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Vaxxers' and Anti-Vaxxers' Personality Traits -- In a Rough Analysis

Val is not a medical scientist, but a free thinker capable of telling apart true science from a politically tailored one.


Is a Historical Replay of "Enough Is Enough" Bound to Happen?

It may have become pretty evident to some of my readers that I derive a great fun out of writing evergreens on the topics ranging from unused human potential to spirituality -- where it means de-hypnotizing ourselves from the suggestive advances from authorities.

This particular article is not straying from that niche, except that the relevance of anything dealing with a pandemic is temporary, so it doesn't promise to the article an "evergreen" status.

Namely, I don't see it going on for much longer -- with all really depending on how soon the history may repeat itself, while it has proven this tendency in many of its aspects.

In this case with the pandemic, I am wondering how long before a huge mass of the world's populace screams out that historical: "Enough is enough! Taking chances with this virus is better than indefinitely staying its slave!"

Doesn't it sound familiar from those history books telling us how people can only take so much? Actually, the human psychology is explaining it pretty well. Namely, our survival instinct has two strong emotions supporting it -- fear, and anger, referring to that well known "fight / flight mechanism".

It simply appears imminent that at some point the current massive fear will flip to the other mode of survival -- to anger against those who caused that feeling of threat through a systematic fear mongering.

Now, I am not foreseeing a replay of those historic events with crowds armed with pitchforks turning against some "medico-political oppressors" -- albeit, masses could be quite unpredictable when they really get pissed off. Rather, there are already some indications that they are following the recipe of Mahatma Gandhi, by sabotaging the normal economic activities, blocking accesses to harbors, and alike.

Another big move I am foreseeing is not re-electing the current governments, so between the mega-producers / lobbyists, who will be suffering massive losses, and politicians who will fear losing their warm seats of power -- the story about a "pandemic" may quickly turn into the story of an "endemic", similar to our yearly flu.

Quite paradoxically, those leading the movement may not be of anti-vaxxers variety, after all, but the vaxxers, whose fear converted into anger will provide the energy for it.

However, before it comes to that, we are still witnessing this unfortunate divide -- yet another one in a long series of human stupidity -- this time between those who believe that "only vaccine and indefinite boosters can save the world, so everyone 'must' get vaccinated, and those who disagree with that.

It seems that we are seeing two distinct mentalities, or massive personality traits at work, and I am finding it a fascinating topic for a very rough analysis -- which is not, by any stretch of ambition, insisting on being completely accurate, albeit recognizable enough.


Vaxxers, Hypnotically Stuck in the Mode of Survival

If you ever happened to see an audience volunteer at a stage hypnotist's show, who went down on their four, started barking and salivating -- after being suggested that they were a dog -- it could be easier for you to understand how highly suggestible the humans can be.

I, personally, consider myself pretty well versed in matters of hypnotism, gradual conditioning, and covert brainwashing, so I have a pretty clear picture of what's going on.

Yes, there is a virus out there, but any virus is only as dangerous as weak is our natural immunity, and this massive fear mongering has lowered the public immunity quite a bit. For that we don't have to be either virologists or psycho-neuro-immunologists to accept the old household truism how "stress is number one killer".

As a matter of fact, it's been a strong consensus in the medical scientific community that up to 90+ percent of all diseases are directly or indirectly caused by stress.

So, we can only imagine with our lay-people's minds what this persistent media bombardment with medical alarmism has done to us, immunity-wise.

Now, as any hypnotist worthy of their reputation will tell you, the most of the populace in the world are not only quite suggestible, but also hypnotizable, especially with a persistent input affecting their sense of safety.

Fear is extremely suggestive -- period. So it's easy to see why all those lineups out there for another booster these days are recognizable as a sheer survival panics.

Here we are talking about a mentality that is already programmed to believe the authorities of any kind -- political, medical, and we could also talk about religious at some other place and time.

We all have our individual and collective consciousness, and vaxxers are the ones with a very pronounced collective consciousness. In terms of hypnotism, they are hardly using their own mind, it's the mind of medico-pharmaceutical establishment, of their political party, and of their religious denomination.

