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Domestic Violence Against Women

Women will never tell anyone about the violence they endure out of shame and embarrassment.


At The First Sign of Abuse Leave

Domestic violence is a serious threat for some women. Every nine-second in the United States, a woman is assaulted, beaten, or killed. Domestic violence is one of the leading injuries that happen to women. Every nine-second a woman is assaulted, beaten, or killed by someone they know. More women are abused than men, but both can be victims. Most men as children were exposed to Domestic violence in the home between mom and dad.

Boys will most likely follow the traits of their fathers. They will choose a weak woman with low-self of esteems with no boundaries, just like mom. A man will abuse his spouse and apologize to her telling her it will never happen again, she accepts the apology but deep down she is in fear. Some women will never tell anyone that she is being abused by her partner, out of embarrassment and shame.

Why Some Women Stays With Their Abuser

These are some reasons why

1. For the sake of the Children

2. Love

3. Fear

4. Hoping he will change

5. Financials

6 . No place to go-No help

7. Threats

8. Don't want children to grow up without a father.

Most women will never omit to themselves that are being abused, In the back of their mind it's hard to believe the man she loves would ever harm her.

He abuses her she cries, and he then apologizes, telling you it will never happen again, gaining her trust. She takes him at his word, pretending nothing has happened. Instead of leaving, she blames herself for making him angry.

Why Some Women Stays With Their Abusers

There are lots of reasons while women stay with their abusers.

1. Fear

2. They are afraid to be alone

3. Financials

4. She never worked on a job.

5. The children-she doesn't want her children to grow up without a father.

Domestic violence/ Health

Domestic violence has made an impact on the lives of women, in an abusive relationship, most likely health can be affected. Women in an abusive relationship feel that it is normal. Most likely, she grew up in an abusive home, watching her mother being abused. Domestic violence has contributed to long-time health issues of some women.

1. Chronic pains

2. Depressions

3. Attempts at suicide

4. Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol

5. Anxiety

6. Homicide

At the first sign of domestic violence, Men or women should tell some about the abuse and leave, never listen to excuses of your partners. Three out of four women in the United States, die from domestic violence from someone they know. Without sorrow or shame tell someone about the abuse you are experiencing and leave.


Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on June 18, 2021:

Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence, but mostly women. Women are harmed or killed daily from their partners or a family member. The first sign of violence confide in someone, pack your bag and leave, the life you save might be yours.

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