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How Yoga Helped to Treat My Back Pain

Juanito is a registered nurse with clinical experience ranging from medical, surgical, mental, and ophthalmic setting.

How It all Started

Working as a nurse is physically taxing as well as mentally. When dealing with a patient who is totally dependent, there really isn't much choice but to do most of the lifting and pulling. Management would argue that regulations are in place to ensure that we don't injure ourselves during the line of work. Employees are required to attend the Moving and Handling Course to prevent work related injuries. Sadly, it doesn't always apply in the real world. There will be situations when your reaction is to catch a falling patient, rather than facilitating an assisted fall. I do follow all the guidelines, but sometimes it's just not applicable. Let me be clear though, I am not saying that my back problem is all attributed to work. I do some bad lifting at home as well.

Modern Medicine has all the solution, or does it?

I dismissed the idea that my back has been compromised, I'm too young to have a spinal injury. The pain would subside at first, but eventually, it became constant. I tried basic remedies at first. When I am not working, I apply a liniment on my back. It helps, but when I am working I have to take some painkillers. The liniment gives a strong smell, which some people might find offensive. The idea of taking medication on a daily basis doesn't really sit well with me. It might help with the pain, but it will have some effect on my liver and kidneys in the long run. My GP suggested that I keep taking the painkillers. He said it was just muscular pain, and it would simply go away in due time, as I was still young. To my detriment, it did not. I arranged another appointment to see my GP, when all of a sudden, COVID took over.

Three Woman Doing Yoga Exercises

Three Woman Doing Yoga Exercises

Sometimes the traditional method works better

Yoga has been around for centuries, mostly practiced within the Indian religions. It was not until the late 19th century that the western countries would take notice of it. Nowadays, local GPs and physiotherapists in the UK would suggest Yoga for patients suffering from certain medical conditions. Even so, some people are still skeptical about Yoga. I have heard people claiming that it is only promoted because a large percentage of the doctors here are of Indian descent. At that stage, I had no other choice but to try it out for myself.

That's what friends are for

A friend of mine is a yoga fanatic. When she found out about my condition, she immediately lent me her copy of a yoga instructional cd. What have I got to lose? There are no clinics open to help me, so I decided to try it out. It was really hard at first, as I find it difficult to workout on my own. It would be better in a gym with other people to help you out, but it was a different time, and I have to carry on. In case anybody is interested, the program I followed is below. You can click on the link.

My Yoga therapy

Exercises for back Pain

Exercises for back Pain

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No Pain, No Gain

It was a long time before I noticed any results. I hardly noticed any changes during my first week of following the program. I was ready to give up, if not for one of my patients. He had a stroke and is undergoing physiotherapy. He cannot stand but even so, he will say that he will try everyday. I keep encouraging him, telling him that things will get better. That hit me so hard. It would be hypocritical for me to say such things to others, when I myself, is about to jump ship. So, I trudged on. Slowly, but surely, the pain lessened.

The Road Goes on

As of the time of writing, I would say that my back is 95% back to normal. I don't use neither the liniment, nor any painkillers now. Since starting the program, my general health condition has improved. My muscle doesn't feel as tense as they normally are. I don't run out of breath as easily, and my blood pressure is on a healthy level, compared to before. I am happy to say that my overall experience with Yoga has been successful. That is the reason why, I have made up my mind to integrate Yoga into my daily life. I can only speak for myself, and I cannot guarantee that it will work for somebody else with back pain. As a nurse myself, my first advice would be to see your doctor. If that doesn't work out, perhaps then, it would be beneficial for you to try some alternative methods that are within acceptable clinical practice. In my case, Yoga. I hope that everyone's back is all well, and if there is one thing I want you to take from this experience, is that for you to protect your back. Namaste!

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Good read, thank you.

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