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Username and Password - Does Not Match Our Records


It Starts with an Email

We received an email alert that the Clinic had added information to our file. So, I clicked on this email alert and it brought me to the email which informed me that if I followed the link provided, I would be brought to the health portal where I could then view the new information.

I clicked on the link, which brought me to a sign in box. My computer usually helps by filling in the user name and password, otherwise I have to page through a password book to find.


Access Denied

According to their records, the username and password combination that I entered, via my computer management system, was incorrect.

Well. The username and password in my records is the combination that my computer supplied. Their computer was corrupt.


The diagnosis is clear.

Poor boy, you're going to die.


What Happens Next is Anybody's Guess

It's Sunday. We cannot call anyone.

On top of that, my internet connection in my house is faulty right now, what with the smoke from Canada blocking the signal to my house. So there is that message on my mobile phone screen that says

"Your connection was interrupted"

Again, this boils down to no access to the original email.

An Empty Shell

So. Now what?

The computer is playing games. The Clinic is playing coy. Do I play the game of having an email sent to my computer to verify the now lost or stolen user name and password combination.

Okay. First of all. I am no computer expert. My hubby is definitely no computer guru. This cat and mouse chasing game has got to stop.

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