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WalkFit Platinum Orthotics Review: Are They A Scam?

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A pair of Walkfit Platinum Orthotics with risers.

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If you have chronic back pain, or problems with your feet, shins, knees, or hips, WalkFit orthotics insoles promise to improve comfort, balance, and foot support while running, walking or standing. Many of you have probably seen WalkFit platinum orthotics being advertised on TV. Shoe inserts such as these attempt to alleviate minor common foot and back discomfort and are sold as a preventative health aid. The Platinum orthotics are the latest in the WalkFit product line.

Walkfit Reviews

WalkFit claims their platinum insoles are better than other shoe inserts on the market, so what makes their product so much better? Let's summarize some of the positive claims made by people who have bought WalkFit orthotics and are supposedly satisfied customers:

  • Walkfit orthotic insoles are better at absorbing shock than other 'ordinary' orthotics on the market. Other additional benefits include, protection against foot injuries, increased foot comfort, relief from foot and other leg pain.
  • WalkFit Phase 4/Platinum orthotics realign the lower limbs to their correct position which serves to relieve pressure from sore spots by distributing body weight more evenly across the bottom surface of the foot.
  • WalkFits are ideal for people suffering from symptoms of tendinitis, arthritis, and flat feet and recommend their orthotics for people that have had foot surgery performed. Also, foot fatigue and other effects of old age can be reduced with their products.
  • The Walkfit orthotics attribute their better quality to superior design. They claim that similar products provide protection against injuries or relieve foot, back, or hip symptoms but that WalkFit goes a step further and combines safety and comfort through their use of highly resistant semi-rigid materials.
  • WalkFit orthotic insoles are available in different styles and sizes and are recommended of people of all ages, male or female. They will fit into any type of shoe and come shipped with three pairs of arch inserts depending on the whether you have high, low, or average arches and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Note: these claims have not been made by the manufacturer, these are only but a sampling of written reviews of Walkfit Orthtotics, readily available across the internet.

Reading the above internet reviews of the Walkfit Platinum, its plain to see that there is no hard scientific evidence provided to substantiate any claims that the WalkFits are the best orthotics on the market. Furthermore, the WalkFit website only vaguely hints at any of the above claims so it seems some of the reviews are not only disguising anectdotal evidence as scientific fact but are also interjecting claims not made by the manufacturer. So are WalkFit orthotics a scam?

Are WalkFit Orthotics A Scam?

Based on the above evidence you would probably expect me to say yes, WalkFits are a scam. However, I have a background in long distance running and battled shin splints until I purchased (well, I was younger so it was my parents who bought them) orthotics insoles from my podiatrist to wear inside my running shoes. So while WalkFits may not be the best remedy for foot ailments, orthotics themselves are medically proven to fix problems with pronation and extreme arch conditions.

The process of being fit for orthotics required my foot doctor to first diagnose what was causing the pain in my shins. It turns out I have high arches and I underpronate, meaning that when my foot strikes the ground it doesn't flatten out as much as it should and causes undo force to be placed on the outside heel of my foot.

In order for the doctor to create my orthotic inserts, a mold had to be taken of my feet. This required me to stand in a pan filled with a paste like substance that slowly dried so it could be sent off to a orthotics manufacturer. In the end, the custom made orthotics alleviated my shin splints and allowed me to go on to be a pretty successful high school cross country and track runner. They were definitely a step above the generic store bought orthotics that the athletic trainer at my school first recommended to me before seeing the podiatrist. The downside is that shoe inserts like these can cost hundreds of dollars when you add up the medical bills and the product themselves.

Sizes B through F (see chart below)

Sizes G through K (see chart below)

WalkFit Size Chart : Convert From Walkfit Sizes to U.S. Sizes

WalkFit SizeFits Women's Shoe SizeFits Men's Shoe Size

Size B



Size C



Size D



Size E



Size F



Size G



Size H



Size I



Size J



Size K



Final Thoughts On Walkfit Insoles

So does everyone need specially made orthotic inserts? No, probably not. First of all the cost is prohibitive. Secondly, not everyone has a severe enough case of shin splints or other ailment to warrant spending hundreds of dollars on a solution.

