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Water use and its importance for Health

Water is life and is a very important factor in terms of your health. Therefore, the importance of water for health and life is unique.


Water is a natural resource. It is extremely useful for all living things and humans. Water is a basic element of human life.

Every life and human life on this earth depends on water. Because no man, animal or bird can live without water. Man can live without food for a few days. But without water he cannot live a single day. Also he cannot imagine his life without water.

This precious water is also very important for your health. The importance of water for health is unique. So let's learn how important water is for health.

Importance of water -

A large part, in the structure of the human body is covered by water. Water is involved in various functions of the body. Water plays an important role in digestion, saliva and distribution of vitamins B and C in the body.

Water stimulates brain cells, so the body functions properly. Also water plays an important role in lubricating the body. Drinking water increases mental and physical capacity. Unnecessary elements in the body are excreted from water. Drinking water eliminates gas related complaints in the body. Helps in digestion.

Water accounts for 55 to 65 percent of a full-grown person's body weight. Dehydration can lead to serious health problems. Water is used for the function of every cell in the body. Water is used to absorb food and mix it in the form of feces. Water is used to balance body temperature. It acts as a lubricant for body parts.

Water is needed for every calorie of food. This means drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water (1.5 to 2 liters) per day for 1500 to 2000 essential calories per day. Water is excreted from the body through sweat, urine and feces. The amount of these emissions should be your daily drinking quota. So drink more water in summer.

Pure Water -

You need water to stay healthy; But it has to be clean, pure and germ-free. Many kinds of viruses, bacteria, germs, worms and toxins can enter the body from drinking water and ruin your health. Therefore, it is necessary to drink purified water. For this, after filtering the water and boiling it for 10 to 15 minutes, the unnecessary salts in it are removed and the heaviness of the water is removed, as well as most of the organisms in it are destroyed. There are many types of water filters and small and large purification equipment available in the market. It may be desirable to use it according to your daily needs.

Drinks and water -

You can get some of the water your body needs every day from different drinks. However, while consuming these drinks, one should consider the nutritional value obtained from them, as well as the physical harm caused by them.

Thus, healthful water, every drop of water is important in the life of every person. No person can live without water. So it is who said that water is life.

Water is a precious gift got from nature to man. The importance of water should be understood by every person and it should be used properly.

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