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Apply The Law of Attraction and Change Your Life

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What is The Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is based off the idea that likes attract likes and the same with dislikes attract dislikes and has been used for centuries. According to the Law of Attraction, if you want something good to happen, you should only think about the positive outcome of what you want to happen, and stay away from any of the negative thoughts you get when you remember you don't have what you want.

For example, if you want wealth think about being rich. What would you drive, where would you live, how would you act. Really submerge yourself into pretending as if you already are rich. Think about it so much you can feel the money in your hands. This may seem hard to do at first because you have to really play a role. Once you start doing this, and begin to see it working for you then it will become easier and easier. When you apply the law of attraction to your life the outcome always seems to end up so much better.

"I am not a doctor, or psychologists of any type, I wrote this based on my own experiences with using the Law of Attraction"


Ways to Attract What You Want

Stay Positive

Staying positive is one of the main keys to manifesting your dreams when applying the Law of Attraction into your life. A happy thought or loving memory will not only help to brighten your day, it can also change your whole life. Being negative and unhappy on the other hand only allows bitter, negative thoughts to invade your mind and those bad feelings will do nothing but hold you back. To manifest your dreams, you have to be at the right frequency, so fill your mind with as much love and hope as possible. Remember you attract what you think and feel. Negative thoughts only cause more negative things to happen, so try to banish them before they fully take over your life. Here are a few steps I use everyday to help keep me positive, Even on my those days when we find it all most impossible too, we always have something we can be grateful for.

1. Every day that you wake up find things to be thankful for in your life. If you can not think of anything off the top of your head always remember you woke up to see another day and be grateful for that.

2. When you begin to notice a negative thought moving in immediately apply the law of attraction and replace that bad thought with a positive one. You might find this one hard to do at first but once you have completely replaced your negative thought with a positive one you will feel amazing.

3. Be kind to others, positive actions are what turn your dreams into a reality, so make others feel good about themselves and you will too.

4. Meditate daily this one has been so helpful for me. This clears your mind and helps you focus on what it is that you really want.



Some people manifest their dreams within days, others may not see results for years. The one thing for you to keep in mind is that the Universe will give you what it knows you need when you need it. So have patience and stop trying to rush everything. There's a time and place for everything, it will happen when we least expect it too.

Remembering these steps should help you along the way.

1. Breathe, let things happen in their own time.

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2. Stop thinking about why isn't your dreams coming true and focus on what you have to be grateful for. You made your request now relax and let it happen.

3. Always look at every breath you have as another opportunity to make a difference. Focus on being a better person and helping others. Time flies when you stay busy and you'll feel amazing doing this.

Focus, Focus, Focus

Focus on what the desired outcome for whatever it is you want. The desired outcome will happen when it is meant to happen and as long as you live your life like this, you will begin to notice results. Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to manifest.

1. Idealize-Think about what you want as vividly as you can.

2. Visualize-Think about what it would look like if you had it.

3. Materialize-Act as if you already have it.

Take Action

Once you have asked the Universe for what it is you want, start listening and watching for opportunities and circumstances that allow you to help manifest what it is you want. You have to be open and allow the things you want to manifest into your life. In other words, if you want to become a writer and you get a great opportunity to write a book, don't pass it up because you're too scared of what the outcome may be. You were given the chance to write because that is what you asked for. Always keep an eye out for these signs, when trying to manifest.

1. Keep an open mind, things are probably not going to happen the way you thought they would so keep your eyes open for opportunities, that may help you manifest.

2. It is okay to feel uncomfortable, most people do feel this way when trying new things. So if your dream is to become a singer and someone asks you to sing at a benefit, take them up on it. This is an opportunity that the Universe has lined up for you.

3. Never doubt yourself and I mean ever, if an opportunity is presented to you. Just apply the law of attraction, and accept that you were given this chance as a way to improve yourself and be grateful.


This is the big one, if you can not believe it, then you will not receive, just ask and know your opportunities are lining up. If something doesn't end up like you wanted it to, then it was not meant to be. Everyone has the potential to do great things, so believe in yourself and go for it.


Life Coaches Rock

I am not a life coach or a professional of any kind, my experiences are based on my own results I have had using The Law of Attraction. If you are having trouble manifesting or achieving the goals you want, I would suggest you talk to a Life Coach, they are wonderful at helping you reach hard goals. These professionals are amazing at helping you put things into perspective when you are trying to get your life together.

You Are Awesome

Fill in the empty boxes above and use them to help give you a little positive inspiration.

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Colin Garrow from Inverbervie, Scotland on June 11, 2015:

Of course, I've heard all this before, but it's really good to hear it again. Very sensible advice. Now all I need to do is apply it to myself. Great Hub.

Joshtheplumber on June 04, 2015:

The law of attraction had a huge impact on my life... Even before I had heard of it. In retrospect, I learned I had always been using it. That was the tricky part to deal with. I had to take responsibility for all the things in my past I so fervently blamed on others :/

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on April 24, 2015:

I do believe in the Law of Attraction. When first I learned about it, it changed my life so much. I wish I am constant in doing it.

Joe from north miami FL on June 24, 2014:

So happy to be a part of the inspiration process for you, keep writing and I will surely keep reading.

Mary (author) from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet. on June 23, 2014:

Thank you so much for commenting joedolphin88, I have found most of my own inspiration for writing from other hubs and hubbers like yourself who write such sweet comments.

Joe from north miami FL on June 23, 2014:

Interesting information here, you go very deep in this hub and inspiration really is key.

Mary (author) from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet. on June 14, 2014:

Thank you for commenting, we all need a little inspiration every now and then.

Rodney Fagan from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City on June 14, 2014:

Too true, it is often the case that when you need the inspirsation, simple tools like this hub, call you to remind you and to help to unclutter.

This is what you need when you are going to need it the most!


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