If you notice minor pain in your shins, feet, legs, or back due to walking, running, or standing, I would recommend for you to go and see your doctor and from there you might be referred to a foot care specialist that practices sports medicine.

However, I know that some people don't have adequate health insurance or may not find the pain intense enough to warrant a doctor visit. In this case, I would recommend that you buy Walk Fit orthotics. The price is around $20, cheap enough so it won't break the bank if they don't fix your problem. Other then on TV, you can purchase them online at a discount and sometimes even with free shipping on your order. If the WalkFit orhtotics or other brand don't work, then you might require a visit to a physician.

So while some of the claims made by WalkFit customers may not be scientifically admissable, I know for a fact that orthotics do work to alleviate pain of the lower body and back. My major beef is that WF claim to be the best without any medical facts to back it up. Despite this lack of evidence, it wouldn't hurt to give the WalkFits a try. There are many people that don't need specialty foot inserts to cure their medical problems and would do just fine with these orthotics. So in the end, you really don't have much to lose if your feet are already hurting. Go out and try the Phase 4 or Platinum series models and see if you start to feel better and go from there. Good luck and thanks for reading!


Pissed off on January 14, 2019:

Under sized and free slippers weren't worth the unexpected 9.95 shipping

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jim wagner on September 24, 2018:

Orthotics should be tried on before bought. a proper sizing is very important. Many peoples feet change in thirty days . they must receive proper sizing and proper orthotic and size. I have sold orthotics for over thirty years and I know that I'm talking about. Orthotics should last around twenty years if properly cared for.

Karen F on July 19, 2018:

In December I ordered these orthotics. Then I was informed they could not fill my order now or later but would refund the charge to my credit card. We let some time pass but still no credit or reimbursement. We contacted our Master/Visa people who said they would try. To date, the credit card company will not reimburse us, and the number for the orthotics company is no longer valid. I surmise this is a total SCAM!

My podiatrist likes the copper inserts sold at Bed,Bath&Beyond.

William Curtis on May 10, 2017:

Never buy from this company they give you free 30 day trials for pills and foot pads I placed my order 3-29 billed 4-7 received order 4-12 billed 44.85 5-2 for pills 5-8 18.90 for pads. Called costumer service and was told NOBODY is in charge and if your bank account is overdrone because of early drafts it's not their problem. So remember your 30 day free trial is really a free 14 day trial and your card will be charged again

Marcony on April 10, 2013:

heads up when they ofer you a pair of sleeprs free with you order letme tell you that is not thru because I order two set beliving that they will send me my compet order but it dint happen I cal after I recived my order and the want me to pay for shiping again please pass this word to more people and not fall in this lay

satex on April 02, 2013:

I've had "weak" feet all my life. I worked on my feet for many years and suffered for many years. I had custom-made orthotics several times, which only helped slightly. I even had foot surgery despite years of wearing the doctor's orthotics! Then I found Walk Fit for $6.00 at Big Lots. Best $6.00 spent in my life! It only took a few minutes before the pain was relieved. Ever since I've experienced very little pain! They are like miracles! I now have them in every pair of shoes I wear and have even bought two extra pair to be sure I don't run out! I've given them to all my family and everyone loves them.

I was not asked for this testimony. This is my honest personal experience. Perhaps the problems others have had were with the contracted sales company rather than the actual orthotics.

Carol on April 01, 2013:

Stop ordering from Walk Fit! just buy them at Bed, Bath & Beyond or Target. Ebay has them too. This way, you will not have to deal with trying to get charges on credit cards refunded!

Vickie Pinkston on December 31, 2012:

I've watched the infomercial numerous times and finally decided to give Walkfit a try.....UNTIL I read the reviews. I have enough pain in my lower back, left hip and leg. I don't have the time nor the energy to take my chances with a company that may only cause me a big hassle. I will try my luck at the above mentioned stores first...Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Big Lots or even Amazon. Thanks for the "good" and "bad" reviews.

I got caught up in a "14 day trial offer" once. I will never do it again. They don't tell you that includes the shipping coming and going. Life's too short for all the hassle. Going to Jamaica the end of January to "walk in the sand!"

