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Wealthy Beyond Your Wildest Dreams: 3 Simple Steps to Living an Abundant Life

Deborah is a writer, healer, and teacher. Her goal is to help people live their best lives every day by sharing her joy and love of life.

You Can Create an Abundant Life


How Do I Create Abundance?

I had a dream, years ago, that held a message for my life. It's not often that I have such dreams, and rare that I remember them.

This particular dream, however, stayed with me not only for the entire day upon my awakening, but it awakened within me a deep knowing.

In my dream, God (or someone with authority to speak into my life) spoke to me and said, "Remember that you are wealthy beyond your wildest dreams."

I woke up somewhat annoyed. Why would God tell me that? I lived in a small house. My husband at the time didn't work. My children were young, and we barely had enough to make ends meet. I worked at a job that required long hours for little pay. I did not feel wealthy beyond my widest dreams.

Maybe it was a promise of things to come? I sure hoped so. As the days wore on and the dream remained in my heart, I could feel the joy that I felt during that dream, when I knew the truth of those words. I felt a shift in my own attitude.

Kind of like the Grinch who stole Christmas, my heart began to open to the idea that maybe wealth is less a state of finances and more a state of mind. I embraced the idea that my wealth could be found in places other than my meager paycheck.

As I welcomed the idea and added that thought to my daily meditations, I discovered that I truly am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.

Read on to discover how you too can embody wealth and abundance beyond your own wildest dreams.

Allow the Flow of Abundance


Allow Yourself to Receive

1. Be willing to admit that you are worthy of good things

Many times, you feel like you don't deserve good things. You didn't do anything to deserve it, someone else deserves it more, or maybe you think that if you get something good, it will be taken away. These thoughts block the flow of abundance into your life. Receive the good things with thanksgiving.

You deserve good things. Rejecting the idea creates an energy block. Allow yourself to know, in your heart, that you are worthy. Not only you are worthy, but other people deserve good things too. Your kids, your neighbor, your friends, your co-workers. Everyone deserves goodness in their life. The good news is, there is plenty of good to go around. There is more than enough for everyone.

If you get caught up in thinking that you aren't good enough or you don't do enough or you haven't earned it, then you block the flow of abundance into your life. You are good enough, just the way you are, to receive good things. Sure, we could all use some self improvement. But constantly thinking that you are undeserving blocks you from receiving all the good that's out there for you.

Try shifting your thinking. Just for a day. Remind yourself that "Everything Always Works Out For Me." Say it like a mantra, when things look bad. Whisper it to yourself when your mind runs away on a crazy train.

When you're tempted to catastrophize your situation, however bleak it may look, tell yourself that everything always works out for you. There is no need to worry, stress or feel anxious. Take a deep breath. Slow down. Allow things to unfold exactly as they need to. There is no need to worry. There is nothing to fear. Remember that everything always works out for you, and embrace the flow of abundance into your life.

Embrace Gratitude


Appreciate What You Have

2. Acknowledge all the good in your life

Start each day with gratitude. Sure, you might wake up in a terrible mood. But if you spend a few minutes in gratitude, it will change your entire outlook. Try making a quick mental list of the top three things you're grateful for today. It only takes a moment, but the shift can change your entire life.

When you get caught up in all the things you don't have, you fail to appreciate what you do have. How could you possibly receive abundance if you don't appreciate what you already possess? The short answer is, you can't.

When you spend all your time thinking about what you don't have, what you wish you had, what you could have had, then you block the flow of abundance into your life.

Instead, allow abundance to flow to you by appreciating and expressing gratitude for all you've got. Can't think of a single thing? Start with a simple "Thank You."

Thank you for the next breath. Thank you for the sun rising. Thank you for the snow...the flowers...the trees...electricity...water...my life...my children...a warm bed.

The list can be endless. The list can also seem daunting. Sometimes, when you aren't feeling grateful, when you feel stressed, tired, unappreciated, unnoticed or whatever low vibe emotion comes up, it's truly hard to be grateful. It's hard to notice what's good when you get caught in a downward spiral.

The good news is, you don't have to change everything all at once. You don't have to change your thinking from sad to joyous, or from angry to happy. Just take one step in a better feeling direction. Pause. Breathe. Remind yourself that everything always works out for you. And then, say, "Thank You."

No other words are required. Thank you.

What You Give, You Receive


Give More to Get More

3. What you give, you then receive

What do you give others? If you give them a hard time, I'll bet you get a hard time right back. What about if you give kindness? Sometimes people might reject your gift of kindness by being rude, self-centered or just plain mean. No matter. Continue giving what you want to receive.

