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Understanding Depression


Depression is a serious medical illness. It is like a mood disorder that causes an abnormal feeling of sadness, emptiness, and loss of interest. Since the pandemic started, depression has become a common issue nowadays. Some people conquer it, and some people lose control, which leads to their death.

Unrecognizable, but deadly. Who knows the person you talk to every day who always smiles, suffers from depression, and then one day you learn he has committed suicide? Depression is indeed a silent killer.

What causes depression?

Depression can be a reaction to abuse, violence at school, the death of a loved one, or domestic violence or family troubles at home. After being under a lot of stress for a while, someone could get depressed. Additionally, it may run in families. Sometimes the cause of something may be unknown.

Talking from the perspective of Psychology, several factors can lead to depression.

1. Biological causes

  • Genetic Factors

You have a higher chance of getting this disorder if a member of your family has it. Because you are genetically embedded, even minor stresses can activate the disorder. But it is only a rare phenomena.

  • Hormonal Factors

Depression may also result from a biochemical imbalance in the brain. People who suffer more frequently have low amounts of neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and serotonin. Low levels of these can have a variety of underlying causes, including behavioral factors as well as physiological ones.

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2. Psychological causes

  • Negative Self Schema

A person is more prone to depression if they come to have an unfavorable opinion of their own characteristics, skills, and behavior, as well as of themselves generally. Due to these emotions, he is very sensitive to criticism and will only concentrate on all bad information. Because of this, he will start to think irrationally and make decisions that are final and irrevocable.

  • Beck’s Cognitive Triad

This entails forming unwavering, consistent judgments that are detrimental to oneself, the world, and the future.

  • Failure to reduce gap between Real and Ideal Self

When people fail to meet what they expect of themselves, they have a higher chance of experiencing depression. Some people, even though they are already aware of their own capabilities, instead of lowering their expectations, they set their feet too high. When they fail, they start to criticize themselves, which only leads them to a miserable abyss.

3. Sociocultural Factors

There are several other factors like poverty, unemployment, inferior education, prejudice, negative home environment, abuse which act as triggers.

Prevention is still better than cure knowing that depression cannot medically treated with some medicines. But can it really be prevented? There’s no clear answer for that. Most experts think it can’t be prevented. Others aren’t sure. You may not be able to totally protect yourself from these things. But you can change how you handle the stress they can cause. If you already have depression, you can stop it from getting worse.

How to handle depression?

#1 Make yourself busy.

Stop overthinking and focus on exhausting yourself with other things to divert your attention. It can help you forget that feeling of loneliness slowly by slowly when you start to busy yourself.

#2 Focus on things that make you happy.

Instead of stressing yourself out in your shell, do things that can make you happy. It would help you move on the things that give you only heartaches and worries.

#3 Stay away from things that make you depressed.

Cutting those ties with people and your involvement in any other things that make you depressed is such a great move because it can help you avoid going insane. There's no point staying with people or things that give you so much headache. It's not about being a coward, but it's about prioritizing yourself in the name of healing.

#4 Love yourself

Learn to love yourself and accept every imperfection you have. Stop comparing yourself to other people. It will only add fuel to your depressed mind.

Depression is entirely all about your state of mind. If you always think negatively , it results in a negative feeling as well, but if you always think positively, you'll gain a happy sense of living.

It may be impossible for someone who suffers from depression to fight his or her own self, but that's how it works. Only you can help yourself. And lastly, don't forget that we have God. Seek for his guidance and pray.

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