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Two Natural Self-Defense Weapons That You Should Not Leave Home Without

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Element of Suprise Weapons


There are two weapons that you should never leave home without. They are steel or hard-toe shoes and SAP gloves.

In today's world, steel-toe shoes or shoes that are made of other hard synthetic materials are easy to come by. They are made for working in. They are designed to protect your feet just in case something heavy falls on them. Some years ago when I was a new hire on the ramp at United Airlines, I was holding a light conversation with a friend of mine who was seated in a tractor. As we were conversing, he suddenly rolled forward and the front wheel of his tractor rolled over my toes. Lucky for me, I was wearing my steel toe boots and I didn't feel a thing. Anyway, just as one thing can used for a purpose that it was not designed for, so too can steel-toe or hard-toe shoes can used not just for work, but also for self-defense. In a real sense, they are the ultimate self-defense weapon. First, they can have the innocent appearance of looking like any other shoe. They can come in the style of a dress shoe, a walking shoe, or even an athletic or running shoe. Second, they can be part of your everyday wardrobe. Today's steel or hard-toe shoes don't necessarily have to be heavy or clumsy. They can also be light and comfortable for you to walk around in everyday. Third, the weapon that you "carry" with you is concealed. If you choose the shoe right, no one will ever suspect that you are carrying a concealed weapon. Last, you can use your steel or hard-toe shoes to defend yourself effectively. For one, it gives you a weapon of surprise. Also, it very useful for delivering painful kicks to your attacker's lowers extremities such as his ankle, his shin, or his knee. A quick kick delivered with enough force, not only is it hard to defend against, but also it will leave your attacker with broken bones to the point that he will be unable to continue his assault on you. Last, you don't have to dig around in your purse to look for that can of mace or dig in your pocket for a weapon of sort that will alert your assailant to watch out for the knife, gun, or stick that you just pulled out. With steel-toe or hard-toe shoes, he would never know or be prepare to defend against your attack since it would be so sudden and so unexpected. Your weapon is right there under his nose, on your feet, and he just doesn't know about it!

The other weapon that you should never leave home without is SAP gloves. (Note: Before you go out and buy them, make sure they are legal to wear as a self-defense weapon in your state. The law varies from state to state.) Just like shoes, gloves are a natural addition to your everyday wardrobe-though, of course, not in summer. Like causal, everyday steel or hard-toed walking or running shoes, no one would expect that the gloves you are wearing is a concealed-though overt-weapon. SAP gloves, unlike regular glove, have lead or steel fillings inside the knuckles of the glove. This enables you to pack more power into your punch. As they say in business, "If you don't have the talent, go out and buy it". The same principle can be applied in respect to self-defense: If you don't have the hard punch or kick of a martial artist, go out and buy it: Go out and buy a pair of hard or steel-toed shoes. Go out and buy a pair of SAP gloves and you'll be in business-so-to-speak-tomorrow! To get back on track, SAP gloves, for the most part, are designed for self-defense. I would add, in fact, like hard or steel-toe shoes, you can call on them to defend yourself in an instant because you are already wearing them. Delivering a quick jab with your SAP gloves to your attacker's face will not only keep him at bay, but also it might just break his nose. Following up with a quick hook to his ribs will surely break or bruise his ribs to the point that he will probably no longer desire or be capable of continuing his assault. Last, if all else fails, a short uppercut to his groin with your SAP gloves will surely put your assailant out of commission.

Steel or hard-toe shoes together with SAP gloves are the great equalizers that will put you on an equal playing-or should I say fighting- field with the hardened criminals on the streets. Together compose your element of surprise and instant attack weapons that can spell the difference between life or death for you on the streets.


Lance on May 07, 2015:

I had a job that i needed steal toes for and now their all i wear :)

Jax on March 05, 2012:

i love SAP gloves i never leave my house without them. once tested how effective they are i can literally break cinderblocks easily with them without any pain at all. so yeah they will be usefull for those that need to be sure your protected. SAP gloves are Less Lethal and are mostly loopholed in the laws seeing as they DO NOT count the same as brass knuckles. so yes they are nice just make sure there legal were you live and obviously don't take them into an airport or government building.