Tammy on November 15, 2012:

I got my inserts today...i woke up with heel pain leg pain....i was wondering when was they coming and to my surprise they was in the mail box...i go home and read the directions and put them in my shoes....just seconds i can feel the difference...its like the arch has all the weight and my heel feels so good....i have planter fisciltis....that hurts the pain is so runs up my leg to my back now....i am going to post again in a few days to let you know how its going....thanks walk fits!!!!!:)

Sonia Daniels on July 16, 2012:

Walkfit Platinum, LLC was a rip off to me! I ordered them on the 18th of May received them the middle of JUNE (that’s how they get you on the 30 day money back!) Then they did not send me the lotion that was promised and when I asked the lady about it she said it was free anyway so it didn’t cost me anything.....BUT that was one of the reasons we decided to BUY was because we got "Other / free" stuff! But she said they were out so we don’t get it! The large woman slippers measured to fit my HUSBANDS size 16 feet! AND the product itself is the very same thing we had already purchased at BIG LOTS for $2.00…….The very SAME THING! That did not work for me and so I called today to get my money back and even though I had not had the product for 30 days they said I ordered it 45 days ago and was stuck with it!!!!!!! They are a HUGE RIP OFF COMPANY!!!

Sanity on July 01, 2012:

You are an Idiot, this is the best thing that ever has happened in my life. Walk fit has alleviated my knee AND FOOT PAIN SINCE 2002. I can have a life again. I used to suffer from this pain and now i have more enery.

Nathan M on May 26, 2012:

To ALL of you who may be considering buying these walkfit orthotics I would STRONGLY advise that you do NOT! My experience has been absolutely HORRIBLE! Not only do the walkfit slippers not do a damn thing for me or my chronic knee and back pain, but my primary complaint isn't even about the quality of the slipper. It's all the BS they put you through just to place an order over the phone. I called them to buy, and of course they have this stupid asian in another country who cant even properly speak english reading off a prompter who forces me to spend 30 minutes on the phone declining all these other offers and "scams" to get me to buy additional things. Not only did my so called "free" slippers that came with the walkfit purchase cost 11 dollars to ship(which came in the same friggin USPS package) mind you this should have raised the cost of my shipment based on weight about 1.90$ they charge you all that extra money because essentially the "free" slippers they offer on their infomercials are not fucking free they're scamming you into thinking they have to send an extra shipment when really its all the same package so again that's a scam to make money on something they're calling "free". My REAL issue among all this other BS they put me through is that the customer service rep placed my order for me over the phone NEVER told me that the "free" item they were sending with my purchase which was a 30 day supply of their joint support formula was actually signing me up for an AUTOMATIC BILLING AND SHIPMENT every month moving forward. So today a charge of 44.85$ hits my account which I NEVER authorized. I call the number listed by my bank to contact the company who charged me, I find out it is WALKFIT and their Joint Support department who have auto billed me and shipped me their stupid joint support formula which I never even wanted in the first place!!! I call in to buy a pair of their walkfit slippers from TV, they say "hey well we are also going to give you free slippers and a free bottle of our joint support formula" and then they fuck me like this! I have never had such a rigged up scamming experience in my life, and they wont refund me the shipping and handling on a package they have already sent so essentially the tell me that they will refund me for the cost of their product when I send it back, but the shipping and handling I will NOT be refunded for. What a complete SCAM!!!!!!! I am going to every single forum warning people that this company is only sending out free products to screw you a month later, you cant send something "free" to someone as a bonus for something else they called in to buy, and then just sign them up automatically without even telling them that's what the process is and what you're doing! Its a fucking ripoff and I have filed a complaint against them for this with my financial system, and will take further legal action where possible! Again, I am writing this message to make EVERYONE out there aware that this company is only out to scam you, and their product is not even that fucking good!

terryperks on May 12, 2012:

I just bought the Walkfit Platinum from BigLots for only $6.00. I hope they work. I am so glad I found them there I didn't want to spend the money for them on the TV.

John Taylor on March 08, 2012:

To all of you folks claiming this is a scam. It probably is if you order it from their call-in number. Just do yourself a favor and get them from Amazon or Target. I have NEVER had a problem when I order through Amazon or go to our local Target store. I'm sure there are other on-line and brick and mortar places as well.

