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Universal Math is simple, adding and subtracting from your "life".

Free your mind


Think for yourself and you will be set free.

Deprogram your minds.

Those that say or try to stop your dreams are not an addition so reprogram your minds and subtract them from your life. Do the "Universal Math".

If people take away from you, your smile, your dignity, your heart, your mind, your soul, subtract them.

Keep only those people who will embrace whatever your about and whatever you do.

It is ok if people don't understand you but if people reject things about you that helps you to flourish and grow, it is time to clean house.

In life we were put on this planet to explore and to "grow" and expand our minds.

When we want knowledge about something we should not allow others to "stifle" our growth.

Sometimes we have to do a little time to think what is good for ourselves.

It might take a little while a few years but your growth and your well being depends upon the decisions you make.

Remember we have something called "free will".

Everybody is allowed to make "decisions" to either help them along the way or to help bring them down.

Sometimes we need to sit back and really think about decisions instead of doing them right away.

Of course in life, unexpected things can happen so we sometimes have to go with the flow of life.

Most of our lives we let "others" push their beliefs and let them program us.

If you want to be an independent thinker in your own ways and want to do things based upon knowing what really works for you and others put what you do down? Then it's time to really seriously clean house.

We shouldn't have to have things pushed upon us, just because someone says something.

In society many people are programmed to just do things in a way that they will want other people to do the same thing they want to do and if things are done differently than it is the wrong way.

In decision making in what works for you, the best thing to do is to not follow advice of those that try to change something that isn't "broken".

I have experiences in my life when I know things were working for me and I think people weren't happy with what was working for me, so other people had to dictate me on how things work on life.

So if their way in life is suppose to work, why are they stuck in miserable lives and never get ahead in life?

It is simple.

People that are stuck with their decisions and regret what is happening in their lives, just don't want other people to succeed and want to "talk' other people out of what is working for them so they can be stuck and be miserable like those people too.

When people are miserable they want to take away people's way of doing things their own way who want to become successful and don't bow down to society's way of living to make it in this world.

When people do that, those miserable people will keep trying to program others so that they will never accomplish things themselves and it will be a vicious cycle that people will never get out of.

Remember to keep our minds open so we can become successful in our ways.

If something is working for you and it is your way, then that way is the right way.

Don't let others influence you to fall off your path in the way you do things.

People will always try to stop you from becoming the best you can be, because other people don't want to be at their best and will never work at it. So those are not the people who you want in your lives.

When we start to deprogram our minds and reprogram our minds, our health will also improve.

Sometimes being around people that are miserable sometimes can make you so physically sick and you feel like you can never be healed.

I'm living proof.

I am feeling so much better than I did years ago, in fact I have never felt so healthy like this because I have flushed down the toilet vicious miserable people who are nothing but poision.

I learned that my personal growth is so very important, in fact I do not allow anyone into my very close tight knit cycle to enter unless they are thinkers themselves and are not letting society stifle their individual growth.

It is time to start making changes even more so today.

When we make changes right now as I am typing this, personal growth will start to slowly flourish.

Of course it did take me a few years to get this and truly find people that were so influential to help me succeed and help to extend their hand to me and pick me up I have just never looked back.

I feel today I can breathe so much easier and keep embracing this.

When we stop growing we do become mentally and physically sick and that just is not good.

If you don't have health nothing else is going to matter at all.

You can have all that you want in the world but if your health is being bombarded by negative people around you in your inner circle and they bring negative energy in your inner circle, it is time to cleanse them out.

Sometimes all you need to do is flush bad negative vibes down the toilet because all those negative vibes and negative energies belong in one place and that is in the toilet and all you got to do is to pull that one handle to flush it down the toilet and flush it all away.

It is that simple, one little flush, cleansing the bad energy so that your inner self can start healing and feeling better so you can start attracting positive white energy to help your pursue your beautiful life and the way it was meant to be lived.

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