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What Are Crystals Used For?

Crystals sit in front of a book on a wooden table.

Crystals sit in front of a book on a wooden table.

Crystals have been used throughout human history in weaponry, jewelry, fashion, electronics, and décor do to their beauty and various attributes. It is not hard to understand their aesthetic and scientific value in society, but not all are aware of the healing qualities crystals possess as well. If you are new to the world of crystals and are interested in learning more about their power and uses continue reading for a crash course on crystals and their uses.

How do crystals form?

The Earth is a living, breathing, thing. Constantly moving, changing, and shifting. Never still. Crystals form as a result of changing temperatures deep within the Earth's crust, as well as gas fusion, molten material upheaval, and constant stress between the Earth's plates. Crystals differ in color, shape, and texture, as a result of the various minerals they may absorb while forming, such as iron or manganese.

Crystals Are Alive

Perhaps not alive in the same way as you and me, but crystals have been proven to have their own sort of vibrational energy. This was proven by French scientists, Pierre and Jacques Curie in 1880 who discovered that crystals can produce power when stress is applied. This observation came to be known as the piezoelectric effect and is what is used to power quartz watches.

It is due to this power that many believe that the vibrational energy of crystals can influence one's own internal power and assist in healing and the manifestation of goals.

Uses for Crystals

Other than for decorative purposes, many use the vibrational energy of crystals to enhance their lives in various ways.

  • Protection: The electromagnetic energy of certain crystals is believed to absorb negative energies and serve as a buffer disruptions in the flow of energy around you. Black tourmaline, obsidian, and smoky quartz are a few examples of crystals that can be placed around the home to absorb negative energies.
  • Healing: Crystal healing is a holistic approach to treating various physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ailments, though it is not advised to completely rely on crystal healing or to practice without working with a professional. Crystal healing works by positioning crystals with specific properties on the body to aid in balancing, rejuvenating, and re-aligning one's internal energy force.
  • Divination & Magic: For those that believe that the vibrational energy of crystals connects them to the cosmic knowledge of the universe, crystals are useful tools for fortune-telling, like tarot, numerology, or playing cards. Crystals are laid out in various formations to conduct readings. Crystals also have a long time use in magic spells across the globe and throughout history.

Common Crystal Shapes

The shape of your crystal may enhance various properties. When shopping for crystals or deciding on what crystal may be the most useful to you, it is helpful to know how its shape influences its energy. Crystals come in all shapes and sizes and can be carved in any symbol you can imagine. Below are some common shapes and carvings you may see while shopping around.

Close-up photo of person holding a natural crystal.

Close-up photo of person holding a natural crystal.

Natural Crystal

These crystals have been left in their natural state or have been polished, but otherwise display the true matrix of the crystal formation. Natural stones are best used in divination, placed around the home, or carried with you.

Flat Crystal

These pocket-sized skipping stone shaped crystals can be held and carried around to help manifest a particular goal, help you focus, provide protection, or infuse your day with a desired energy.

Hands holding a crystal ball.

Hands holding a crystal ball.

Crystal Ball

Crystal balls are most famously used as clairvoyant tools for seeing into the future. They are artificially formed and emit power in all directions.

Heart Crystal

These conventionally heart-shaped crystals symbolize love, our heart, and relate to the energy of our Heart Chakra. In healing practice, these stones can be put over this chakra. Small hearts can be carried around while larger ones are often used to decorate the house, bedroom, or in crystal grids. They are believed to attract love or a new relationship and aid in the healing of heartbreak.

Assorted crystals on a plate.

Assorted crystals on a plate.

Crystal Beds

Beds are made up of many small crystals laying across a solid crystal base. It can be placed in the home or in an altar to generate a continuous source of energy and emit an attractive force.

Angel Crystal

Crystal Angels come in a variety of sizes and forms, though typically have minimal details. They are believed to allow you to connect with other angels or your guardian angels by anchoring celestial energy. They can be placed around the home to provide protection and healing or carried with you, or used to anchor angelic crystal grids.

Cluster of quartz sits on a windowsill.

Cluster of quartz sits on a windowsill.

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Crystal Cluster

These are clusters of crystal ridges and points that radiate outward from a central point. They project energy into the surrounding area, making them ideal for use in the home.

