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Two Ways to Move up in Life, Which One to Take?


Reaching higher

We are all on a journey to move up in life. We converge and apply our energies and resources to reach the next level. The quest is to reach higher, in different stages of life; early on in academics, then career and then spiritually. We will be touching the career part here.

We all want to achieve more success in our careers, earn more money, better lifestyle, name and fame. The pursuit of these goals becomes a race with others who are in the same quest. Such is this chase that we decide to achieve our goal in any manner and at any cost. The compromises that we make along the way do not matter, only fulfilling our objective does.

In this process, we often find ourselves at the crossroads. Sometimes, mind and heart are in disagreement. What is acceptable to the mind is not permitted by the heart and vice versa. In such a situation, how to decide which road to take without compromising on the result?

First Way to Success

The first is the common way which we all come across. Early on in a job, we are told to make space for ourselves. There are a number of members in the team, but there is only one team-leader. There are several executives, but there is one manager. So, if one wants to be more than a team member, or be more than an executive, he has to make room for himself. He has to displace the leader, to become the leader. Hence, for us to arrive, someone else has to go. For us to gain, someone has to lose. This maintains the balance of the lot while we move up.

Although, in this case individuals may gain, this method of progress results in zero-gain for the team as a whole. The group does not add value to itself. As an individual, it gets lonelier as we move up the ladder. This self-seeking approach to rise alienates us from other members of the team. As a result, we find no friends to fall back on at a difficult time. Also, due to lack of continuous valuable inputs from other members of the team, generally the progress stops after a certain time.

This method has its benefits, but let us compare it with the other way before we make up our mind.

The Other Way to Win

There is another way to make our move northwards. In this, we not only put our efforts to improve our situation, but we work towards the rise of the whole group. So instead of pulling someone down for our selfish interests, we try to push everyone up. We endeavour to better the chances of success for everyone in the lot. This creates an environment of trust and spreads vibes of positivity which benefits everyone.

In such a scenario, during our climb to the top, even if we encounter failure and are left behind, we will find enough successful people at the summit willing to pull us up. The whole team works towards victory and as such, chance of success improves for all. Everyone arrives, no one has to go. Everyone wins, no one has to lose.

Each member adds value to the group and the group adds value to every member. It is a win-win for all. As all the wheels are moving in one direction, the growth is continuous.

Which approach finally?

So, one can opt for any of the above ways to move upwards in life. Sometimes making the choice is really difficult as a lot is at stake. However, having experienced both the methods closely, I certainly vouch for the latter. Adopting the second route, I have been able to form a circle of faithful associates who have aided the efforts and contributed to the success of each other.

I have had friends and colleagues whom I have helped, come to my aid at a tough time. They readily agreed to become my long rope to victory. It is simple, if you have helped a lot of people attain success, then along the way, you will have a bunch of winners as your friends.

Resting my point I say, “It is Karma; we keep to its right side, and it propels us to the heights we wish to attain”.

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