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Viral illnesses decrease ---NO TB outbreak in T&T


Data shows more or less the same in TB cases

Trinidad &Tobago’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Roshan Parasram has confirmed there’s a significant decline in viral illness in recent times in the country.
Dr. Parasram provided data on the timeline of Acute Viral Illnesses for 2020 at the Health Ministry’s media conference.
He further noted that the current levels of Acute Viral Illnesses are quite low and manageable.
On another issue, the Chief Medical Officer has dismissed claims that there is an outbreak of Tuberculosis at the Tuberculosis Ward at the Caura Hospital in Trinidad and Tobago.
Dr. Parasram who got confirmation of this from thoracic medical director Dr Michelle Trotman stated in fact in 2019 there were 242 cases and this year there are 196 cases and more or less it has been the same with two months to be completed for 2020.
And, General Manager for Primary Care Services at the North Central Regional Health Authority, Dr. Abdul Hamid has disclosed that in the last 5 weeks, over 5000 patients have benefited from Telemedicine programme from the NCRHA’s Primary Healthcare.
Dr. Hamid further stated that Trinidad and Tobago elderly population has been appreciative of the authority’s telemedicine initiatives.