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Vertigo is a spinning experience you want no part of.


I had my first and unexpected attack of vertigo about two years ago. It was 5:45 am. As I got up to go to work, I had no balance whatsoever. I couldn't stand and fell sideways into the wall. I felt nauseous and dizzy but didn't get sick. I couldn't keep my balance. I was wobbly and walked sideways for a few minutes.

It was scary. Let me assure you, I'm not an alarmist. At first, I didn't know what hit me or what was wrong.

After I laid down in my bed, the bed was spinning. Again, I felt very dizzy. I couldn't get out of bed. Then for sure, I knew there was something wrong. I had a neighbor drive me to my Doctor who is six miles from where I live. The Doctor confirmed I had vertigo due to an inner ear infection.

The sick note for work listed Vertigo and acute labyrinthitis as the reason why I needed 4-5 days of bed rest. He also prescribed Meclizine HCL 25MG tablets which help control the dizziness.

For the first few days of my bed rest, I was reluctant, almost afraid to lay down fearing I wouldn't be able to get myself upright, and wanted to avoid the nauseating, spinning sensation.

So instead, I forced myself to stay up longer than usual. I tried to keep busy without bending my head down too often. I was exhausted and eventually had to go to bed to rest.

My boss was great about this and was completely understanding. He also once suffered from vertigo and told me it usually takes about 4-5 days to recover.

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After about 5 days of sleeping upright in a swivel chair with my feet up, I began to feel better. I could feel the heaviness and fluid subside in my left ear. Yet, it took nearly a week to feel close to 100%.

In addition to meds, I searched online for a home remedy. I elected one of many which were drinking a glass of 8 ounces of water with 2 tablespoons of concentrated lemon juice and a tablespoon of black pepper. This drink can supposedly prevent Vertigo.

I immediately went to the supermarket to buy a dozen lemons and black pepper. Other than taking meds, I drank a glass of that concoction for a week after my sudden, first-time attack.

Lucky for me I had a wall nearby to fall into and not a glass table when vertigo hit me by surprise.

Then on January 29th of this year, I got vertigo for a second time. I was already out sick from work with the flu. I went to the doctor a few days before. He noticed both ears were red, especially the left ear. And on that Thursday I awoke at 3 am in a sweat. As I lifted my head, I felt that severe wave of dizziness come on. It's a terrible, scary feeling.

This time I knew I had gotten vertigo once again and I was mad having already been sick with the flu. I renewed my prescription of Meclizine HCL 25MG tablets which helps controls dizziness to some extent.

I chose this time to sleep in a chair with my feet on the bed as I was not able to lay down in my bed without it spinning out of control to the point I experienced sustained dizziness.

I slept in my office swivel chair with the high back for four nights. It was uncomfortable and caused me restless nights. I felt I had no choice, but to take the meds and wait this out which usually takes 5-7 days to pass. When I did return to sleeping in a bed, I slept on my back and avoided rolling my head around too much. I was able to get out of bed but had to do so slowly for about another week.

I'm hoping there's not another re-occurrence. I had heard about friends and family getting vertigo, but to experience it yourself is harder than listening to how others felt when they got it.

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