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Weight Loss Calculator


Weight Loss Calculator

How do you calculate weight loss? Well, the first thing we need to do is figure out how many calories are in one pound of pure body fat. There are roughly 3,000 calories per one pound of body fat on a persons body. Keep in mind, this is not a true number, but it is a very close estimate.

Calculating weight loss

If there are (roughly) 3,000 calories per pound of pure body fat on a human body. Then that means, you need to literally burn 3,000 calories in order to lose one pound of fat, make sense? Burning these calories is not the only way to lose them, eating in a caloric deficit, which literally means that you consume less calories than you do on a regular, or daily basis, will help to lose weight, and fast.

If your body is used to consuming 3,000 calories per day, then you are at a 3,000 calorie maintenance. (Which means 3,000 calories is needed to maintain your current body weight.) Any more will cause you to gain weight, and any more will cause you to lose weight.

If we are working with 3,000 calories per day, then, in order to drop 1 pound, per week, you will need to drop your normal intake by 500 calories, for 7 days, which will in turn burn approximately 3,500 calories. Easy weight loss right?


This is what makes calorie counting diets so effective, for example, The Military Diet, which is solely based upon counting calories throughout the diet, the great thing about this diet, other than the fact that it really does actually work, is that you are even allowed to eat vanilla ice cream when you are on the diet cycle. Why, or how is that possible? It is possible, because the idea behind the diet, causes you to consume a low amount of calories, there are many combinations of foods you can consume while performing this diet, but it all boils down to the calories you intake during the 3 days on and the 4 days off of the diet. (That's right, you have the potential to lose approximately 10lbs in 3 days on this diet.)

How to calculate my weight loss?

If you are aiming to lose 1 pound of fat, per week, and currently have a maintenance goal of 3,000 calories, your first objective is to cut down on calories consumed.

- Cutting 500 calories out of your daily routine will enable you to lose approximately 3,500 calories, or one pound of pure body fat each week. Continue to lower your caloric intake as you lose weight, as your maintenance intake will become smaller and smaller due losing weight. Simple right?

- Exercise, even if only a little. A 300 pound person, walking at a 3mph pace for 20 minute per mile pace, will burn roughly 215 calories, just from the walking alone. Combine this for 20 minutes per day, by taking the stairs, or parking further in the parking lot when you head on over to the grocery store, or even walking to the store if it is close enough to you, will enable you to burn yet another 1500 calories, combine this with the 3500 you have lost by cutting out 500 calories per day, and you are looking at 5,000 calories a week, which should in turn, estimate to roughly 1.5 pounds of pure body fat EACH WEEK.

- Cutting out soda from your diet, is another huge way that will help you lose weight in a rapid pace. Each can of soda, can contain up to about 250 calories on average, depending on the soda you are drinking, or energy drinks for example. If you consume 3 cans per day on a daily basis, that is another 750 calories that you will not be digesting, which will in turn cause your body to have to use an extra 750 calories from fat, to ensure you are working at your normal standard. (that is another 5,250 calories lost PER WEEK!, just by cutting out soda.) Now, if you combine the 500 calorie reduction per day from foods, as well as the walking more, and cutting out 3 cans of soda per day, you are looking at a total of approximately 10,250 calories per week. That is just over 3 pounds per week, crazy right? all of this and no really strenuous activities, or supplements or diet pills.

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