Anyway, thanks for writing this review Jennifer. I began walking rather extensively ten years ago. I have averaged a little over seven miles walking every day since I decided to do it for my health. I am currently 52 years old. Anyway, shortly after I began walking a lot, I heard about the Phase 4 Orthotics (now known as WalkFit Orthotics) and ordered them by calling the 800 number. Well, I have since bought four more pairs for myself and an additional ten for family members. I simply could not live without them.

mike on March 05, 2012:

I have flat feet, particularly my left foot which over pronates. As such I have developed a soft lump under the inside of my arch. I've been to the orthopedist and his only suggestion is orthotics. What advice can you give me on Walkfit for my condition?


Ramona Stanfield on February 18, 2012:

Placed an order 1/22/12; check cashed 2/6/12 but never have received order; first the claimed my check was processing and now they are telling me the item is on back order.

James on February 02, 2012:

This company is dishonest. They added additional products and charges to my order.Their Customer No Service was not helpful. Stay away from these scammers. No product is worth the trouble they put you through.

Kermit L. Harper on February 02, 2012:

WalkFit keeps sending me items I did not order and has charged me for the items plus shipping and handling charges. They will not refund the shipping and handling charges. They have done this on three different occasions. Their customer service ( in India) is of no help!! I have Leukemia and am diabetic and on a fixed income. It's terrible they way they treat people!

sharon lowell on January 21, 2012:

I just ordered today and they said the wrong size and I could not change it because they went on the sale. Please respond. Change to size 7.

Dan on January 06, 2012:

Buyer Beware! The 100% Money Back Guarantee is ONLY good for 30 days. I thought the product was the answer to all my concerns. Tried them through a break-in period and for a month in dress shoes and running shoes. My podiatrist agrees that the inserts are a good idea but the plastic structure is too hard and actually creates more pain in my foot than without using an orthotic.

I just called in for a return authorization and was told I was not entitled to any refund as I had them for 36 days. Their add states "Try them FREE for 30 Days but my credit card account shows they took the full amount of the order, $149.00 a full week before they were delivered.

VERY troubling and for my troubles I get to talk with a customer service department in India.

Robert jenkins on December 12, 2011:

A big scam. There ad says 19.95 plus shipping and handling. They say they will ship you free additional stuff. When the inserts come there is a bill for the additional items to be billed to your card latter if you do not ship them back at your expense.

Louise Stark on July 25, 2011:

Walk fit scammed us! My husband ordered them online and was transferred when he clicked on "order" to the Walk fit Platinum page from the standard Walk fit page. They added additional items, "Walk fit for life" and additional shipping charges without our express permission. There was no way to cancel the order at that time. I sent the mess back and Walk fit has charged us $19.90 in shipping and processing fees they will not refund. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

Diane on June 27, 2011:

I have been wearing the original Walkfits for about 3 years. They work just as well as expensive orthotics. I have plantar fasciatis and my feet ache terribly when I wear sandals and other shoes without support. With the Walkfit I can walk for hours without discomfort. I just purchased a pair of the WalkFit Platinum at Bed Bath and Beyond. The construction is different, they are softer so we will see if these will work as well for me but I am sold on the Original ones. I am in the process of sending an old pair back for replacement. Thanks WalkFit. You sure have done wonders for my aching feet!

Barb on June 07, 2011:

I've had plantar fascists symptoms off and on for years, along with knee problems. My ortthopedic specialist made me some orthotics in his office from molded foam shoe inserts. MD said he ciuld make custom orthotics, but cost would be $300 and they didn't work any better than the cheapos. These cost $35 and worked well with athletic shoes. However, for regular shoes, they did not fit. I've tried other orthotic devices like gel pads, but they pit more pressure on the pressure points, instead of lifting the arch. Found Walkfit platinum at Target, and gave them a go. For flat feet and planter fascists, these work great and fit in almost any shoe type, even stay put with sandals. Good quality, great solution for the money.

Hannah on May 16, 2011:

I purchased the new WalkFitPlatinum's 2 days ago. I have horrible pain on the back of both of my heels for years and there is not one day that goes by that I do not have the pain. I am desparate for any relief. I am still in the introductory period of the Walkfit's. I have started out with the med height arch and the middle of my feet hurt now. Will this go away with time? I am trying to use them more and more each day but it hurts. Should I try to use the low set if the med are hurting this bad or wait a little longer? At this point I would rather have the middle of my foot hurt than my heels but I am really hoping all the pain will go away.

