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We All Are a Great Overthinker!

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As Florida believes writing heals people. She loves to write and tries to express her thoughts from a teenager's point of view.


Where we feel like it's normal.

People being in the creative world!

People do think to create extraordinary ideas and love to invent new things. This is a world of creativity and imagination. But is it so? Do we really care about our everyday anxiety problems? We do think every day about various topics, issues, our lifestyle, and much more. Yet it leads us to overthink. We certainly don't realize we are entering the world of anxiety and stress. Being college students, we face many things in our day-to-day life. Stress can of different types and are of different levels. Be it an assignment to submit at the very last minute of submission or be it exam stress or building up identity in a new place, or making up a career, etc. This all leads to overthinking. We usually don't pay heed to overthink. Overthinking is a serious issue and affects us in many ways. It deteriorates us to the worst level of anxiety. People start thinking they are lonely and feel like they have failed in many terms and couldn't achieve their life goals. In the long run, people are becoming introverts and developed a fear of being judged.

The Worst Days.

Sometimes we overthink much that we can't get it out from our head. As a result, what we do is just sit ideally and stop ourselves from being productive. Sometimes we use addictive items too, no offense! Trust me, travel and coffee and driving to an unknown destination really helps. (Being a proud overthinker, I do believe we should overthink more or less but yes we should overthink to grow our inner mind and progress to fight and accept the hateful world of reality).

Recalling the days of Selflessness.

Childhood was better, isn't it? We were carefree, used to do things carelessly and selflessly. Was happy with the small things we used to possess. But growing up is a really big issue for us now. Now we do things after giving up thousands of thoughts accumulating in our minds. Doing things that we love is a sophisticated philosophical terminology. Yet we are sick. We all are mentally sick and tired of being thinking about things that don't exist or problems that can be solved easily. Human minds are the most difficult ones to understand. We certainly what it is and what are we actually thinking and what we are going to do in the next fraction of seconds. Anxiety, stress, overthinking, depression are the common terms in our life and but oops we don't care if somebody is really stressed or having anxiety attacks.

Is this really normal?

Yes, it's normal but it has serious effects. We all overthink, our parents overthink, the people around you overthink. Overthinking is a never-ending process. We need to care about our well-being, not only ourselves but the people around us need us someway or the other. Man being the social animal needs companionship to share feelings of joy, sadness, etc.

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A small request!

People who are reading my blog, want to have a simple request: Take care of yourself, take help whenever you are in need and help us to grow and free this world from mental illness and be in a world of joy and happiness.

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