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Some Nagging Discrepancies About Covid-19 Pandemic

Val is a life-long student of unexplored human potential and many challenges that self-honesty throws at us on that path.


A Crazy Discrepancy in Science

One doesn't have to be a conspiracy theorist to ask themselves a few questions which would seriously make weaker all official claims that we have been fed by the politically perverted science.

Like, if after all preventive measures in almost two years we still have rising numbers of "positive cases", could something be wrong with the PCR test, or with the effectiveness of those enforced measures -- or with the transparency of the officials?

Regardless of what the ultimate truth may be in this whole matter, the irrefutable fact stays that the world has been subjected to an enormous daily pressure of fear mongering, with steady reports of all those ALLEGEDLY testing positive and dying from the virus.

Look, there is something that definitely doesn't add up in the science behind all that, which poses a serious question having to do with connection between prolonged stress and weakening of immunity.

Namely, we don't have to be psycho-neuro-immunologists to fully understand the impact of these daily reports, these masks, lockdowns, social distancing, and financial uncertainties -- on our immune system.

For it's a household truism that "stress kills", and back there around the very start of the pandemic, that holistic psychiatrist Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD even had courage to publicly say how people have been dying from fear, more than from the virus, since fear is doing a number on our immunity.

Of course, she was immediately silenced for spreading misinformation by the medical authorities. Joining her in that "medical exile" soon were a number of some other brilliant medical scholars of world reputation, who dared to oppose to the new medical dogma.

And that's where something doesn't add up in that "science" which we are constantly advised to follow and trust.

Really folks, what sense does it make to get the world scared-shitless and seriously lower their immunity -- then globally insist on using an experimental vaccine, which, in their own words, can't kill the virus but only make us protected from it? Well, if it can, and in what limited time only.

It's a simple fact in virology that viruses do get killed in our body but not out there, where they will hang around, or even mutate until their own life span has expired. So what's good in their story about getting rid of the virus?

And since we cannot imagine the insanity of an indefinite use of boosters, wouldn't it be a proper question to ask -- why not rely on our natural immunity supported by some supplements which have already been proven to be effective, plus a good stress management?

Look, COVID-19 doesn't have the same deadly capacity as say, cholera virus, which won't spare anybody -- it's been proven to seriously affect only a small part of the populace whose immune system is too low for one or another reason.

And talking about that lowered immunity, we have to address again that crazy paradox of the officials lowering almost everybody's immunity by daily bombarding us with reports about those testing positive and dying -- and then pushing these vaccines on us.

Indeed, does it make any logical sense? And, aren't we all being driven into another kind of pandemic -- of a mental variety. With suicides rates already being on the rise, with a plethora of mental issues being created, as well as triggering with this prolonged stress those diseases for which some people were genetically predisposed.


Who Really Decides What Is a Misinformation?

It's been repeatedly mentioned how this virus is in some 98% of the cases survivable -- vaccines or not -- which has been proven during the first year of the pandemic without any massive vaccinating being done.

Now, if the vaccine is only about 75-80% effective, one might ask, why bother taking a shot?

Really, folks, we don't have to be virologists to logically conclude that a virus is only as strong as our immunity is weak, and as the time of this fear mongering has stretched over many months, is there any wonder why today we have more cases in some localities than a year ago?

Back at the beginning of the whole racket kids were hardly affected anywhere, but then it looked like they picked up the virus of paranoia in their environment which made them vulnerable to COVID-19. Needless to say, kids are impressionable, and they can sense when their world is turning upside down.

Is it supposed to be a conspiracy theorizing if we come to a suspicion that vaccine producers counted on it, knowing that they would expand their already astronomical profits by producing the vaccines for kids as well?

At these times of an obvious censorship pointing at something like a Medical Inquisition which is silencing even some top global experts who are disagreeing with the mainstream -- EVERYTHING is bound to be rejected as misinformation if it dares to question that well oiled propaganda.

Remember 9/11 "conspiracy theorizing" -- when all of the world's experts in metallurgy claimed that those two towers of the Trade Center couldn't collapse from the heat of the plane's fuel, but had to be a result of the well organized and timed implosions?

We needed that war in Iraq, so all those experts were officially ignored and called conspiracy theorists.

Also, remember the lie that got America into nine years of the Vietnam war, with 50,000 American soldiers dying there, and another as many committing suicide later on, permanently traumatized by horrors of combats in those jungles.

