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Home Remedies That Actually Work

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Potatoes FTW

Sudden attacks from a migraine or an annoying headache that will not go away can certainly be a problem. This bizarre but effective solution can get rid of the headaches. Cut a few slices of raw potato and soak them in a bit of water. Apply it directly to the forehead or temples and try to take a nap. It will take away your headache and leave you feeling well and on your way again. So start slicing.


Yogurt for Halitosis

Have a bad breath. Feeling too shy to speak in public? or even go on a date? Yogurt can help you with these problems and give you your confidence back. There exists plenty of preliminary research and scientific experiments that support this theory. Good bacteria (probiotics) live in yogurt that helps to lower the levels of bacteria that cause bad breath. So stock up on your favorite yogurt and have a brushy day.


Duct tape to the rescue

It has been proven that duct type can actually help get rid of warts and blisters. It is not applying or ripping it off like a band-aid, but apparently, there are actual properties within the type that can eventually remove the wart from the skin. You will need tiny pieces of duct tape to cover the affected area. Three to four times per application until it falls off on its own. So whatever the problem you have, put duct tape on it and call it a day!


Lemon juice and baking soda for a bright white smile.

Mixing equal parts of lemon juice with baking soda works wonders for the teeth. Create a past which you will apply on the teeth for a few minutes. Warning! Using lemon can potentially worsen an existing lesion or mouth ulcer due to its acidity. Please also not replace it with your toothpaste. Use once or twice a week if required to do so. So no need to invest your money in teeth whitening bleach kits.


Onion in the sock.

Old wife's-tale and an ancient folk remedy. Yes, you will have some stinky feet but go on and try this remedy. Placing raw onion slices on the bottom for your foot covered by a sock can apparently heal your cold or flu. It has been said that the onion has toxins that soak it out of your body. It was used in the old days during attacks of influenza. Many were to believe that it will make you sleep better and stand up refreshed. If you do not like an onion on your hamburger then put it in a sock and see how it works.


'Beet' constipation

Your colon's best friend is Beet. It is a vegetable that is high in fiber content which helps digest smoothly if you get what I mean. Also works excellent with your kidneys to help them to keep clean and healthy. Enjoy a fresh cup of beet juice, or boil some beets into steamed cubes or slices and munch away in a salad. Just remember not to get frightened when your smooth digest is happening as it may be bright red in color.


Aspirin for dandruff

Are your shoulders or working chair look like shattered snow every day? No dandruff shampoo has given you the results you desire. Crush about 3 pills and mix it with your regular shampoo and there you go. Wash away on regular terms. The Salicylic acid in aspirin helps fight dandruff and leaves the scalp healthy. You are left with shiny, dandruff-free hair.

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Toothpaste for skin

Mixing toothpaste with a little bit of Vaseline help to reduce the break out of pimples on the face. The toothpaste burns a pimple because of the high amount of menthol present, which offers a cooling sensation. However, this can be a bit tricky as it can irritate the inflamed skin, causing the pimple to shrink but leaving behind a dark patch. So that is why you mix it with a little bit of Vaseline.


Black licorice for smooth feet.

Your tongue may not love it, but your feet will say thank you. Black licorice has got an awful taste, but if you especially suffer from calluses and corns, then black licorice is your best friend. Estrogen is present in licorice which helps to smooth out the rough areas and soften the feet. Just grind them up and apply the paste to the affected area. If Halloween last year brought you a pocket full then go ahead and smooth those feet.


ACV for hangovers and other Detoxes.

Partying is fun especially if time flies and it is hard to come back to your senses and sober up the morning after. Here is when a shot of apple cider vinegar will jolt you to your senses. Let's be honest, the smell can wake up anybody in a deep sleep. So highly recommended to mix it with water. Dilute a tablespoon of it in a glass of water, and have it first thing when you wake up in the morning. It is a natural diuretic that helps eliminate toxins from the body. So Party on.


Drive with your jar of olives.

Are you planning a long road trip or do you travel often? Then you should carry a jar of olives with you to help combat the motion sickness. It may seem like a bizarre remedy, but it apparently really works. The salty taste of them is good for an upset stomach and nausea, while the tennis found in olives dry out the mount. decreasing salivation which helps with vomiting. You can always use olives for Martinis if you decide to stop and have a party.


Yams for menopause symptoms.

Yams are filled with Vitamin C and high in antioxidants, so they help with many symptoms of menopause, and might even help with your libido. If you are going through menopause and want to save yourself from some not-so-fun signs and symptoms of it, you should increase your intake of yams.


Roll roll the Tennis ball.

Rolling a tennis ball under your feet actually helps with foot and back pain after a long day of standing or walking around. It is also helpful in more serious conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, which is an extremely painful foot condition. Gently apply as much pressure as you can tolerate to push the ball into the floor and roll it around to release pressure. After 30 seconds switch to the other foot. It is like a mini foot massage to relax your feet.


Ice cream for tongues burns.

Out tongues are quite sensitive to hot food and the most common way to burn ourselves is from a hot spoon, fork, or piece of cheese on a pizza. One of the ways to continue to treat yourself after a bad burn is by having some chilled ice cream. The cold from the ice cream can help soothe a scorched mount and prevent blistering and you have deserts before finishing your hot meal.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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