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The Various Stages of Ringworm - Recognise Them And Deal With It Quickly

Skin Ringworm Picture taken by me of a neighbour

Skin Ringworm Picture taken by me of a neighbour

Stages Of Ringworm - Introduction

Before we look at the stages of Ringworm I think it is important to understand what Ringworm is and isn't. It has nothing whatsover to do with any type of worm and is in fact a contagious fungus infection.

It can appear on the body, usually around the groin area but also on the scalp and the nails. It can also appear on the feet and is better known as athlete's foot. Sadly there is little you can do to prevent it and it can be picked up from an infected person or animal, or indeed any surface that an infected person has touched.

You can stop it from spreading if you take quick effective action but alas prevention is impossible.

Understanding Ringworm

Stages of Ringworm

Scalp Ringworm takes about ten to fourteen days after any type of contact. Ringworm of the body takes about four to ten days after contact.

Stages of Ringworm

Ringworm usually starts with small pimples on the skin and can be very itchy. After some time the centre starts to clear and a red ring forms. They start to look like patches or as they are often referred to rings. Then you will notice the outer edges starting to form a crusty look and often this is a yellow color.

If this happens on the scalp, you may notice the hairs that have been impacted start to become brittle and break very easily, and can often result in hair loss.

With athlete's foot you will notice that the skin starts to thicken quite a bit and then starts to crack. People often confuse this with dry skin, especially between the toes which can be quite uncomfortable.

If Ringworm attacks the nails, again you will notice them swell in size and start to turn a yellow colour as they become brittle and chalky in nature.

So depending on where you get Ringworm there will be different stages, but in a general way there is usually discomfort and itchiness. It can also be an irritant when trying to get to sleep at night and it does need treated. The quicker this can be treated then the quicker it can be cured.

The truth is that anyone can get Ringworm in any number of situations and young children with pets are particularly vulnerable. The bottom line is that Ringworm does need to be treated. If you fail to do this then you will have an infection that will not clear up. In the meantime you should not share any type of clothing, bed linen, towels etc and avoid direct contact with anyone.

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After Treatment Stage Of Ringworm

The next stage is that after treatment, then you should start to see a physical improvement as the rings begin to fade and this can take between one and two weeks depending on how severe the initial attack has been and how long it went without treatment.

Please do not be deceived by this as you must continue this treatment for another two weeks to make absolutely certain the ringworm fungus has been killed off and has gone away. Many people stop the treatment when they see the signs of recovery and this is a big mistake. Always continue on with the treatment until you are certain that there are no signs of it left.

I have known a few people who got ringworm and they were convinced it had gone so they stopped their treatment early. They lived to regret that decision as it simple came back very quickly and it comes back in a more serious way. It really does take you all the way back to the start of it and trust me, you do not want that to happen.

Those are the various stages of ringworm starting from a few spots, which then spread out into distinct red ring shapes that can often overlap. Once treated they start to become yellow and crusty and will eventually disappear if treated quickly and for the correct period of time.

What is the treatment for Ringworm?

Ringworm can be treated with various types of fungus killing medicines. These medicines can be in cream or liquid form. Check the links below and you will see which treatment suits you best. That will of course depend on the type of ringworm you have so make sure that you know which one it is.

From all the research that I have done it would appear that creams work quickly and although a bit messy to put on they do actually deal quickly with the spots.


Stuart Hartley on February 21, 2020:

I had a small lemon shaped rash for years that suddenly got very sort and slightly swollen.This subsided and now it looks very mush like ringworm: a outer red line and a much lighter inner circle. Could this be ringworm?

Rose on July 25, 2015:

I think I mite have ringworm...dose it start off kind of dull like the Same color of your skin then get darker or what because my skin is like in a wired cricle and like I said it is in the same color as my skin right now

Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on July 20, 2015:

Ringworm is a nasty little condition. Thanks for tips on dealing with it.

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