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Weight Loss Motivation: Affirmations That Can Help You Lose Weight

I can still fit into clothes I wore 20 years ago. If my clothes get too tight or I can't fit into my summer clothes I quickly lose the fat.

Side plank.

Side plank.

Changing Your Behavior

For most people, weight loss is simple. You probably know how to lose weight. I can easily make a list of things to do. The hard part is changing my behavior, so I actually do all the things on my to do list.

Some people have trouble doing most of the things on their to do lists. Other people shorten their list. They do not do what they need to do to get the results they want. A person wanted to lose weight by going on a diet but they did not change their eating and drinking habits.

Diet and exercise is often replaced with one or the other. Do you try fad diets or fad exercises? Do you follow bad advice? While trying to lose weight people may try to cheat by doing things that do not work. If it works, then you just need to do one little thing but it probably won't .

Cheating and taking shortcuts makes it a lot harder to lose weight. You can make it easier by using affirmations to help you change your behavior. One of the best things I did was to get into the habit of biking to the beach. It is hard work but it is also fun.

Doing the same things over and over again gives you the same results. To change your body you need to change your behavior.

A lack of motivation can keep you on the couch eating junk food.

A lack of motivation can keep you on the couch eating junk food.

Common Causes of Weight Gain

Weight gain is a result of consuming more calories than you burn. You consume calories when you eat and burn calories when you exercise. If you do not exercise enough then you do not burn enough calories. If you eat too much then you consume too many calories.

Stress, boredom and eating too fast can lead to overeating. Sitting still for too long limits the amount of calories you burn. An easy way to reduce junk food cravings is to move more. Replace sedimentary entertainment with active entertainment to reduce your junk food craving and burn more calories.

Gaining muscle is another common cause of weight gain. You can gain weight without gaining fat and you can lose weight without losing fat. It is common for people to quickly gain weight after trying a fad diet or exercise routine. Slow down your metabolism and you burn fewer calories. Increase your junk food cravings and you consume more calories.

If your weight decreases or you lose muscles then you end up burning fewer calories. While I was doing a weekly cardio workout I lost inches of fat and gained 20 pounds at the same time. The extra weight helped me lose the fat and keep it off.

Common Causes of Weight Loss

Weight loss can be the result of losing fat or muscle. Not exercising enough and not eating enough can cause you to lose the weight. Exercising too frequently can lead to fat loss and muscle loss. Eating more food can lead to weight loss if it helps you burn more calories.

Most people should try to avoid muscle loss when losing weight. Lose the fat, not the muscle. Exercising enough, eating enough, drinking water and relaxing is the best way to lose weight. You do not need to do things that are bad for you to lose weight. Do things that are good for you.

Changing your exercise routine changes your body.

Changing your exercise routine changes your body.

Weight Loss To Do List

Diet and exercise to lose weight.


drink lots of water


eat slowly

body weight exercises

use portion control

strength training

avoid junk food

house cleaning

avoid high calorie fast food

do yard work

eat healthy food

have an active lifestyle

Personalize your to do list and be specific. Instead of cardio add specific cardio exercises like walking, running or step ups. For a body weight exercise I am currently doing a 10 push ups a day challenge. I have also been doing leg raises to strengthen my abs. For a more active lifestyle I reduced the time I spend sitting on the couch. Change your to do list when you stop changing your body.

Dieting or exercising to lose weight does not usually work. Diet and exercise to lose weight and make sure your diet is healthy.

Affirmations for Weight Loss

Affirmations are statements said like they are facts. For example, "I exercise while I watch TV." You can use affirmations to achieve your goals. Start by making a realistic weight loss to do list with actions you can take that will help you lose the weight. Then make a list of affirmations that will motivate you to do the things on your to do list.

Daily Affirmations to Help You Lose Weight

Just a few of the affirmations you could use to help you lose weight.

I like to drink water.

I drink lots of water.

Every day I do 20 push ups.

I like to exercise.

I exercise regularly.

I workout for 30 minutes a day.

I like to exercise while I watch TV.

I exercise while I watch TV.

I go for a long walk every day.

I like to eat healthy food.

I eat healthy food.

I eat healthy snacks.

I watch what I eat.

I eat slowly.

I use portion control.

I like to stay active.

I have an active lifestyle.

I lift weights.

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Exercising more helped me lose the fat.

Exercising more helped me lose the fat.

Stress & Boredom

Losing weight can be hard work. It can be torture but the main thing is to avoid stress and boredom while providing yourself with a sense of accomplishment. You want to avoid stress, boredom and feeling like you are not accomplishing anything. That is why you should make it fun.

Exercise makes you feel good, and so does eating healthy food. When you want to lose fat, think of something interesting to do that will make you feel good. I can burn 300 calories playing motion controlled video games like golf or Monster Hunter. Going to the beach is my favorite way to burn 1,000 calories.

Most weight loss goals are ineffective. They are boring. Running on an elliptical trainer to burn calories is boring. Doing push ups to lose fat is boring. Dieting to lose weight is boring. The problem is that people try to do things they don't want to do to get rid of something they don't want.

Running on an elliptical to improve my endurance is not boring. It provides me with a sense of accomplish. I like to compete against myself and beat my own records. Doing push ups to increase my strength is not boring. It makes me feel powerful.

I do not like to exercise to lose fat. It is too boring. I like to exercise to accomplish new things. I do not like to diet to lose fat. I like to diet to look and feel better. Instead of resisting junk food cravings I reduce them by being active.

Getting myself to go for a weekly bike ride during cycling season is easy.

Getting myself to go for a weekly bike ride during cycling season is easy.

Weight Loss Motivation

I can workout for a minute or two a day and build muscle. My push up routine only takes a minute. I recently started working out my abs for about two minutes a day. My abs are a lot stronger than they were a week ago. Changing one little thing can help you build muscle. Losing fat requires more time than strength training. Changing your behavior for a few minutes is not enough to lose weight.

Change Your Habits

You should try to change your behavior throughout the day. Change your lifestyle. Drinking water instead of pop or alcohol requires motivation. Eating healthy snacks instead of junk food requires motivation. Working out instead of sitting on the couch requires motivation. When you want to lose weight but lack the motivation, you need to take action then you need to find ways to motivate yourself.

Repeat Daily Affirmations

One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to repeat affirmations. Spend a few minutes a day repeating an affirmation to reprogram your mind. Change your thoughts and feelings so you change your behavior. After a few weeks, the behavior becomes automatic. You form a new habit. After you form a new habit, you can replace the affirmation with another one.

If I keep telling myself, "I exercise while I watch TV," then I am going to exercise while I watch TV.

  • Make a weight loss to do list.
  • Make a list of weight loss affirmations.
  • Motivate yourself by repeating the weight loss affirmations.
  • Do the things in your weight loss to do list.
  • Keep track of your progress.

You need to be motivated to lose weight. Affirmations can increase your motivation. Using a to do list app, looking at pictures of lean healthy people and watching videos of people exercising can also help. Losing weight should be fun and it should make you feel good. So make sure your to do list contains a list of things you want to do.

Affirmations work if you repeat them on a regular basis. For most people, losing weight is difficult because changing your habits is hard. If you can change your habits then the rest is easy.

The biggest change I made was biking to beaches during cycling season. It is a habit, a fun hobby and a difficult workout. I basically programmed myself to do it every week when it is warm enough.

I lost inches of belly fat by going to provincial parks with beaches.

I lost inches of belly fat by going to provincial parks with beaches.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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