc, so the same numbers, it means someone likes me very very much and cares for me deeply, is true and loyal to me (usually a passionate romantic relationship, not about family or friends), but if I see the clock and it is: 10.01, 12.21, 13.31, 21.12, etc, so the numbers mirror each other, it means for me that my sweetheart is cheating on me. These synchronicities have never failed to be true! Usually, 11.11 is lucky for me but also a warning to be careful, have some self- esteem, and just go for whatever decision I have to take, or have already taken in my mind, but have not set it yet in motion.


What happens and why synchronicities show up

When going through my twin-flame journey, once I let go of the person, I would see his initials everywhere, on license plates, on billboards, I would see his name on articles everywhere, then the next day someone would show me a photo of their friend and another friend of his would be in the photo (the one that would show me the photo had no idea, she was a coworker), the other day I would be working on a lawsuit and somebody had the same birthday, I would go to a restaurant and a song that he dedicated to me would come up, etc, etc. All these synchronicities had one meaning: he is thinking of you and his energy telepathically is mixing with yours. For about 6 months, I would get this kind of synchronicity every single day. The clock would always show mirroring numbers, as well as in sync numbers. He never came back, at least he has not yet and I am not expecting anything, what I mean is that the synchronicities, in this case, were to show me only that, not that he is coming back (like most twin-flame articles will tell and mess with your mind, because I have interacted with several people going through the same journey and break up, obsessing over synchronicities and not having the person back, but you can read all about it when I post it.

Of course, I was expecting him, I mean all these synchronicities must have meant something more than simply him thinking of me, I mean, after all, if he was thinking that heavily of me, and all synchronicities would link to him then he must have found the courage to contact me. It did not happen.

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At first, I was confused: What am I doing? Am I about to hurt this new person because the twin-flame will be back (for a long time, 6 months, daily, I have linked all the syncs to that one person)? Then I realised something: Syncs are never linked to one person or one situation. They are for YOU! For whatever you are going through, for whatever choice you make, syncs are meant to guide you, warn you, or show you are on the right path. Deja- Vu's may show you the same thing.

I also understood another thing: Syncs during the twin-flame journey were coming up daily because I was way too focused on the journey, while I was healing, screaming, drowning, and laughing again, I was always thinking about the story of the past. So the syncs were my Spirit Guides trying to help me heal, pushing me forward, and showing me the path. Until I was able to move on, make peace with the past, and create a beautiful relationship with the new person, the syncs stopped. If it happens I get too stressed over something, the signs and syncs will show up again. Right now, I am stressed over my job and expecting to win another job position. Every single day, since the day I stepped foot in the office of the job I want to leave for the better one, feathers have shown up on my path, some of them white, most of them black and white, or grey, which mean change. I was interpreting them as a change is coming, and I have the Spirit’s support, but then all these signs, daily, got me thinking:

I have been witnessing these syncs for 1 month straight and they keep showing, so maybe, it doesn't only mean change is coming, it means I must take action and make the change (leave the job) and all things will be good.


Take my example and be aware of the synchronicities in your life and what they mean to you, or what you are pushed to do. If you follow your intuition and listen to your own Spirit, you will certainly know what to do. If you are confused, you feel like you know the answer, but you are not sure, you can do these:

1. Ask a Yes/No question to your most powerful chakra, to your own Spirit.

2. Ask a question to the Spirit and ask if the answer is Yes to be shown a specific hard- to-happen sign in the 2-3 upcoming days. For example, you might ask: “Spirit /God should I leave the job I am in right now and wait for the other opportunity? Please, if Yes, show me 3 blue butterflies or 3 polka dot dresses or 2 golden keys and 1 golden elephant in the upcoming 3 days starting from this moment today. Thank you!”

Now, be attentive and be smart. Don't go looking for the signs and neither obsess over Instagram (if you follow a lot of fashion accounts it's easier for polka dots dresses to show up so you can't ask for that sign or take that as a sign, or if you follow a lot of witch accounts, it is easier to see golden keys at least once a day). So, you don't want to ask for signs that you can easily see on a daily basis. Even if it happens you ask for that, if the answer is Yes, the Spirit will make sure to show you the signs in the most serendipitous ways or places (I was once pushed/had this emerge feeling to click on a specific movie even though I was too tired to watch a movie and it was late at night so I had to go to sleep. I did open it though and then I realised why one of my requested signs was there!). and if the answer is No, no matter how many fashion accounts you follow, you won't see a single polka dots dress in the set time frame of the 3 days.

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