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Ultimate Performance Online PT Review

I have a masters degree in sports science and around 10 years experience in personal training and sports research.

Ultimate Performance.

Ultimate Performance is a huge presence in the fitness world. They have gyms in America, Asia and Europe as well as a big online presence. They also hire a range on personal trainers to attend to all types of people, whether you're looking to lose weight, build muscle or get stronger. They seem to be one of the leaders in the fitness world at this current time and are a huge company.

First Impressions

First impressions can mean a lot and it's interesting to see the first impression i get from Ultimate Performance. They seem very informative on what you will get from each program available, they seem to give a lot away if i'm honest. They also offer one free pdf workout to send to your email to give you a look into what you can expect when joining up, which is quite impressive. They offer 3 services offline including fat loss for men, fat loss for women and a 12 week muscle building plan.

Online they also offer 3 services. The first service being a one on one coaching service. This generally is quite expensive and they charge around £600 for 3 months, which is to be expected. The other 2 options are LiveUp for men and LiveUp for women. These are monthly paid services are £65 per month. It looks to cover everything such as workouts, meal plans, nutritional information and exercise videos explaining how to do certain exercises.

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Ultimate Performance Review

Going into the review now, I decided to go ahead with the LiveUp Men online coaching program. Just to be transparent I will not be following the regime exactly. I will follow similar programming, i will be reviewing it and keeping it live for 2 months for the review. I am just using my experience in this field to review my personal thoughts on what they are offering.

To start with, they make you fill out a questionnaire in order to set you up with the right program. Many trainers use this nowadays and it's just the standard questionnaire asking for age, weight, eating and exercising habits ect. They then proceed to set you up with the correct workout plan.

A really impressive thing about Ultimate Performance is the exercise tutorial style videos that they have. They arguably have the widest range i have ever seen with all the videos very well detailed and easy to follow. I am also a big fan of the fact they offer at home workouts as well as in the gym workouts, so it suits almost everybody.

The negatives i find on this is it's just very basic programming. It's mainly very simple exercises that a majority of people will know, with basic repetitions and sets. However, they do offer tempo guidance on how to perform each rep which is a nice touch. I would also say similar about the meal plan and nutritional advice, it's quite basic and I would say for the price you would be better off just getting an online cook book or meal plan ebook for much cheaper.

I had the plan live for 2 months because it says that you can change your workout program every month. I decided to change it and if i'm honest I couldn't tell much of a difference in exercises but workout styles had definitely changed.

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Overall there's a vast amount of things you get included in this package however i do find the programming to be quite basic.

Score: 3.5/5 - Good

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Ultimate Performance Price Review

The price of this plan was £65 per month. I can see why they think it would be justified due to a huge database of workouts and exercise videos. Even the meal plan and nutritional information is quite detailed and useful but as i said you can get the same from an ebook for much cheaper. I don't think it's way overpriced but don't see it as much value either.

Score: 3/5 - Average

Customer Service Review

As always it's good to get an idea of how effective companies are with dealing with questions and complaints. To test this out i like to send some emails and ask some queries in the private forum for customers and personal trainers. They where all really impressive responses within a short frame of time. I asked questions about how to view the videos and how to change workout plans ect. I was answered within a few hours and with useful information, not much to complain about here.

Score 4.5/5 - Excellent

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Ultimate Performance Overall Review

As i said before I didn't particularly follow the regime itself but i used my knowledge of other plans I have seen and followed over the years to base it off them. However, I did actually use some of the at the at home workouts to just get a feel of their programming. I would say it's a good program for the huge database given to you but it's not amazing as there are other plans out there similar for a cheaper price.

Overall Score: 3.5/5 - Good

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