Don on May 11, 2011:

This is the biggest scam of all time and there are no laws against it. The product may or may not be good... it is how they sell the insoles. The shipping is calculated on each item and can be extremely high, like I ordered three insoles and paid 40 dollar shipping as you pay for each item ordered. IT IS A SCAM!!! Now I am trying to get a refund, but you can't get the shipping back, so I lose big time. Then I now pay the shipping to get it back to CA... and this is after talking to a service rep who can hardly speak english... lol.

vickie on April 21, 2011:

Becarefull they will charge your account more then then it is suppose to be. I order one walk- fit for $19.95 as seen n TV and they Charge my acct $ 79.62 and I call and could not get anyone to correct the problem I was on the phone for 1 hr with them ask to talk to superviser and he got on the phone and offerd me the same NOTHING to fix it.All they could say is I am sorry. And Watch when you order on the internet because it will not give you a recipt of total charge.I ask why all they could say is I am sorry.All the emp. I spoke with could not speak english at ALL. SO BE WARE !!!!!!!!!!

Beverly on April 10, 2011:

I suffer from chronic low back pain as a result of a problem in my lower spine. 2 years ago, my lower back hurt and my feet hurt so bad that I would be in pain getting groceries. A foot doctor said I needed surgery...YUCK!! I didn't like that idea, so I went to a chiropractor for the back pain which has helped; however, I found that i needed to treat my feet at the same time to help with my back. I tend to wear the same athletic shoes until they are ready to fall apart but I learned something about that also. You should buy at least every 3 months because the support tends to weaken. I had tried everything and nothing helped until I bought the Walk-Fit orthotics. I also bought new shoes and my back and feet along with that 8 week chiropractic visit has helped tremendously! I am about to buy another set of walk-fit because I know they work. It just depends on what you suffer from as to whether they will work for you.

Jeniferr (author) from United States on March 23, 2011:

I've had a few commenters accuse me of not publishing negative reviews of WalkFit. I did not publish these specific comments, but for good reason, as they were nearly impossible to read!

Minor spelling and grammatical errors are fine but any comment I publish must be on topic and coherent. If your comments are presented in fragmented and broken English I cannot publish them here. I apologize to all non-native English speakers but this is the way it has to be.

The main point to takeaway here is that it is okay to speak your mind, but please do so in a way that is intelligible and on topic. Thanks for reading.

Jim on February 18, 2011:

I had been using the Walk Fit Phase 4 for the past 10 years with great results. About a year ago I ordered replacements and was sent the Platinums by mistake. I developed a pain in the heal from the Platinum Walk Fits and now have had Plantar Faceitis for the past 11 months. It has been the most miserable past year of my life. I did get the Phase 4 again, but am still trying to get rid of the pain. I would never use the Platinums, but would still order the Phase 4.

Larry on January 12, 2011:

I had chronic calf pain in both legs. My doctor did nothing but give me pain pills. This went on for months. Then my wife heard about Walk Fit and ordered me a set. They worked GREAT. Pain is nearly all gone now. I am going to order two more pairs. I thank God for such a simple and effective solution to my leg pain.

Eric S. on January 11, 2011:

Last summer I started to experience pain in right heel, slowly became quite severe over next 2 months, affecting both feet. I eventually saw a podiatrist, diagnosis Plantar Fasciaitis, and started bi-weekly anti-inflammatory shots, daily ice packs and lots of ibuprofen. I then purchased my first gel type orthotics which helped a bit, but still experienced 90% of pain. Jan 4 I purchased WalkFit and was amazed at almost instant relief. I will say they feel kind of weird when first walking on them, like walking on golf balls (bit of an exaggeration) but no question immediately relieved pain. Second day I had them I walked to lake and back, approx. 1/2 mile total, with no pain. I realize everyone's experience may be different but I wanted to report mine because I am truly impressed with this product, which cost me $20 at Bed Bath & Beyond. I am a real 54 yr old in SE Michigan that is walking pain free again, and my overall foot condition is improving in just 1 week of use. I intend to continue my visits to podiatrist, at least for now, but will definitely continue use of WalkFitPlatinum. Thanks WalkFit!

