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Twelve Best Ways to Win Depression

Benazir Marjan has completed her second Masters in English Language and Linguistics from University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh.


Twelve Best Ways to Win Depression

Sometimes depression affects our life. It is a very common issue in people’s life. People may do even suicide due to depression. Therefore, it is really important to get ourselves free from it. Depression affects our work, daily life and also relationships. It may appear from various kinds of reasons like; family, relationship, and also from study related issues. There could be also career and financial issues as well. It is very prime concern to know how to win depression for a healthy life.

There are twelve effective ways to get rid of depression.

1. Avoid over thinking: Sometimes we over think about our exam results, career and future which may put us down. These thinking slow down our works and put stress on our brain. Consequently, our effectiveness of work becomes less. This kind of issue may create depression in our mind. We have to give our full effort leaving all kinds of over thinking. It will help us to enhance productivity, keep our mind out of depression as well.

2. Utilize every moment of life: Time and tide waits for none. Keeping ourselves busy in works will give us no chance of unnecessary thinking. Our brain and body will be active which will create good blood circulation. Blood flow increases in those persons those who are not depressed. This is how being active in all aspects of our life will help us to remove downturn from our life.

3. Routine bound life: A person must complete his daily life activities under a certain routine. A routine bound life helps us to finish our work on time, keeps our mind stress free along with improving our mental health as well. A stress free mind will hardly fall into depression.

4. Maintain perfect hours for sleeping: Adult persons have to sleep about eight hours at night to maintain a good health. A major cause of depression could be less sleeping at night. At the same time we should wake up in early morning in order to have a fresh mind which can win gloominess easily.

5. Regular physical exercise: Physical exercise provides more oxygen to our brain which helps for the growth of brain cells. A strong brain has its power to overcome any kind of depression quickly.

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6. Religious activities: Practicing religious activities in a regular basis give spirit in our mind. It also gives us stimulation in our daily life. A stimulated mind is strong enough to handle the stresses of our life and move on. People get their inner peace in their religious beliefs. A peaceful soul can get rid of stagnation by itself.

7. Make parents happy: Parents are the best buddies, shelter and place of eternal love to every person in the world. Their support makes us successful and gives us peace. We can share any of our feelings with them and they are the person who will do their best to rescue us from any kind of sadness or danger. If people try to make their parents happy, it really gives immense pleasure to them as there is nothing better than their blessings in our life. Their blessings and supports give us mental strength to fight with any kind of hard situation in life. Depression will just fly away with their brace.

8. Ignore unnecessary comments of other people: People may have their own opinions on our way of life. It’s important for us to take good advises and to ignore the rubbish ones. Listening to all opinions will make us depressed as we have only one goal in our life. In order to be successful it is important to have a stress free mind where there is no prominent sadness and depression.

9. Love your work: We have to love our works. If we don’t love our work, it’s just wastage of our time. Passion and love towards our work and job will never let depression even touch our mind.

10. Travel as much as possible: Travelling to different places really refreshes our mind from monotonous and boring life. It gives us energy and makes our mind enthusiastic. Enjoying natural beauty helps us to remove misery from our life. People should travel at least twice in a year according to their affordability. It may be within the country. Again they can fly to another country as well. It helps to meet different people around the world. People get chances to observe others life style, their ease and also hardship as well. They can share their feelings if it really matches. The warmth feeling of travelling offers people a greater heart full of love and happiness.

11. Practice hobby in leisure: People have different kinds of hobbies like; reading story books, listening to music, watching movies, go for a long drive, gardening and so on. No matter which one is our hobby exactly, we should practice it in our leisure time for a sound mind. Our hobbies help us to utilize our leisure time properly. It helps to improve our mental soundness. Research shows that people with hobbies are less likely to suffer from stress, low mood, and depression. These activities make us feel happier and more relaxed.

12. Keep in touch with good friends and well wishers: We have to be connected with good friends who are really our well wishers. If we share the issues regarding our despair with them, they will give us good advice and will help us to come out of it. The person himself will be relaxed after sharing his feelings to a right-minded friend.

Following above tips, I strongly believe that any person can win depression which is a common problem nowadays among the people over the whole world.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Benazir Marjan

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