Giving creates abundance by shifting the energy in your life. When you give love, time, attention, resources, whatever you have to give, you will find that you have more of it, as you create a flow of abundance through your life.

Abundance is not a one-way street. For the flow to enter your life, it must also go through you and into others. You become an agent of abundance in the lives of other people, and you increase the flow of abundance in the world around you. If you stop-up streams of abundance, then energy gets blocked and the flow slows to a stop.

Allow abundance to flow into and through your life. Abundance of love: share love with other people. Tell people that you love them. Do nice things for people. Be kind to everyone, even people you don't like. As you share love, you receive more love. Don't sit on the couch, waiting for love to come find you. Create a flow of abundant love that enhances everyone's life.

Abundance of resources: Share your wealth. Oh. Wait. You think you can't share because you don't have enough? Then you will NEVER have enough. Never. If you share your wealth out of the abundance of your resources, more wealth flows into your life. Your gift of money can change a life. Your gift of wealth can change the world. Your gift will change your own life and your world. What more could you possibly need? If you think you don't have enough, then you never will.

Abundance of time: Share your time by volunteering, by spending time with someone in a nursing home, by walking dogs at an animal shelter. There are lots of beings out there who would love you to spend some time with them. As you share your time, you increase your personal abundance of time.

Abundance of beauty: the world is a beautiful place. Share that beauty with others. Give someone flowers for no apparent reason. Pick up trash as you walk through a parking lot. Paint a picture. Plant a tree. Take a look around your home, find a beautiful object and share it with another person. There are myriad ways to increase and share beauty with the world around you.

As you improve the world around you by giving of yourself, you enhance the flow of abundance into your own life. You become an agent for the flow of abundance in the lives of others.

Having a lot of money in the bank never made Scrooge happy. It wasn't until he started sharing with others that he felt truly happy and lived a meaningful life.

Sharing what you have with others opens the flow of abundance into and through your own life and improves the lives of those you touch.

Embracing an Abundant Life


Flowing With Ease

Living an abundant life is easy.

1. You Deserve Good

2. Gratitude

3. Giving is Receiving

You are wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. It's true. You deserve good things, and everything always works out for you. Just look back at those difficult times that you thought would never end. It all worked out for you.

Now, spend some time in gratitude for all the blessings you have. Your life. Your family. Your friends. Your health. Remember how much you are already blessed, and appreciate the wealth in your current circumstances. It is truly a beautiful life.

Finally, give of yourself. We can't all give money, but I'm guessing you could buy coffee for the next person in line behind you. You could probably spend time helping someone. Maybe you could give your extra coat to someone who doesn't have one. Whatever you have, give freely and more good will come your way.

Your abundant life already exists. Take a moment to appreciate all the good, and then share that good with others. You deserve good things and so do they.

Namaste friends.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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Deborah Reno (author) from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD on June 19, 2021:


Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I think we'd all have a better life, if we chose to live and love and be aware that we have control.



Deborah Reno (author) from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD on June 19, 2021:


Thank you for the comments. It takes constant awareness, to choose peace instead of fear, to choose love and courage and hope. As within, so without.

Thanks for reading and commenting.



Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on February 01, 2021:

My sister became very intrested in these principles several years ago. She shared them with me at that time, and I think they are a wonderful way to live a fulfilling life.

Your article is uplifting as Ann stated. I have tried to live this way for quite a while, and it has changed me.

Thank you for sharing, Deborah. I hope you have a wonderful week.

Ann Carr from SW England on February 01, 2021:

Just reading this has made me feel good! It's so uplifting. Of course, we know this, but we don't always live by it. We all need reminding how much good there is around us, especially when life is like it is at the moment, with Covid all around. But your principles still apply.

It does make you wonder why everyone isn't happy, doesn't it? We just have to remind ourselves all the time.

I have days when I wake up with a bad feeling. I immediately think of my grandchildren and that's it, no more bad feeling. I can't look at a photo of one of them without smiling.

This is a valuable hub. It should be read by the whole world. The butterfly effect is the most valuable thing, so if we all do this every day it should work!

Thanks for lifting my emotions and expectations today Deborah! It's early evening here but I shall go to bed feeling a lot better, even though it's been a fairly good day. I think the key is getting rid of worry, letting positivity overcome. What good does it do us to worry? None.

Keep safe and well!


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