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The 4 Best Healing Crystals for Calming

I am a massage therapist with 15 years of experience. I am especially interested in crystals, energy healing, numerology, and wellness.

Extra Large Amethyst Crystal

Extra Large Amethyst Crystal

Most medicines have unwanted effects or side effects and sometimes aren't great at producing the desired effects. Alternative therapies can help with creating your desired effects like calming, stress relief, relief of depression symptoms, insomnia, overactive behaviors, and anxiety. Crystals are an excellent choice for improving mental health or for people with moderate to severe mental health issues. I have worked with the elderly and mentally challenged for many years and have tried almost everything, from aromatherapy, music, calming activities, stimulating activities, sound therapy, crystal therapy and the list could go on. I would like to note here that stimulating activities is at the top of my list. Stimulating activities seems to satisfy them in many ways that the others cannot. While it may not calm them, I found them to be more open and responsive to new ideas or therapies.

Calming Crystals and Stones

Crystals for Calming





Lavender Purple color

A variety of quartz

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Golden color

A variety of quartz


Black color

Organic wooden rock

Rose Quartz

Pink color

A variety of quartz

An Easy Recipe for Calming Behaviors

  • Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Jet

Each of these crystals is selected for specific reasons, although you don't need to know what they are for them to help. That is the wonderful part of crystal healing. Crystals don't need a specific recipe, dosage, time, or route to begin healing and most crystals don't have negative side effects.

There isn't a complicated recipe to follow when using crystals. You can put them in your pockets, wear as jewelry, or any way you see fit to keep them close to the body where they have the best chances of affecting your energetic bodies.

If wearing the crystal isn't possible for fear of a mentally challenged or elderly person swallowing or harming themselves with the crystals, keeping them in the room as a decorative piece can also help. You could also conceal them in clothing or sew them into a patch where they can't be seen.

Crystals should be cleansed once in a while. They absorb all our unwanted energy like a battery and need to be recharged or cleansed. There are many easy ways to do this. I will note here that if giving them as a gift you may also want to purchase a Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp. A salt lamp will not only purify your air indoors but can also benefit your crystals by recharging them. Another easy alternative is to get your recipients of these crystal gifts to put them out in the sun for a couple hours once every few months to give them a cleanse.

Here is an article that will help with the many different ways you can cleanse your crystals and will help you learn more about why they need to be cleansed.

11 Ways to Cleanse Healing Crystals:

Jet healing crystal on oyster shell

Jet healing crystal on oyster shell

Why Jet is Great for Calming Behaviors, Nervousness, and Hyperactive Behaviors

Jet is a rich black stone normally known for its protective qualities and also for clearing the impure energies around us. It is said to be so cleansing that it could clear other crystals by placing them in a bag together or a bowl.

In my opinion, Jet is a wonderful choice to use when trying to calm negative or unwanted behaviors like nervousness or hyperactivity. These can be signs of a person that is highly sensitive like an empath. Jet, a stone with strong clearing and protective ability, is a perfect choice to calm them and eventually make them feel more secure. Jet has a calming effect when introduced to those who normally have overactive behaviors. This stone can even help the caretakers of those individuals to see more clarity in the situation and clear confusion.

Smokey Quartz on mossy rock

Smokey Quartz on mossy rock

Smokey Quartz Calms the Overly Busy Mind

I use Smokey Quartz when I just can't seem to get anything done. This stone helps me be more grounded and think more clearly. Meditation is one of the best things for those who have high anxiety. Smokey Quartz is good to hold in your hand or in your pocket during meditation sessions and especially when working and you would like to stay focused. This crystal will keep your mind out of the clouds and focused on your work by keeping you grounded. Mood swings, overactive behaviors, mental health disorders and many other unwanted symptoms can be eased by having this crystal around.

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Heart shaped Rose Quartz in flower bush

Heart shaped Rose Quartz in flower bush

Soothing Effects of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, a crystal known for its rosy-pink color, has a very soothing effect on the wearer. It is so popular that it has many nicknames given, such as love stone or heart stone. Those names are likely given because Rose Quartz is known for enhancing love and a feeling of unconditional love. Feeling love can create a euphoric sense of calmness especially when your normal state is that of chaos and anxiety.

Although Rose Quartz is apart of the quartz family of crystals and has high energy, the soothing benefits will come from the qualities it is adding or fostering in your life, such as love of self. While you learn to love yourself while wearing or gazing upon this stone in a meditative state, you will also learn to release unwanted feelings of hatred or jealousy toward others.

Amethyst cluster on rocks

Amethyst cluster on rocks

Amethyst: The Crystal for Stress and Emotional Health

Precious Amethyst, the color of lavender to deep purple, also has its share of nicknames. The stone of spirit or the crown stone for its association with the crown chakra. Amethyst has one of the longest lists of properties for healing. Some of those include meditative, calming, healing, curing of nightmares, cure of insomnia, stress reliever, and balances the crown chakra.

Amethyst like Rose Quartz is in the quartz family and has strong energy. In my opinion, it is strong in all the right areas for healing. If you are having trouble deciding which crystal to run out and purchase, Amethyst should be first on your list next to Clear Quartz, which can be used in place of any of the above-mentioned crystals. Clear Quartz is known more as the amplifier or magnifier. It can be used with the intention to take the place of any crystal and can be programmed easily just by asking it to heal what ails you.

Crystals in an oyster shell

Crystals in an oyster shell

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