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Ways to Stress Less

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What exactly is stress:

STRESS is what we feel when we are overworked. It is a natural physiological response where positive effects become outweighed by the negative. Stress is what causes the 'fight or flight' response. Release of adrenaline as well as dopamine, norepinephrine and cortisol our stress hormones triggers a number of physiological changes.

How Stress Damages the Brain:

When your brain has exhausted its supply of adrenaline and other stress hormones it causes adrenaline fatigue. Adrenaline hormone demotivates and creates potential depression. In this situation you need a little of norepinephrine, dopamine and cortisol to stay motivated. Studies shows that , long term problems leads to structural changes that shrink the hippocampus and shrink grey matter- the all important neural connections throughout the brain.

What Causes One to Stress

  1. When a person is dealing with the same problem for the long term, at one stage he goes in a state of depression.
  2. Students can cause stress due to exam fear, burden of studies, strict behaviour of teachers or parents, peer pressure, loneliness, etc. Teenagers or adults have headache of making a bright career, fulfilling parent's wish, handling the burden of household chores, etc.

  3. If a man is dealing with financial or economical problems, family problems, health issues or joblessness can cause him anxiety or depressed. There can be various other reasons for a person causing him stress depending upon different situations.

Stress free life:

  • Managing Blood Sugar: One very simple way to keep your stress at bay, is to avoid letting your blood sugar drop down. Low blood sugar triggers the release of cortisol(keeps you motivated) and other stress hormones and so follows that by avoiding low blood sugar, we can avoid this fate.
  • Stay Comfortable: Comfort zone makes you relax. Half an hour of relax state after studies or physical or mental work can keep you calm. Also go for a comfortable sitting place and posture while at work to avoid irritation. Power nap of 40 to 45 mins in afternoon will boost your energy again for work.
  • Spend Time Away from Screens: Constant messages or mails will always keep you depressed. Take out time away from screens in a park or with family. No doubt, television or androids are a source of entertainment but it will cause less productivity. Using mobile or screens before bed will disturb your sleep as the rays coming from screens decreases the melatonin - sleeping hormone.
  • Meditation: While all these changes can help, there is one thing that is more powerful than any other is 'meditation'. Studies shows that meditation increase the amount of grey matter in the brain. There are ennumber of benefits of meditation. It only takes few weeks to see amazing positive changes to the brain. It increases our concentration and willpower.

    During this hectic way of living hope the above tips will work in a great way.

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