Jane on October 27, 2010:

I am wearing $50.00 orthotics with metatarsal support.They are not working as well lately.Pain down into toes.I really need relief on ball of foot.Orthotics are called Lynco .

Gil.. on September 27, 2010:

Ive been using these for appox 3yrs now. Im on my feet all day everyday. I dont leave the house without them in my shoes, I recommend them to everyone. Ive had to warranty one pair due to cracking but it was quick and easy when I called customer service.

GREAT product.

Jeniferr (author) from United States on September 13, 2010:

Hi James, I'm glad you're showing improvement! Honestly, I had never heard of tailor's bunion so I had to look it up. Hope things continue to improve for you.

As far as how long Walkfits will last--I really don't know. The website says they're made of 'nearly indestructible polymers' which seems like marketing speak for plastic.

At any rate, they have a lifetime warranty (although there is a $5.95 shipping and processing fee) if you do need to replace them.

James on September 13, 2010:

I purchased a pair of WalkFit Platinum orthotics about three weeks ago and followed the break-in instructions. I have been astounded by the improvement. I suffer from tailor's bunions and although there were no reviews about that condition, decided to try the WalkFits partially because of your review. I would like to ask how long a pair might last before replacement is needed.

Leah on September 04, 2010:

I just bought a Walkfit ( 1 hour ago!)and I had to write write this to express my joy, amazement, RELIEF!!!! I have been having gradually worsening problems with my right foot for the past 6 months... burning pain after standing or walking for more than 1 hour. I had to stop aerobic/social dancing :( I have been to 2 podiatrist who each gave me a cortisone shot ($125!), and that didn't help. One recommended that I get fitted for orthotics ($300+). So I've tried many options. ANd I don't know what the mechanics are, but these Walkfits so far have IMMEDIATELY taken away the pain!!! I'll check back and inform if there are any adverse effects. But I needed to share this because I learned from you all sharing. THANK YOU!!! I'm dancing tonight :)yeah

Jeniferr (author) from United States on August 31, 2010:

Hi Jill, thanks for stopping by. Judging by your comment it seems like you didn't really use the insoles for very long. In fact, it looks like you may not have used them more than once, which really isn't a long enough time to really evaluate whether Walkfits work or not. I'm glad the Spencos are working for you but I have a friend that tried them for a few weeks and they didn't help her at all. So it does go both ways.

Depending on what kind of foot or shin pain you're having, some solutions may not work for you. What works for one person, might have no effect or even worse, an adverse effect on another.

I never said that Walkfit is the best solution for all foot problems but did say that given the price, it's worth a shot. If they don't work for you, maybe Spenco or Dr. Scholls will. You may be like me and need custom orthotics. Really, Walkfits are a cheap solution for those that don't have the money or would like to explore their options before spending money on custom fit insoles.

It is not my intention to come off as a smart aleck or know it all, I just wanted to respond to a negative review that I thought didn't have very much supporting evidence behind it.

So to everybody else, if you do have an opinion on Walkfit, I'd love to hear about it--positive or negative. It would also be helpful if you shared what kind of foot problems you have and whether or not the insoles helped. Looking forward to more comments!

Jill H. on August 24, 2010:

These are the worst things I have ever tried. Actually got them about a year ago, put into my sneakers (I'm a runner) and never used them again. I use my spenco inner soles and Thorlo socks and they do it for me. Waste of money

10sne1 on August 02, 2010:

I've had foot pain for at least six years. In the last year it was so severe that I needed pain medication to sleep. I will not give up several times a week tennis. I started going to a foot doctor who was perscribing pills for the pain. Then I saw an ad for Walk-Fit on TV. I was skeptical, but ordered a pair. I'd like to say my feet no longer hurt, but the pain is greatly diminished. I like the low price and the choice of the low, medium, or high support as well as the option of inserting arch supports into my sandals. This is the first time I've found any product so helpful and reasonable priced.