Rahsei on December 29, 2011:

being prepared is the best way to handle any situation. But the way you handle the situation is up to you. be smart with your tools.

James A Watkins from Chicago on December 27, 2011:

I enjoyed your great Hub. You have excellent ideas and as I am get older now I am going to take your advice just in case the city streets get mean.

PassinItAlong on July 16, 2010:

Thanks for the information. Lots to think about when preparing for the worst scenario one could have; an attack on his/her person.

afriend on June 25, 2010:

go to search,type in these names sun sentinel wayne treacy josie lou ratley and kayla manson.

treacy used the boots and gloves u mentioned here,to almost kill an innocent girl!!!

Please check this out,then go to facebook,and type in the samenames

they boy and girl manson and treacy are up on attempted murder charges

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josie lou the victim has a severe head injury

captainchris on June 17, 2010:


i don't know if I would trust this to save my life. I am really not sure about the gloves.

Thanks for sharing this!!

Great hub page.

martial arts footwear on June 17, 2010:

I think those shoes can protect you in situations like the one you were talking about (tractor), but I'm not so sure about the gloves.

Instead of relying on equipment I think it makes sense to learn martial arts - or running really fast.

jeanie.stecher from Seattle on April 30, 2010:

Well, this kind of self defense for me will require skills and practice to use. I mean, to have an effective kick with a steel toe shoe must not be just anywhere. An effective martial art practice will be a good tandem for this. Probably, to become more effective, a pepper spray or a stun gun in your pocket with a boot will do the trick. =)

Balls to the wall on January 30, 2010:

Learn martial arts or boxing... who wants to walk around wearing steal toe shoes, theres not very comfortable, im a welder so i have to wear them every day you get sore then you get major callous's... but basically.

learn to fight or by a glock... those are your best bets.

if its illegal to conceal a firearm in you state maybe by an airsoft gun and remove the orange tip... they look real since there modeled after real guns..

but you have a lot to gain by taking up boxing or martial arts, you learn control, confidence, you get in shape... and every where you go you feel like you are the bigger man(or women)

Richard on January 11, 2010:

very cool. never heard of sap gloves, but i will look into them. im still in school, but fights break out a lot so most of the kids are well prepared. guns are kind of like a no no in our highschool even to the fighters. we usually just have certain stuff to give us an edge. some people can make handy tools out of gloves, including one that i use. you have gloves with multiple layers, like some leather gloves. ive found some small darts type needles (which are my choice bcause of the size and the small chance of hurting yourself while hiding) and shove em in there. make it so they cant come out but can be taken out when needed. or you get the idea, hide wepons in areas where no one would think. next is my all time favorite wepon..its a little bit gyver like. but its helped me. it can help kids like me who don't like to fight, but rly wana hurt someone if needs be. what i do it get a tube, metal or plastic. so it dosnt bend. and make it just a few inchs shorter then your wrist to inner elbow length. i got a tube , SMALL tube. to fit over it. it should be several feet to set it up you find some bandages, or anthing to keep the tube on your arm. put the end about at your wrist. this should leave about 2 inches atleast of room between the other end and your inner elbow. then attach the tubing to the end closest to your inner elbow. now you can run this up your arm, across your chest and to your other wrist. obviously a long sleeved shirt or jacket is needed to hide all of this. i would suggest attaching it along the way of your body, so it dosnt move. then you can load that sucker with darts, needles or what have you, not leathal, and it will seriously scare people...even people who arnt scared of needles usually will be pretty scared to see you lauching semi high powerd needles from your sleeve. make sure to make the end of the needle as airtight as you can with the inside will make it go farther, but not too air tight..or it wont launch. with enough practice, like ive had, you can easily get a needle thro several layers of clothing and into skin enough to cause pain and fright. not meant to allow children to make weapons for school, but for self defence.

William Souza on September 19, 2009:

I never thought of the hard toe shoes. Good Idea. We must continue to educate the public on self defense products.

keep up the good work

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