Then Vietnam and America became friends, and those deaths are just another unpleasant detail of a history now.

If we want to keep our sanity, we might as well stop blindly believing in everything that we are being told, and this pandemic already gives us enough material to wonder if we are being royally duped.


Are Those Numbers of the Sick and Dead Lying?

In 2017 about 57 million people died worldwide, as that's about the annual norm of global mortality. So, we may not go wrong by supposing that a similar number would have died each year of this pandemic -- even if there was no COVID-19 around.

Then, every year about 350,000 Americans die due to medical screw-ups, and that number would probably also be about the same during the years of this pandemic.

Now, where am I going with these statistics?

I will let you make your own estimate of how many of those, who would normally die -- due to the global mortality figures -- have been added to the COVID-19 casualties.

And the same question could apply to the statistics of medical screw-ups which could easily be diagnosed as COVID-19 cases.

Then, adding to that game with numbers, we could remind ourselves how for every COVID-19 case, hospitals are getting those juicy $50,000, and for each case where breathing difficulties were to be treated, $75,000.

Why anybody of a sane mind wouldn't be tempted to conclude how those official numbers of COVID-19 casualties may not be true?

Could we also question those numbers of testing positive cases?

Namely, what if -- as some promptly silenced experts have been theorizing (while so much about this virus is still just a theory) that the PCR test is sensitive to something that most of the population normally have in their bodies. At his point let us remind ourselves that our body mass is composed of more microbes than there are cells.

So, would it be too much of a stretch of logical reasoning to assume that something, maybe not even identified in all that junk under the electronic microscope, could turn on the PCR test to make a positive reading?

Which would statistically mean that a great majority of those tested people could test positive.

Could we also add that the inventor of the PCR test repeatedly said how the test had not been meant for the infectious diseases at all.

One of those silenced, and world renowned experts, Dr. Micheal Yeaden, former CSO at Pfizer company, asserted how we may carry that genetic material long after we have developed immunity to the virus, without getting sick or making anyone around us sick -- but it would be diagnosed by PCR as a positive case.

By the way, it is the same medical scholar who said, along with his colleagues, that the pandemic was practically over, turning onto an endemic like flu already back in June of 2020.

How does that match with this new insanity of vaccination passports?


A Scary Crap, When Health Experts Can't Agree, or Change Their Minds a Lot

I don't know about you, but it's beyond my logical understanding, why would any medical expert of a world reputation risk it all with a "speculation" for which they wouldn't have some sound scientific backup.

And I just can't find enough arrogance to call all those doctors and nurse who have refused to take the vaccine as some ignoramuses -- while they are those very professionals who would have to embrace vaccines while being exposed to the virus the most.

You see what I mean? We can't call all those brilliant experts crazy pseudo-scientists just because they have been rejected by the official medical authorities pedaling this massive vaccination.

A certain Dr. Ferguson of the World Health Organization was allegedly the originator of all these draconian preventive measures, for which Dr,Yeaden said how "no serious scientist would ever agree with that model".

But, for reasons, which make conspiracy theories multiply like mushrooms, all governments in the world have been enforcing Dr. Ferguson's recommendations for lockdowns, masks, and social distancing, which obviously have not worked at all.

Especially this crazy thing with wearing masks simply says a mountain about something suspicious there, since at one point even that Grand Poobah in American medicine Dr. Anthony Fauci said how masks didn't make any difference.

But then he miraculously changed his opinion, like the whole science which made him make that statement in the first place, didn't exist anymore. That "Fallen Guardian Angel of Health Care" has been changing his story every little while, confusing the hell out of his loyal followers.

Well, this article is doomed to be just included in, what they are calling, the "Movement of Misinformation", but it hasn't been a total waste of my time if at least one or two open minded people had used their own logic about the whole thing.

As it is legally prescribed to be said, nothing in this post had an intention to talk anybody out of getting vaccinated. In addition, I am not a doctor -- albeit what difference could it make even if I was one -- since so many doctors have been ignored.

Actually, disclaimers like this always bring some sad thoughts to my mind -- as I think how some grownup people are being taken for idiots who could be swayed this or that way, as if they can's think for themselves.

But hey, if so many could obviously be swayed one way, it's assumed, by the "legal swayers" that they could also be swayed the other way.

© 2021 Val Karas

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