Holly on July 21, 2010:

I have been wearing walkfit orthotics for several years. They are way better than any of the orthotics you can buy in stores. I had a pair of custom made orthotics before, they cost hundreds of dollars and they didn't last very long, plus they were uncomfortable. Try Walkfit before you try anything else!

Ting on July 17, 2010:

Thanks for the review. I will definitely give it a try.

nic on July 16, 2010:

I used to have them a couple years back for arch support...i stopped wearing them cause i lost them while moving i have no idea...but when I first got them it hurt for a little bit, I got used to them after a week i think and did enjoy having no pains during long walks like at huge 4 day conventions where I'm on my feet for sooo many hours a day.

When I lost them, I just thought no big deal. But gradually I've been getting back and pelvic pains and a heel spur....i never had this problem back when I was using them...I miss my walkfits lol

RTalloni on January 13, 2010:

This is another good article. I needed this info, thanks so much!

Lucero on January 04, 2010:

Thank you for this review. Your experience is a great way to compare what one with foot pain may otherwise face if they needed custom orthotic inserts. After having my second child I've increasingly had foot pain and my feet have widened. So, not only do I need supports, I need new shoes altogether, ugh. My hope is that with better shoes and maybe the help of arch supports the pain in my feet will be lessened and my hip and low back problems will diminish.

Sheila Kemp on November 15, 2009:

Thanks for sharing your personal experience with these orthotics Jeniferr. I made some research on WalkFit orthotics in the past and came to similar conclusions. I tried them themselves and I think they are worth a shot. They won't help everybody but for majority they will do the job just fine.

Mick on September 08, 2009:

I live in Colorado and hike one or two 14ers every year. Five years ago I thought I was going to have to stop because of the tendonitis I was experiencing in both knees. My doctor (who also does canine search and rescue in his off time) recommended I try a generic orthotic before speding the big bucks. I have since been using the Walkfits, including a 15 mile round trip hike to Longs Peak without problems from the tendonitis. So a very good experience for me.

Jeniferr (author) from United States on July 22, 2009:


At one point in time, I thought I may have had jumper's knee, like you, but it wasn't as intense as the shin splint pain I was going through. All my pain gradually subsided post-orthotics but the knee pain might have been from improper running form due to fatigue or overcompensation rather than from my pronating problems.

I played a little bit of soccer with my orthotics but not frequently or at a high level--never had any pain. I'm afraid I can't give any insight into football or basketball. All the sports medicine websites say that orthotics will help patellar tendonitis so I think the Walkfits may help. If not, ask your trainer or doctor what the next step is.

Sorry I couldn't give help you with your question but good luck and let us know what happens.

Mike on July 16, 2009:

I just got mine in the mail and I was wondering if anybody has used them to do sports other than just running (like football or basketball). Also, I have patellar tendonitis and I hope they help. Does anyone else have this or similar knee problems?

Jeniferr (author) from United States on July 15, 2009:


Thanks for sharing your experience. Glad to hear they're working for you!

The more I read, the more it seems like WalkFits help a lot of people. Their marketing seems to sell a lot of orthotics so there are a lot of reviews out there. Its just hard to find a solid unbiased review...I guess that's why I wrote this hub.

frogyfish from Central United States of America on July 14, 2009:

I wear the Walk Fit orthotics and do great with them. I replaced a $200.00 pair of orthotics with the $25.00 Walk Fits and they do better, because of the adjustable arch support. They have my recommendation, first because of price, secondly because of comfort. Good factual info.

Jeniferr (author) from United States on April 09, 2009:

Thanks for stopping by and reading. Shoes are definitely the most important consideration if you put a lot of miles in. The real bad part about my whole ordeal with orthotics was that I found out I was limited to what brand and type of running shoes I could buy. I basically had to buy running shoes with extra cushion, a much heavier shoe. The heavier weight of the shoe, coupled with the weight of the orthotics took awhile to get used to. The plus side is that it made my racing flats, that I wore for meets, seem so light!

Camping Dan on April 08, 2009:

I am an avid runner as well and there are times I have considered orthotics. I have never made the leap, but the right pair of shoes is essential so I can see how these could help.

Dana Gore on April 07, 2009:

Interesting. I have heel spurs and was told I should consider getting fit for orthotics.

Thanks for the insight!

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