Thus, with all evidence talking about a temporary and even questionable effects of vaccines -- with a growing number of those getting strokes, cerebral palsy, paralysis of extremities, reproductive issues, and dying right after receiving a shot -- they just can't get unglued from their convictions that vaccine is saving their life.

They don't care that a great number of medical scientists, hospital doctors, nurses, intellectuals of a variety of Ph.D's refuse to get vaccinated. They simply cannot process that information with a critical, individual consciousness, because they don't have enough of it left, after the programming from the authorities has done a number on it.

In some of the extreme cases, and there is a massive number of them out there, we could say that vaxxers have only their fingerprints and their DNA as a left over of their true identity -- the rest is constantly switched to an autopilot programmed by others. In this case, their fear and their negative beliefs have become their very biology.

Indeed, it's true what someone has said, that in our human race "one thinks and hundreds just copy".


Anti-Vaxxers, Taking Some Educated, Some Intuitive Risks

I certainly don't have an education of any of those highly respected experts who have refused to get vaccinated, so I can't talk about their educated reasons for it. From that little that I could pick up, here are just the following few:

-- It's deadly wrong to use vaccines at the peak of a pandemic.

-- PCR test is not reliable.

-- Most of the people didn't die "of" Covid-19, -- but "with" it.

-- Natural immunity is "non-specific", protecting from "any" pathogen, whereas vaccines are "specific", (questionably and temporarily) protecting against one certain strain, and impotent when facing a host of other variants.

-- Long term side effects are not known, because it would take years to prove them completely safe.

-- Most of us already recovered from a past encounter with a virus of the covid family, and we already have antibodies.

Back to the first statement -- anti-vaxxers are listening to a "different science" -- not, as they have been accused of "not listening to the science".

It may come as a surprise to many of you, but virology, just like psychology, is not an "exact" science, but rather speculative / interpretive one, relying on statistical probabilities. So, the true nature of this virus, diagnostic methodology, and preventive / therapeutic approach is still up for grabs and based largely on a guessing game. (My own observation).

Needless to say, we are more likely to see an anti-vaxxer in a health food store and a gym, or jogging in a park, than in a doctor's office. Those are mostly the folks with more pronounced individual consciousness, using their own mind, and relying on their own health resources.

So they believe that much of their health, including the state of their immunity, is within their own responsibility, along with so many other aspects of life. They already have their strong convictions that a good nutrition and a good stress management will do for their immunity all that it takes.

Being one of them -- as if it was necessary to be mentioned -- I see our biological individuality, where one treatment may be right for some, but not all people, and no medication may be universally effective, but may even be harmful. Should we be reminded of those countless pharmaceuticals that had to be recalled for their, sometimes lethal effect -- even after having got the official blessing from the FDA.

And should we be reminded of many, many wrong decisions by the World Health Organization?

That could be added to those arguments listed before, which contributed to the decision of all those highly educated experts to decline their getting vaccinated.

There is actually a less known branch of medical science being named Progressive Medicine, which, in tandem with Human Potential Psychology has for their objective to see how high we can go with our innate potential -- rather than how low we can fall as imperfect psycho-physical beings, which is the obvious objective of the conventional, allopathic medicine.

Now, even though anti-vaxxers are not necessarily into these studies, their general orientation in life gravitates towards self-reliance rather than intervention of medical profession -- wherever it's safe to do so.

And these vaccines don't ultimately appear to be superior to our natural immunity, so hence their strong opposing to get vaccinated with something which might even negatively interfere with our natural immunity.

For, what the producers of vaccines are telling us about their safety, and the real truth in the matter, may be two quite different stories.

Finally, yes, people will still get sick, or die of one or another pathogen, but it may forever depend on how we are maintaining our natural immunity. It simply cannot be healthy for us to indefinitely keep getting these shots.

Fear has to go -- to be replaced with some cool reasoning.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2021 Val Karas

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