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How losing weight while quitting smoking is possible: stop the routine and lose weight

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How to prevent weight gain while quitting smoking

You are on your way to quitting smoking for good, but start to realize that you are replacing your cigarette with food.…..the replacement of one addiction with another- eating too much and weight gain. Weight gain is a problem that many individuals encounter while they are quitting smoking. Weight gain creates a problem, by replacing one problem with another in your life. Fortunately, weight gain does not have to be a problem. Losing weight while quitting smoking can be done.

Quitting smoking is a great achievement in your life. Quitting smoking should be enjoyed and make you feel great without weight gain! However, if you are eating more and more, you may not be able to see the health benefits of quitting smoking if weight gain becomes a factor. If you are gaining weight, you may want to start smoking again, just to prevent weight gain. This is a problem that many are experiencing! Again, it can be fixed and losing weight is possible!

Here is my perspective on the weight gain that worked for me for losing weight, and it can work for you. This is an explanation of what occurs when you are quitting smoking and why weight gain becomes a problem. I will explain how to break the pattern of weight gain while quitting smoking and show you how losing weight is possible. Losing weight should not become a problem while quitting smoking.

With the process of quitting smoking, my appetite changed considerably and I was worried about weight gain while quitting smoking. The time when I craved a cigarette, I noticed that I felt the urge to eat. From my perspective, it was my body’s way of filling the ‘time slot’ or the ‘vacancy’ I created in my daily routine. This is my perspective of what happened with my body and why many suffer from weight gain while quitting smoking.

Losing weight while quitting smoking

Your body is like an alarm clock buzzing for a cigarette that was removed. When it starts buzzing, it creates false hunger pangs which could lead to weight gain. You silence it by reaching for food which will eventually cause a possible weight gain if you are reaching for the wrong foods. Before you could realize what you did, the weight gain becomes a problem. Weight gain could have been changed if you prepared for this in advance or took a proactive approach while quitting smoking.

Once I realized what I did to my daily routine, I understood the weight gain issue a lot better. While quitting smoking, I left a vacancy in my daily routine that needed occupancy after quitting smoking. My body would buzz like an alarm clock, but I needed to find a new way to silence it, without creating a weight gain problem. My body’s daily routine was affected, but it was up to me to prevent weight gain and start losing weight. It was up to me to begin losing weight while quitting smoking. Also, prevent weight gain.

Smoking is a psychological and physical addiction. Replacing one addiction with another is not the way to fix the problem. Quitting smoking is a reward for your body and weight gain should not become a factor. Preparation is everything for losing weight and knowledge gives you the power to be successful with losing weight through the entire process of quitting smoking. This means knowing what may cause weight gain while quitting smoking and creating a plan to losing weight.


How to lose weight

Losing weight while quitting smoking plan

One of the hardest parts of losing weight is finding the right food. As silly as this sounds, many individuals fail with a diet because they cannot find the right foods to begin losing weight. This is the main reason people postpone a weight management program or diet plan because they cannot find the right foods that are needed for losing weight! This, in itself could cause weight gain.

Losing weight does not have to be a difficult process while quitting smoking. It does not require special foods or expensive meals for losing weight. Many people have the misconception that losing weight means spending lots of money. Again, this is far from the truth for losing weight. Most healthy meals are inexpensive and taste even better than unhealthy meals such as fast food meals, candy bars, and other snacks.

If you add up how much you spend on junk food and the amount of time you spend looking for snacks, you will realize that you do have time to spend looking for healthy meals that promote losing weight while quitting smoking. I will show you how to plan for healthy meals and save time during the week. Losing weight and quitting smoking is possible. Weight gain can be prevented.

Planning ahead for weight gain while quitting smoking

For the working class of society, just like myself, there is limited time during the work week to prepare any meals. With a busy work week, the last thing a person wants to do is cook a meal. Some may not cook often and use this as an excuse to eat unhealthy meals which will lead to weight gain and prevent losing weight.

One of the biggest changes you could make is grocery shopping for healthy snacks and meals. Find healthy alternatives to snacks so you are not running to the vending maching when you are feeling the mid-morning hunger. The vending machine could be your enemy while losing weight and could encourage weight gain. Instead, buy a box of granola bars, calorie controlled snacks, or anything that could be unrefrigerated and left in a desk or locker. Healthy snacks are your friend while losing weight.

For the meals, you can buy the frozen dinners that are portion controlled. Losing weight can be delicious. Beware that many frozen dinners are high in sodium. High sodium meals can lead to weight gain. Read the labels before you buy them. The lower the sodium, the better for losing weight. There are many frozen meals that are healthy and have low calories, low fat, and low sodium content. Weight gain could be prevented by reading labels.

If you are thinking this will break your bank, think about this: For an average fast food visit, the average person spends about $7 for a meal. If you buy a frozen meal that is $3, you save $4. Swapping fast food for frozen meals will not only be a great choice for losing weight, but it will help you save money as well. Not a bad deal while losing weight and preventing weight gain.

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Losing weight while quitting smoking is possible

When I ate my meals, I kept losing weight. Lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and whole grain carbohydrates in my meals helped prevent weight gain. Keeping fats, sugar, and fried foods to a minimum was necessary for losing weight. Quitting smoking is difficult. Weight gain could become a problem during this time. However, choosing the right foods makes losing weight while quitting smoking easier. Who said quitting smoking should cause weight gain or prevent you from losing weight?

Keep in mind, the healthier the diet, the better the success with losing weight while quitting smoking. I actually lost ten pounds after I quitting smoking because I changed my eating habits and adjusted my daily routine which includes exercise. I slowly changed what I ate by replacing items with healthier choices while quitting smoking. My proteins were grilled, not fried. My side dishes were vegetables, not carbohydrates. I kept the sugar and fat content to a minimum and when I wanted something sweet. I reached for sugarless or sugar-free items while quitting smoking.

During the first four weeks of quitting smoking, I made sure that I had everything available for me to keep a healthy diet and promote losing weight. Every week, I would go to the local grocery shop and stock up on the foods that were healthy and would help me prevent weight gain while quitting smoking. Having the snacks and meals available helped me succeed with controlling my weight and staying healthy. I was able to control my cravings while quitting smoking as well.

Good luck with losing weight while quitting smoking. I wish all success with making your life happier, healthier, and better with each year. Keep losing weight!

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miakouna (author) on September 19, 2012:

Great book if you are trying to lose weight without diet or exercise:

rjsadowski on March 09, 2012:

You did a good job of explaining the problem but I am not entirely certain what your solution is. Is it simply to eat healthy?

Healing Herbalist from The Hamlet of Effingham on February 21, 2012:

Great hub.

I had a friend who ate carrot sticks when she got the urge to smoke.

Stay healthy!

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