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Unmasking The Truth: Why We Refuse to Wear a Face Mask


A face-off between the mask-wearers and anti-maskers. Why are people so against wearing a face mask in public?

Anti-masker protester

Anti-masker protester

During the coronavirus pandemic, it became compulsory to wear face coverings in shops and on public transport. Since then, misinformation, disinformation have flooded social media and many other platforms about Covid-19. This has led many people to become suspicious and cynical -- believing that wearing face coverings is totally unnecessary and potentially harmful in many ways. There have also been numerous arguments and fights between members of the public, some for not wearing their masks, and others for wearing them.

What have the scientists said? "Yes, face coverings stop the spread of the virus", and "the only way to control the virus is with face masks." While others say, "face masks don't help" — "there is no firm evidence to back the use of face coverings," and "masks can cause more damage than good." My friend said, "Masks make the breathing problems I have, worse."

Why are people refusing to wear a face mask?

The Exempt


Please be mindful and respectful of anyone you see who is not wearing a face mask because they could be genuinely exempt for the following reasons...

The Exempt

  • Severely claustrophobic people who find it harder to breathe with a face covering are exempt.
  • If a face-covering causes severe distress, you're exempt.
  • Anyone who relies on lip-reading or facial expressions to communicate.
  • If It would negatively impact your ability to exercise in a public place.
  • Children under a specific age (depending on the country) are not required to wear face coverings for health and safety reasons.
  • Anyone who cannot put on a face mask because of a physical disability, mental illness, or impairment are exempt.
  • Not forgetting some anti-maskers, anti-government and Covid-19 sceptics who use the 'exempt' reasons as an excuse to not wear a mask in public.

Many people, including myself, think people who are exempt from wearing face masks should at least wear a 'face shield', out of respect and courtesy to people wearing masks. Or at least an 'Exempt ID' card or something issued by doctors.

Thousands of anti-maskers, Covid-19 sceptics and conspiracy theorists again gather in Trafalgar Square

Thousands of anti-maskers, Covid-19 sceptics and conspiracy theorists again gather in Trafalgar Square

Anti-Maskers - Covid-19 Sceptics - Anti-Government

Why we refuse to wear a face mask.

Not ALL anti-maskers are opposed to or refusing to wear a face mask because of the coronavirus. Each has their own issues and reasons. For example, "It makes my glasses steam up, or "they leave marks on my face, "people can't hear me properly", and, "I don't wear my mask in solidarity with my hard of hearing friends who cannot read people's lips in public."

The Anti-Maskers have been very public about their issues by taking to London's streets in several high profile protests involving thousands of people who oppose the wearing of face masks, as well as the lockdown rules and restrictions. In their defence, many scientists and health professionals have publicly spoken out to support them.

Many have said, "no medical evidence to support wearing face masks". "Wearing a face mask can be dangerous to your health" — "masks reintroduce dangerous expelled materials back into your lungs which can cause carbon dioxide poisoning".

Others believe that wearing a face mask is not the answer to the solution. We have never had a cure for the cold or any coronavirus, let alone Covid-19, and they believe that society cannot continue to live a life being permanently masked (muzzled).

Not to mention the billions of masks that have become as bad as the plastic carrier bags crisis as millions of abandoned masks — some contaminated, litter the streets and countrysides. Or end up in landfills or rivers which is not good for the wildlife or environment.


According to Pew Research, one-fifth of Britons believe Covid-19 is a hoax. According to the Oxford Coronavirus survey. A quarter of people in the U.S. think there is some truth to these conspiracy theories.

Covid-19 Sceptics: Many health professionals and high profile people have publicly spoken out at large protests in Trafalgar Square. Including former British footballer David Icke and Piers Corbyn (footage), the brother of the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and suspended nurse Kate Shemirani (footage) who also doesn't believe Covid-19 exists, saying, "Covid-19 is a 'hoax - a scamdemic' - a 'conspiracy to control the masses.

Researchers from the 'State University of Londrina' found that people who were less likely to comply with Covid-19 prevention measures, such as wearing a mask and social distancing, had “antisocial traits,” such as 'low levels of empathy' and 'high levels of callousness and risk-taking',

Anti-Government: At an anti-mask and anti-government rally in London, one of the speakers said, "the government is a form of religion. It is statism, and a lot of people will go by the government's rules and regulations because they like to follow orders." Another called it a "Covid-19 PLANdemic." These people do not believe what the government is saying concerning how deadly Covid-19 is. The problem is, so many people are so anti-government, that if the government recommended we ate two bananas each day for good health, they would stop eating bananas, then the banana conspiracies would commence! Most also don't want to be 'child reared by a nanny state'.

Who is right about everything concerning the Coronavirus/Covid-19?


The ethics advisory board - scientists - epidemiologists - World Health Organisation (WHO) - The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), or government?

When I hear the coronavirus sceptics and anti-maskers publicly speaking out about their conspiracy theories, they voice their opinions with such passion, belief, confidence and conviction, which far outweighs the way any politician looks and sounds when they are advising and ordering the public to 'mask-up and isolate' because of scientists and expert's advice.

Some might say, what qualifications do these sceptics have? They have analysed all the evidence and picked it apart, uncovering far too many inconsistencies, regarding the unnecessary lockdowns, self-isolating, and the need for wearing face masks — information also coming from reputable sources, such as doctors and scientists who have publicly spoken out to support the anti-maskers.

Many have said, if the government is so concerned about the people's health why don't they limit the sale of unhealthy foods, tobacco and alcohol which kill millions every year.

They also say if the coronavirus (the highly contagious deadly killer virus) was as deadly and contagious as the government keeps saying, why would so many politicians, from Margaret Ferrier, Corbyn to Cummings blatantly break the rules which they imposed on the people by travelling hundreds of miles, using public transport and having dinner parties which were all in breach of the government's coronavirus rules, as well as the standards of professional behaviour!

Will we ever know who or what to believe?

We will never one-hundred-per cent know the real truth because cover-ups within the governments and the NHS are far too common. Just as much as not everyone will ever know 100% if the first moon landing was real, or the real truth about 911, or the real truth about the Roswell crash cover-up. That I do know 100%..... just ask any members of the 'Flat Earth Society'!


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Babs on November 07, 2020:

Hmm, Exempt!!?? Are they infection free? Do they know if they they have the Covid19 virus? Those people are either idiots or Trump supporters. Or, the same thing.

If they refuse to wear a face mask, then wear a face-visor or STAY HOME!!!

Julie_J on October 30, 2020:

I dont wear a mask for the same reason I dont wear underwear, things just have to breathe!!!

Anti-Anti on October 26, 2020:

Whatever you want to call yourself, get off your high horse. Stop being selfish and wear a mask. One day, sooner than you'll know it, you’ll be old and vulnerable too!!

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on October 24, 2020:

Well done. A really good treatment of a tough subject. My little household just decided to wear them. My son and I laugh when mom wears them in the car.

My dentist has always worn one -- no need to wonder why.

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