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Uncomfortable Comfort

Alexandra is an ambitious, self-driven, and aggressive woman who knows what she wants.

The Uncomfortable Feeling of Comfort

Feeling content can be just as anxiety-provoking as the feeling of the world falling beneath you. We commonly think things are going too well and something terrible is about to happen. We may wonder, "Why are all these good things happening to me?" We may even rationalize, "According to the law of the universe, something awful is going to happen to balance out all the good things."

Falling into a false sense of security can be as equally damaging as never enjoying the moment. Here are a few tips to help you to feel comfortable while actually being, comfortable.

Take It One Day at a Time

What does it mean to "take it one day at a time?" It means, focus on today's problems because tomorrow will have its own. Focus on what you are doing now. If you are reading this article, focus on the article. Breathe, and be mindful of each breath. Some of you may be thinking, "I work in the most stressful environment and have absolutely no time to breathe," or, "I'm a mom, there is no such thing as taking a moment." I'm a paralegal, I know all about stressful situations. However, I still take a moment to find my head and breathe. You won't be useful to the company or your children if you can't find your breath. Take one breathe at time and one inhale at a time.

Don't Have Unrealistic Expectations

It's healthy to be positive about the prospects of a new job or journey. However, it is not healthy to put all your prospects in one area; always have a plan B. Jobs give people a probationary period for a reason. It takes about 2 to 3 months to figure out if you're a good fit. Everybody wants to find their dream job. They want to go to work (or work from home) and be happy doing what they are doing. There is a downside to everything. No place is perfect. The important thing is not to let a negative aspect of the job burst your career bubble. Be realistic and keep it moving.

Love Yourself

As overused as it may sound, you must put yourself first. It's perfectly acceptable to be selfish. There are two types of selfish people: 1) the person who only thinks about their well being because they believe nobody else matters and 2) the person who realizes if they don't take care of themselves, it will create a weak link in the team (or office dynamic). The first type of selfish person would still come to work with a cold, even though they will get other people sick. Typically, this type of person is motivated by greed. The second type is the person who stays home because they know going to work, while sick, could infect the entire office. People often get confused about self-love and self-absorbance. If you are self-absorbent, you are sucking up all the energy and draining everyone around you. If you have self-love, you are emanating an air of confidence and security.

Remember: You can remain vigilant without falling into a false sense of security, while still enjoying the moment. Believing you will get the "perfect job," land the "perfect man or woman," or raise the "perfect child," is a self-sabotaging mentality. By sabotaging yourself, you are then fulfilling the self-fulfilling prophecy that "something terrible is bound to happen." Of course, life is full of ups and downs. So yes, at some point, things will get turbulent. Nothing remains smoothe forever. Enjoy the moments when you are content because as most of you know, those moments don't come around often.

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