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Vaccine Mandates: Make The Unvaccinated Pay

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Is It Your Freedom of Choice?

More and more, private companies, schools etc., are finally realizing that paying people to get vaccinated for their good and to help society at large, is not working. Neither is free this or that. So, more and more, it certainly looks like there may be vaccine mandates for some in government jobs, military, hospital staff. But, what about the public at large?

That is where private firms have already started to mandate their employees to get vaccinated. There is NOTHING wrong or sinister about the government mandating the public to be vaccinated, as it already occurs every school year for certain health issues and because it is for the greater good. Sometimes, your personal freedom of choice takes a back seat to the general good of society. It already happens when you drive a car, you do not have freedom of choice to run a red light, but if you do, law enforcement will be there.

Many resisting vaccinations are crying it is violating by Freedom of Choice if mandated. It is like parents telling their kids to not do drugs. The mere fact you tell them not to do it, they will. Of course, with vaccinations it is different but many resist just to resist.

So, let them choose not to be vaccinated but make them pay for that decision. Their health insurance should be much higher since they pose a risk to others, whether their kids go to school or not, should be at stake, if their employer mandates it and they don't, let them suffer having no job or the hassle of being tested weekly at their expense to prove they do not have the virus. If they refuse vaccinations, maybe their health insurance will be cancelled, maybe stores will simply not allow them to enter, airlines already do this, even if fully vaccinated. Those relying on government programs and assistance if mandated, and they refuse to, should be denied the government help. Maybe even trying to renew passport for international travel may require proof of vaccination, if you refuse, no passport renewal.

Maybe a temporary mandate is in order for specific states where the Delta virus is surging, traveling to these states could be restricted until the emergency is gone. So many things might occur in the future because of Freedom of Choice regardless if it hinders the rest of us getting vaccinated. This Freedom of Choice is fine. You choose to not get vaccinated, fine, then you may lose in many ways until it is your life! But, hey, you know the risks and accepted them, so when you start to have problems in your life or with your health, don't whine about because the evidence is crystal clear about vaccines: they work. They keep you from going to a death bed should you get it and be one those 5% fully vaccinated to have bad luck.

Clinging to your Freedom of Choice may cost you or loved ones life. It also endangers all of us because unvaccinated are incubators for virus mutations (read about Epsilon and Lambda), so your choice is actually very, very selfish, and self centered. But worse, it is stupid.

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