Crystal Scepter

Scepters resemble magic wands or staffs. They have a long sort of hand, with a large portion of the crystal positioned at the top. They are used focus and reclaim power and help activate other crystals being used for manifestation.

Geode in an altar.

Geode in an altar.


Geodes are crystal-lined rock formations. Their shape allows them to collect, store, and amplify the power of the crystal. They are typically placed on altars, tables, shelves, or other workspaces to increase the power of manifestation work.

Crystal Skull

Crystal skulls are usually based on human skulls and may be heavily detailed or minimalist carvings. They are used to connect people with their ancestors and spirit guides. They can also be used for healing, protection, and seeking guidance. Crystal skulls can be held while meditating, put around the home, or placed in crystal grids.

Amethyst crystal sits in a palm of a person's hand.

Amethyst crystal sits in a palm of a person's hand.

Crystal Pyramid

Pyramids are composed of four triangular sides and a square base. Pyramids stabilize the energy while also increasing and projecting energies out the apex. They can be placed around the home and smaller ones can be used to balance chakras. Pyramids are effective focal stones in crystal grids for amplifying goals, raising vibrations, or protecting someone.

Crystal Phallus

Phallus crystals are carved into a penis shape. They are NOT intended to be used as sex toys, though some choose to use them in this way. Their purpose is to manifest fertility, alleviate menstrual pain, attract male partners, and balance masculine energy.

Terminated crystal points.

Terminated crystal points.

Terminated Crystals

Terminated crystals have pointed ends and are effective manifestation tools. Single-terminated crystals have one pointed end and amplify energy towards the direction the crystal is pointed. Double-terminated crystals are pointed on both ends and amplify energy simultaneously in both directions. Terminated crystals can be used alone or in conjunction with other crystals.

Phantom Crystal

Phantom crystals often have a pyramid-like shape and have visible overlapping layers of crystal growth within. There most common use is for spiritual and healing work, but when placed on in an altar they help you find deeper meaning in what it is you seek.

Crystal Colors and Their Meanings

Different crystals serve various purposes and goals, but crystals of the same color group often generate similar energies. When searching for crystals, understanding the meaning of colors can help narrow down which stone you need to help manifest your intended goal.

Red Crystals

Red crystals are associated with passion, growth, power, action, courage, determination, motivation, prosperity, and love. They are used to help you get up and going and get things done.

Yellow/Orange Crystals

Yellow crystals are associated with abundance, happiness, wisdom, optimism, opportunity, joy, clarity, intellect, and quick-thinking. They are used to attract what you desire most and to aid in important decision making.

Green Crystals

Green crystals are associated with self-love, self respect, health, balance, harmony, but also material wealth and financial gain. They are used to manifest prosperity financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Blue Crystals

Blue crystals are associated with intuition, communication, compassion, spiritual development, wisdom, clarity, and truth. They are used to fine-tune your goals so you can clearly understand what it is you seek.

Purple Crystals

Purple crystals symbolize magic, mystery, intuition, creativity, and spirituality. They represent a blend of red and blue crystal energies. They are used to inspire, imagine, create, and access dreams.

Pink Crystals

Pink crystals are used to manifest love and abundance. They symbolize caring, tenderness, self-worth, love, acceptance, romance, and abundance.

White/Clear Crystals

White/clear crystals symbolize new beginnings and mental and spiritual clarity. They are used to clear obstacles, purify, and amplify intentions. Clear quartz, in particular, is a highly valued crystal used for these purposes.

Black/Brown Stones

Stones in these shades aid with grounding, stability, self-control, protection, harmony, and balance.

How are crystals used?

Crystals are used decoratively, by being placed around the home. They can also be placed in altars or in strategic places where their energies will be most useful. They are often used crystal grids or placed on various points on the body to stimulate healing and balance chakra. They are commonly held during meditation or placed on the third eye. Many people wear their crystals by tucking them in veils or adorning them as jewelry.

Some practices involve complicated rituals, while others rely purely on your own intuition. There isn't necessarily a "right" or "wrong" way to use crystals but the importance of cleansing your crystals when you first receive them and before use is a universal practice. So if you are interested in collecting and using crystals, please make sure to first cleanse them!

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