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Weight loss vs Transformation

Every year many people make the legendary goal to lose weight and believe it or not they actual succeed, but they give up because what they see in the mirror is not what they were shooting for (even though you went to the gym and even skipped a few meals). Don’t believe me? Go step on the scale you’ve loss the weight. Now you could be telling yourself that you don’t look any different though; well let’s quickly dive into the real problem which is that you may gotten your fitness goals a little mix up. Ask yourself this: Are you looking to lose weight for health issue or a wrestling match? Or are you trying to transform your body so you can hit the beach in that new suit you’ve been wanting to wear? Before going to the gym or starting/joining any kind of workout plan you need to identify your fitness goals (unless you love wasting your money buying bags of grapefruit, weight loss magazines, videos, or even a personal trainer). Before we dissect the difference between the two let’s take a look body composition to get a little understanding of why it is important to know the difference between the two.

Body composition

Body composition is defined by the amount of skeletal muscle, fat, bones, organs, blood, water and several other components in your body. Keep in mind that these components varies from person to person. To make it simple let’s split the body into two components: fat mass and fat-free mass. Fat mass of course is all the fat in your body and fat-free mass of course is everything that isn’t fat (muscle, bone, blood, organs, water, glycogen, and the rest.) How does this play a part in your fitness goals? Well if you take a person with a low body fat percentage versus someone with a high body fat percentage and they both weigh the same they’d look totally different. This also makes stepping on the scale tricky because it may read you actually gained weight when in fact you loss fat and gained muscle. Now let’s look at the difference between losing weight and transformation.

Weight loss

A person reason for losing weight varies from person to person whether to fit in an old dress, pants, health issues, etc. To battle this people simply try (and I do mean try) eating healthier and light exercising. These are the people who tend to go to the gym and spend 30 minutes to an hour on the treadmill then leave. The most common two mistakes with people who are looking to lose weight is that they skip meals and that they are unsatisfied with the results they're seeing. Well first off skipping meals or cheating yourself on a meal (by which I mean you eat a carrot for dinner or something) is that you’ll lose both fat and muscle for lack of protein (and the fact that you’re probably doing way too much cardio exercise). The second reason is that you expect your body to go under some magic transformation where everything is round, tight, and firm in the right places. In reality you are doing what you said you are doing which is losing weight. Don’t get me wrong you will see a change in your appearance, but chances are it’s not what you had in mind. To lose weight one can simply make healthier food choices with a well balance meal along with exercising.


Now if you see yourself looking amazing on the beach with all eyes on you then you’re looking for a transformation. This is a lot different from losing weight; this requires a lot more effort. Keep in mind to ignore the scale; like I said before the numbers will fool you and your body composition varies from person to person. Instead use measure tape to measure your progress. You can’t approach this with a weight loss attitude. The goal here is to build lean muscle; this is due to the fact that lean muscle burns fat. So when you go to the gym it’s okay to hit the treadmill, but don’t spend forever on it. Try visiting the squat station, the leg curl machine, chest fly machine, or do some lunges (they don’t bite). It would also help if you had a set routine in place so you won’t be looking lost and confused only to be getting in everybody’s way. After a good workout don’t forget to refuel your torn tissue with protein as well as getting a good rest. So if your goal is to transform your body make sure you’re taking the proper steps needed to do so.

So now that you see the difference between the two fitness goals it should be easy for you to pick a routine that will get you the results you’re looking for. If you have an image of yourself that you’ve haven’t reached yet then you’re looking to transform your body. On the other hand, if you’re looking to lose weight for personal issues then you’re looking for a weight loss program. Hopefully this will help you from spending money on useless gadgets and fitness videos just to end up in the trash or in the attic.